According To Your Sign The Reason Why You Give Up Love

Give Up Love

According To Your Sign The Reason Why You Give Up Love

In life, there are situations that make us give up one of the most beautiful feelings that exist, that is, love. There are times when we don’t feel ready for love because we are very damaged or because we have priority over other things. It all depends on the stage in life we ​​are in and our personalities. If you want to know the reason why you give up on love according to your sign, you just have to keep reading:


Aries, the only reason you give up on love is when you don’t feel appreciated. You are not going to be next to a person who does not value you as a person. You need to feel that the person next to you values ​​you from top to bottom. You can’t stand trying to make things work out and nobody knows how to see it. That is why you would give up on love, you will never give everything to someone who is not capable of opening their eyes and being proud to be by your side. 


Taurus, as a general rule you are quite tolerant. It is true that you are a bit stubborn, but you have a much more open mind than people think. You put up with a lot, but your patience has a limit and that’s when you give up on love. You are not going to put up with someone who does not take you into account and does not respect you as you deserve. The moment when your patience runs out is the perfect sign to realize that there is nothing to do there anymore.


Gemini, the reason you give up on love is that you have no hope left. You have lived many love experiences, and most of them have only made you break your heart. You think you’re not going to be able to trust someone as you should and you’d rather give up on love than make someone’s life miserable with your moves. You are an independent person, you don’t need anyone to be happy, and you know it. 


Cancer, the reason you give up on love is that you believe that no one is at the same spiritual stage as you. You don’t feel like opening your heart to people who don’t deserve it. You need to have a special connection with someone to be able to open up to love like you usually do, but the truth is that lately, the only love you want to feel is self-love. Focus on that goal and don’t let anything or anyone get in your way. 


Leo, you are a person with incredible security, you know perfectly well what you are worth, and no one needs to tell you. The reason you give up on love is that you believe that no one is good enough for you. You don’t want to share your life with just anyone, you want to be with the best and that’s why you’d rather be alone than share your life with a person who doesn’t deserve to be by your side. Don’t feel bad about knowing what you want. 


Virgo, you are a person who has your feet on the ground. To believe, you need to see. You are a person who likes to do things well and if you think you are not capable of doing it, you don’t. That’s why the reason you give up on love is that you don’t feel capable of having a relationship. You don’t want to cling to someone or neglect your responsibilities because of a feeling that comes and goes. 


Libra, the reason you give up on love is that you can’t get to live your fairy tale. You have an idea of ​​love that is too idealized. Your expectations are very high, you don’t get involved with anyone, and you prefer to be alone rather than feel “love” for someone who really doesn’t deserve it. You will only open up when you think you have found the perfect person, which may or may not happen. Stop making excuses and be a little more realistic. 


Scorpio, you are a very passionate and emotional person. You live things with great intensity, something that very few people can understand. The reason why you give up on love is that you have suffered too much in the past for it. You don’t want to experience that intense pain again and that’s why you prefer to be alone rather than open your heart to a person who comes with intentions you don’t know. You prefer prevention rather than cure.


Sagittarius, you are very adventurous, you know it, and you love being so. There is nothing in this life that you like more than experiencing new sensations and that is the reason why you give up on love. You have a lot left to explore and tying yourself to a person is not going at all with you. You are free and independent and that feeling that your wings are being clipped is nothing for you. You prefer to be alone than in bad company and that will never change.


Capricorn, you are always focused on meeting all your goals. There is nothing in this life that makes you angrier than feeling that you have failed and that is why you put all your efforts into working hard to achieve everything you want. The reason you give up on love is that you have more important things to attend to. You don’t want to put anyone down and you prefer to be alone because you know that you can’t make the case that you owe to the other person. 


Aquarius, the reason you give up on love is that you feel like you don’t need anyone by your side to be happy. Love for you is something very big and most of the time you are not prepared to share your life with someone. That’s why you prefer to be alone, you don’t want anyone to control your life. You are the only owner of your life and if necessary you are capable of shouting it to the four winds. Do not miss the opportunity to be free at all times. 


Pisces, you are a whirlwind of emotions and the truth is that your interior is quite complex. Sometimes you give up on love, a feeling that you love because you don’t even know what you want at that moment. You need to focus on yourself and listen to what your heart wants before opening up to others. Self-love is something you want to work on and it is a good way to find out what you really want in this life. 

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