According To Your Sign, Why Do You Not Give Up Even If Your Soul Is In Pieces

Your Soul Is In Pieces

According To Your Sign, Why Do You Not Give Up Even If Your Soul Is In Pieces

Sometimes a single sigh hurts, it burns you deep down, in your fears, in the tears you hide, in the failures. Sometimes life molds you badly, it shakes you so hard that you think you won’t be able to anymore, but there is a part of you that doesn’t give up, even if your soul is in pieces. Each sign of the zodiac strives to keep moving forward, to learn, to mature, and wow, the thorns on the road hurt. Why don’t you give up even if your soul is in pieces according to your sign:

1.- Aries

Aries, you know perfectly well that you are not always going to get to the dream place, and that there are times when everything gets out of hand and has nothing to do with your abilities. You can achieve everything, even if sometimes your fears tell you otherwise. You do not give up, because you have come so far and your strength keeps you standing, you are so brave that you ignore your insecurities, you cling to your dreams, and your triumphs, and you do not have time to deal with those who want to enjoy your defeat. Show that you are one of those who wipe away tears and keep moving forward.

2.- Taurus

Taurus you have had moments in which the air seems not to be enough, in which your steps feel slow, as if everyone goes by so fast and that no matter how hard you try, you can’t reach them. Do not let your insecurities tell you what to do, do not give them the opportunity to see you defeated, because you are here to achieve beautiful things, the kind that makes your soul vibrate, the kind that reminds you of the reason why each bad moment has worth it. You are resilient, it shows in your eyes, in your stability, you have the gift of overcoming bad times, please don’t throw in the towel, there are many who admire you.

3.- Gemini

Gemini, life has taught you everything, sometimes the wrong way, sometimes with a lot of laughter. And it is that in the end, you have learned to see the good side of defeat, you have become so powerful that you have the gift of smiling even though your soul is eating away at your last breath. Do you know why you don’t give up? You have intensity, you are the one who always wants more, who doesn’t get hooked, who lets it flow and if you’re wrong a hundred times, you try a thousand more. There is the key, you are great and you are here to do even bigger things, you just have to start trusting. You have to believe it because once you do, no one will stand in your way.

4.- Cancer

Cancer, you are the one who has the ability to embrace your emotions, even though, sometimes, they stick to you until they form a lump in your throat. You are the one who keeps going, you don’t give up because you know that life has much better things to give you, and you trust that your opportunity will come sooner or later and it will. You are proud of what you have achieved, you must remember it as many times as necessary because there is the breath that keeps you looking up at the sky. Don’t give yourself permission to let your guard down, not now, even if you feel like the tears don’t stop. Nothing is forever and the bitter pill will pass.

5.- Leo

Leo, life reminds you at every step that difficulty can become the best of opportunities and you know it very well. I know it’s complicated, that you try to pretend that everything is fine, that there are times when it’s hard for you to get one foot out of bed, but you still do it and like a desperate cry you look in the mirror demanding the best of smiles. . You are still standing because deep down you trust your abilities, you know very well that you can make your dreams become a beautiful reality and you are not going to allow a bad time to take away what you love most. You are much more than that sadness that suddenly appears and you know it.

6. Virgo

Virgo, between tears, stress, and worries, life is going away. You are a master when it comes to pretending that everything is fine because your pride does not allow you to accept that things are not going the way you want. So it’s better to put on a mask and show the world that you can handle that and more. I know that failure scares you, and that rejection terrifies you, but you have to trust that it will pass, that gray days are not for life, and that you will shine again. You know that in the end, you are not going to throw in the towel, because there is a small corner of your heart that keeps the most beautiful dreams, please take a look from time to time, it will help you recover the path.

7.- Libra

Libra, your effort matters, even if it seems that nothing you do makes sense, you are here for a good reason, because you deserve much more than spending the day in an accumulation of tears and fear. Be patient, keep it up, and don’t give up, you’ve been through a lot, remember? Other times you have felt that your soul breaks into pieces and you are still here. Take a break and pay attention to your surroundings, to the people who don’t let go, to those who are capable of making you smile in the hardest moments, therein lies the secret, they are the encouragement you need. Do it for yourself, do it for those who love you.

8.- Scorpio

Scorpio is the sign that doesn’t seem to have permission to let its guard down. The one who has earned the fame of being strong, intense, and reckless. However, there are moments in which life weighs heavily, in which you face reality and believe that you have not achieved anything. But you are brave, even if you think that it is not because you do not give up. Because you have the patience to keep trying, you are not afraid of effort, or discipline. You are the one who gets up every day hoping that it will be better than yesterday. That’s what keeps you looking straight ahead, trust because everything will get better.

9.- Sagittarius

Sagittarius, like the sea, sometimes calm waves caressing grains of sand. Sometimes big, aggressive waves, afraid of breaking on a rock. Life has taught you that you don’t always win, that many times you will feel like running away and screaming while you wonder why you. Even with tears and pain, you have the courage to look up and look at the waves of the sea. You don’t give up because you know that failure doesn’t match your personality, because you trust that it doesn’t matter if it takes you a month or a year, but sooner or later you’re going to make it. You will be the most beautiful sea that has ever existed on this Earth.

10.- Capricorn

Capricorn, boy does your soul look pretty when it tries and tries. When you fall a thousand times and get back up. You see yourself as the most admirable being, as the one who has the courage to pick up the pieces of his heart and unite them little by little, even if it takes years. You do not give up because you are a resistant sign, because you have gone through very hard things, which have made you end up miserable in a corner, waiting for a hug, a light, and a hope that everything will change. You have come this far, with so many obstacles, now do not give yourself the luxury of giving up, rest, but do not give up because life still has many surprises for you.

11.- Aquarius

Aquarius, the best of your life is about to happen. You are the one who has hope and inspiration in your heart, who follows your dreams no matter if others don’t like them. You are a brave, unique soul and you are not here to meet anyone’s expectations. You don’t give up because you keep imagining, because there is a part of you that clings to what your childhood thoughts screamed at you, don’t let go. You have hope and that is what matters. Life is too short to settle and not go out and fight for what you want, it will not be a rosy story, but it will be very worth it.

12.- Pisces

Pisces, the sign that cannot avoid sharing the pain of others, your soul is so noble, so dedicated and sweet, that many times you feel your heart tremble, that your fears surround it, but there is a part of you that does not allow it. Because behind a dreamer, someone realistic hides, who has clear goals, who is not going to let anyone decide what to do with their life. You are the one who knows very well that bitter moment are part of living, but you will not stop pursuing what you really want, which makes your spirit overflow with love. Don’t give up Pisces, the most beautiful chapter of your movie is yet to come.

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