The Most Confident And The Most Insecure Zodiac Signs

Having confidence makes you look and feel better, doesn’t it? No matter how you look, how you dress, how you talk, as long as you do it confidently, you will be a winner. But not everyone is confident, or feels confident inside; some are pretty insecure about themselves.

The zodiac signs and the world of astrology can tell a lot about which signs are the most confident and which are the most insecure. Which one are you what do you think Let’s dive in, shall we?

Here is a list of the zodiac signs, ranked from the most confident to the most insecure:

(1) lion

The proud lion is the most self-confident of all signs for it. They know what they want from life. They know what they are doing is right. You would never settle for less. If you underestimate them, they will just ignore you and look for greener pastures. It can be anything, even during an exam.

A Leo I know was sitting for his entrance exam in literature, where he was asked, “Does literature have anything to do with politics?” He wrote, “What a stupid question” on the questionnaire and submitted it. He didn’t care that he didn’t get admission. What a level of confidence!


Scorpio is one of the most extremely narcissistic people you can ever meet because they don’t care about other people. They have their weaknesses, but they wear them with pride. They don’t mind if you don’t like them.

What matters to them is that they love themselves. This is how they deal with this world. If they get angry and break out, they would have enough reasons to justify their anger.

(3) Capricorn

Ibex indulge in extravagance. They know that they are good-looking and smart. But they also live in seclusion. They don’t mind if they are ignored or if they are not accepted. You should concentrate even more on yourself.

(4) Sagittarius

I have a Sagittarius friend whose favorite thing to do was discussing her haters. I remember spending nights cracking jokes about people who insulted or mocked us. At a party, a snooty girl said to us: “Hey fat guy” and my friend replied: “I’m so sorry for you. Are you homeless Because you don’t seem to be wearing enough clothes or enough to eat. ‘ This girl’s expression on her face was something I will remember all my life.

Sagittarians hardly care who says what. You ignore these people and make fun of them later.

(5) fish

The Pisces has some self-confidence issues. If you find a fish at a party, you are sure to be able to make friends with them. They are happy and optimistic when they are with others. They talk about their work, their personal life and wouldn’t even have a thought to tell others that they are single or that they had a breakup.

But at the end of the day, when they are alone in their room, they suffer. They would stay up late into the night, self-conscious, and often feel insecure about the things that are going on around them. Then when you find them the next day, they are lively and cheerful as always.

6. Aries

Sarcasm is the way they hide their insecurities. Aries would never break down in front of others. When things get too tough, they’ll use sarcasm. They wouldn’t allow themselves to be weak in front of the world and they don’t care what others say about them.

7. Taurus

Often times, a Taurus tries too hard to prove that they are intellectual. That comes from their hidden insecurities. In fact, they are so insecure that they want others to confirm that they are smart. That’s why they’re actually more insecure than being confident.

(8) Libra

All a Libra wants is a compliment. That ranges from friends to strangers. They are always on the hunt for compliments, trying to get everyone’s attention. They are so insecure that they would open multiple accounts on different social media sites and interact with strangers just to know they are great.

(9) twins

Geminis love people and hate being thrown out of the group. They will do whatever it takes to be there. Even if they don’t like a friend wearing a particular dress, a Gemini will compliment them so they can impress their friend. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like a particular restaurant; they will eventually leave when their friends want them to.

They suffer from insecurity and a lack of self-confidence. They are always afraid to identify who they really are because they believe they may be rejected. It is this insecurity that forces them to gloss over people.


The Most Confident And The Most Insecure Zodiac Signs

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