Who Is Pisces

If you were born between February 20 and March 20 , you are Pisces , a female, mutable and water sign ruled by Neptune . You are in twelfth place on the zodiac wheel, so you are the last sign. You are in direct opposition to Virgo and you get your name from the constellation Pisces (the fish). You are the last sign of the zodiac and therefore perhaps the most complex of all. Your sign is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions. If you apply that to any aspect of your life, what do you get clear? Obvious, one hundred percent chaotic life. But there is still more to who Pisces is.

You are spiritual and no one can deny it. You seek in the mystical what you cannot find in reality, so any esoteric, mysterious or creative place attracts you too much. It seems that the future does not worry you, you try to focus on the present and make the most of it, but nevertheless the past often haunts you.

You are not greedy and the more hardships you see in the world, the more you hate people who want to have everything, the greedy and petty. Nor is it that money is not welcome in your life, of course not, but you are not one of the people who constantly seek it to get rich. The question for you is not that you are rich, but to live as rich, looking for alternatives for it.

Your manners are good, you have a special charm and you are a little equal to insults or challenges. You do not have enough nerve to turn on the first time although, yes, you also bring out your genius when they have provoked you too much and there, you are scathing and sarcastic and you show everyone that you can also be harmful like the most. You tend to burst at one point but the waters soon return to their course because you don’t like to be upset. Your sensitivity may cause you to shed a few tears but you will recover quickly.

Sometimes, even though you know that the world is full of cruelty and malice, you prefer to see it your way, self-tricking your brain so that it does not suffer from what it observes. When a situation is difficult for you to face, you tend to run away from it to face it again with force at another time. When you return, if things have not turned out as you wanted, you cling to false hopes and turn your back on other paths that will probably be the ones that could make you much happier.

You have an intuition above the normal to see the intentions of others. And despite the fact that you feel them, you usually give opportunities and you insist that perhaps you could have made a mistake. But you are almost never right so, heed the signs that only you see. If you have already observed some strange behavior in someone, follow your instincts, which ninety percent of the time will not fail you. When you have the feeling that something is going to happen, it usually happens.

You have an excellent memory to remember the past but at the same time you are unable to remember where you last put the house keys.

The opinion of others can affect you too much at times, you need support from others and if someone you appreciate treats you badly, cruelly or turns his back on you, you will feel it in your soul. Your sensitivity is always on the surface.

Being the last sign of the zodiac, your personality is made up of bits and pieces of all the other signs, which is why it is difficult to understand you. You have marked features that are very typical of the fish but also many of the other eleven signs. You have radical mood swings like Cancer, the generosity of Sagittarius, the instinct to know what others are hiding from Scorpio or the extroversion of Leo, you move with the speed of a Gemini and can be ironic and scathing like them.

On your good days, you have the energy to do whatever comes to mind, as an Aries, and you analyze everything around you as an Aquarius. You hate injustices like Libra hates them and you want to live in a state of peace without conflict and without being sought out and provoked. Although you are not very constant, sometimes if you want to finish what you started and get ahead in what you have proposed, as a Capricorn.

If we had to summarize your way of being in 5 points, they would be these:

• Your life is not stable no matter how hard you try, up and down, and starting over.

• You bring out your genius when you have been provoked too much.

• You have a higher than normal intuition to see the intentions of others.

• The opinion of others can affect you too much sometimes.

• You see the world differently and therefore, it is difficult to understand you.


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