These 4 Zodiac Signs Could Get Pregnant In 2023

Get Pregnant In 2023

These 4 Zodiac Signs Could Get Pregnant In 2023

The 2023 horoscope shows that certain women are about to have an exciting and completely life-changing year. Pregnancy is a beautiful journey and something tells us that you are going to love this journey.

Have you dreamed of getting pregnant for a while? Well, the good news is that this year 4 lucky zodiac signs can finally achieve their dream of becoming a mother.

This is the year when their life will change and they could start a family! 

These 4 zodiac signs could get pregnant in 2023:


Dear Aquarius, the time has come! If you have been wanting a child for a long time, then your dream will finally come true in the coming year 2023. 

It doesn’t matter whether with or without a partner – you’ll rock the child! Aquarius’ independent nature makes them one of the zodiac signs who go to their prenatal appointments alone anyway.

Their tendency to avoid emotional expression can make people think they’re not looking forward to a baby, but those who know them well enough know they can’t wait.

Independent and intellectual women born under the sign of Aquarius, according to astrology, tend to dislike boredom and limitations.

Aquarius mothers-to-be may have some difficulty adjusting to the many changes that pregnancy brings. 

You’ll find that they’re definitely pushing their limits. In the meantime, they’ll likely use the time to do in-depth research on childbirth and parenting to keep them engaged and updated.

An Aquarius woman is perfect for a child as she can give that baby her sole and undivided attention.

She will ensure that whatever parenting style she uses is healthy for her baby and will do everything in her power to focus on that child.


Maybe it’s unexpected for you, but you’ll still be happy when you get the news that you’re pregnant in the coming year.

Scorpio’s calm and cool nature makes them one of the best among the zodiac signs for dealing with the stresses of pregnancy. This mixed with his brave nature makes him ideal for embracing pregnancy, birth anxiety, and impending motherhood.

According to astrology, Scorpio women are bold and passionate. Because they tend to experience pain as severe, Scorpios can find pregnancy particularly challenging.

But thanks to their assertiveness, Scorpio moms won’t suffer in silence. You will quickly find a solution to all your concerns.

When it comes to the amount of love, attention, and time a Scorpio has for their children, it knows no bounds. A Scorpio could very well give birth to an entire soccer team if given the chance.


Libra also has a very good chance of getting pregnant in the coming year 2023. Libra’s self-pity propensity means they’re likely to feel particularly bad during the tough parts of pregnancy.

She absolutely hates being alone. That’s why she appreciates it all the more when someone is there to hold her hair back during morning sickness and lets her know how glowing she is during the extra “round” months.

Libras are cooperative individuals who enjoy harmony – especially during pregnancy.

Known to be indecisive, they can spend the entire pregnancy making and reconsidering birth plans, baby names, and other baby choices.

These moms would do well to practice relaxation techniques or prenatal yoga to keep their minds and body in balance.

Libras are perfect mothers, foster mothers and adoptive mothers because their love is unconditional – even towards children who are not their own children.

There is endless love and care to share, which is why Libras often have two, four, or even six children in their families. You just have so much love to give.


Sagittarius can struggle with pregnancy more than others because they don’t like being restricted. That’s why it won’t necessarily be easy from the start when Sagittarius finds out about the pregnancy in 2023. 

This, mixed with their propensity to love freedom and travel, makes Sagittarius one of the zodiac signs most likely to experience a minor life crisis when they first hear about their upcoming motherhood.

So don’t be surprised if you have to go through a little crisis before you can enjoy the pregnancy.

The free-spirited nature can make pregnancy and motherhood as a whole a little taxing for the Sagittarius woman.

However, the Sagittarius woman’s great sense of humor mixed with her optimistic and enthusiastic nature will help her deal with all the doubts that come with becoming a mother.

She is enthusiastic and positive – which will do her and the child good and can also be transferred to the external environment.

So if you see a pregnant woman looking incredibly calm and happy, she is probably a Sagittarius woman who has finally embraced her pregnancy with open arms. 

No more than one baby, if any, is the limit for a Sagittarius mom, who can find it difficult to stay in one place for too long.

Sagittarians love to travel and live independently. However, they will surely give any children they have the adventure and childhood of a lifetime. Plus, they make incredible stepmoms when they don’t have kids of their own.

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