4 Signs That Need More Than Pretty Words To Fall In Love

Pretty Words To Fall In Love

4 Signs That Need More Than Pretty Words To Fall In Love

There are those who have a cautious heart and prefer to keep their emotions in a deep corner before anyone can come along and tear them apart. There are 4 signs that need more than pretty words to fall in love. They are the ones who open the doors to love with facts and in a stealthy way, not wide open. It is difficult for them to express what they feel because they are afraid that once again they will be left with a wounded soul. Sometimes it’s better to put up walls and keep them from seeing your vulnerable side, so you don’t end up going to therapy for years. These signs know it very well: 

4.- Gemini  

If there is someone who has the gift of hiding their true feelings, without a doubt, it is Gemini. A sign that often feels nervous when establishing a new bond is that he does not feel safe and is terrified of rejection, that is the reason why he wants to go unnoticed. For someone to be able to touch the heart of Gemini, he needs time, patience, and perseverance, because he never tires of putting up obstacles, his goal is to sabotage the bond in order to define whether or not it is real. So many will spend their energy without getting anything in return. The truth is that when Gemini falls in love, he does it in a very genuine way, he really gives himself up and enjoys the company. However, he wants to be in control before showing his weaknesses. 

3. Virgo 

Virgo is the sign that honors optimization, they hate wasting time with people who aren’t worth it. When they are interested in someone, they mean well, but they are not going to be very enthusiastic, because they first analyze the pros and cons of the possible relationship. In fact, they spend quite a bit of time determining what kind of person it is who is after them. Virgo has a hard time giving her heart away because she doesn’t want to feel vulnerable. However, if someone really likes her, she makes him her priority. Virgo can be very shy, he is not one of those who share his fears, sadness, and dreams, at first. He does not allow himself to be wrapped up in nice words, because they trust more in logic, they are a very practical sign and they bet on simplicity. There is no more, do you want or do not want to be with Virgo? 

2.- Capricorn 

Capricorn is the sign that can’t get lost in the depths of romance right away. Yes, he falls in love, but at first, he shows a cold side, because he doesn’t want to give power to the other person, he is very meticulous and obsessive when it comes to giving his heart. Capricorn prefers to see things in a pessimistic way, he doesn’t give himself permission to get his hopes up with anyone, he is very self-sufficient and when it comes to an emotional connection, he really needs to be something genuine. Capricorn prefers to focus on his projects rather than waste time with someone who is not worth it. That is why he prefers to be distant and as he feels safe he shows his sensitive side of him. If someone manages to conquer the soul of Capricorn, he will learn what it is to truly love. 

1.- Aquarius 

Aquarius is also one of the 4 signs that need more than pretty words to fall in love. It is clear that Aquarius could not be missing from the list, the sign that flees from emotional expression, he goes through life putting up a huge barrier and making it clear that there are few who can cross the limits to try to caress his heart. Aquarius may appear to give his all, but in reality, you are unlikely to know his true feelings. It is a sign that he loves his solitude above all things, he likes to lose himself in silence and in the distance. It is highly unlikely that he would be the first to make a move when it comes to relationships, he just lets things flow but is always aloof. He is quite a skeptic, so don’t waste time embellishing words, because they are also intuitive and know very quickly when it comes to something false. 

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