With These Zodiac Signs Conflicts Are Inevitable

Conflicts Are Inevitable

With These Zodiac Signs Conflicts Are Inevitable

Not all zodiac signs like to argue. Many even avoid conflict. But that’s not always possible, because with some people you just can’t hold back. Especially with these zodiac signs, conflicts are simply inevitable.

These zodiac signs just don’t get along.

Aries & Libra

Aries is goal-oriented and pursues his goals undeterred. In the sense of No consideration for losses. But this ruthlessness is particularly annoying for the Libra. Libra is actually a very conflict-averse zodiac sign. But with Aries, she simply cannot contain her displeasure and goes on a confrontation. The stubborn Aries, on the other hand, does not put up with this, which is why tensions between the two zodiac signs often escalate.

Scorpio & Aquarius

When Aquarius and Scorpio meet, there’s no stopping them. Scorpio’s temperament and willpower hit a wall in flighty Aquarius. He can’t have those character traits. A discussion between the two escalates faster than counting to three. Then it’s up to all outsiders to either run away or calm them down as quickly as possible. Because Aquarius simply cannot tolerate Scorpio’s unbridled temperament.

Gemini & Pisces

Sociable and articulate, Gemini makes friends very quickly. Except: for fish. Because he is too dreamy and sensitive. For Pisces, on the other hand, Gemini is simply too direct and brash. Pisces takes quite a lot to heart, which is why conversations between the two zodiac signs get out of hand very quickly. Because Pisces does not want to accept Gemini’s brash comments, and Gemini cannot see that he should keep his mocking remarks to himself. The conflicts between the two are definitely not easy to resolve.

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