Three Things You Don’t Think You Can Stand About Love According To Your Zodiac Sign

ou Can Stand About Love

Three Things You Don’t Think You Can Stand About Love According To Your Zodiac Sign

Honestly, it is very difficult to understand that sharing your life with a person is not about suffering. Loving does not require too much effort, maintaining commitment, yes, but it is not synonymous with tears. That is why as you jump from experience to experience you learn to set limits. As much as you love a person, you should love yourself more. That is the reason why there are three things that you do not intend to endure in the name of love according to your sign. 


At the beginning of the courtship, you are very suspicious because you know that there are people who arrive with all the good intentions, but as the infatuation disappears, their true essence hurts. You are no longer here to be promised and promised, there are things that you will not tolerate. The first is that they tell you that they love you today and the next day they forget you. You are also not there to ignore your messages and less to deal with their mood swings. 


Taurus, you are a very loyal sign, the moment someone moves your heart you give them a unique place, but you are not going to allow them to make fun of your emotions or do things that put your dignity at risk. You got tired of loves that have manipulative tendencies, those that do not control their jealousy and interrupt your privacy as if you were one of their belongings.


The truth is that you value your solitude very much, you love being with yourself, enjoying everything around you without having to explain yourself to anyone. You are a very brave sign, you allow your emotions to take control, knowing that they may not reciprocate. Therefore, you will not tolerate them keeping secrets from you, lying to you, or holding you responsible for their vices. 


After so many falls and rises, life has taught you that it is always a good time to keep smiling, even with a broken heart. However, you have learned to prevent, and detect red flags to get out of there in time. You are no longer going to bear that your plans are canceled, that they do not respect your time, and that they evade the commitment. 


Honestly, you’re too lazy to deal with people who just want to make fun of you. They dare to say that you are demanding and demanding just because they expect you to make yourself smaller to fit their expectations. That Leo who allowed everything no longer exists. Now you will not tolerate that they are unfaithful to you, or that they consume harmful substances, and less that they do not have goals. 


When it comes to relationships, you never take them lightly, because you know that living with someone at that level can harm or benefit your day-to-day life. You are very sensible, but you also like to listen to your intuition and when some energy is heavy, you prefer to walk away. You are not going to put up with distant loves that have no goals and are immature. You better stay alone. 


Your feelings are nice, firm, and honest. Libra, you don’t like to play with the emotions of those who come into your life and you always look for a way to put yourself in their shoes. Perhaps your greatest weapon is your understanding, which has led you to form bonds for life. However, you are no longer willing to tolerate anyone’s bad temper, much less their negativity, let alone aggressive behavior. Just no.


Half measures nothing, with you the thing is straight to the heart and if they are not ready to experience all the love that they carry inside, it is better that they continue on their way. You are intense, but also very emotional, you no longer plan to risk your mental, physical and emotional stability. You will not tolerate a dependent, possessive love with a passive-aggressive attitude. 


They say your heart is adventurous, crazy, and unexpected. You will not deny it, you like things to flow. The moment you feel like you have to force something, you know it’s not there. That is why you are not going to stay next to someone who treats you in a disrespectful way and also refuses to apologize. You will not tolerate anyone’s guilt.


People have had the cynicism to label you as a sign that running away from relationships, they say that you are only focused on your work, but the truth is that your professional goals are not at odds with your personal ones. You have a beautiful heart, but very selective, not everyone wins a ticket. You will not bear to be ignored, have hypocritical attitudes, or give half love. 


Your love is special, but not negative, it’s just that it’s made for a certain type of person. You are very discreet when it comes to delivering your emotions because you do not want to be hurt or waste your time with the wrong person. For this reason, you will not tolerate controlling behaviors, that they stop talking to you when they feel like it or that they make fun of your traumas. 


Your love is genuine, you never beat around the bush. If someone is able to make you feel like your heart is jumping out of your chest and at the same time calms you down, you know that’s where it is. But loving is not a justification for anyone to trample on you. If that person starts to be pushy, and superficial and ignores what hurts you, you’re going to leave. 

Three Things You Don't Think You Can Stand About Love According To Your Zodiac Sign

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