According To Your Sign How To Teach A Lesson To The Ex Who Broke Your Heart

Teach A Lesson To The Ex

According To Your Sign How To Teach A Lesson To The Ex Who Broke Your Heart

If the first thing that came to your mind is revenge, let me tell you that you are in the wrong place, because it is useless to wear yourself out emotionally for anyone. There are other ways in which you can heal and at the same time make it clear to that person that they don’t play with you. How to teach the ex who broke your heart a lesson according to your sign? 


Cry what you have to cry, but then look for your support group, it is the people who love you who will help you feel less grieving. You fell in love until you lost your mind and that’s not bad, never judge yourself for giving yourself up, that’s what life is all about. Where have you always wanted to travel? Now, give yourself the opportunity to set foot in different places, you will not regret it. 


In these moments is when you should turn to your superficial side the most, you like everything to look beautiful and that’s fine. In fact, it is what you need, to recover that spark that improves your attractiveness in all aspects. It is not only about changing the color of your hair, it is a much deeper job. Show her that her bad vibes can’t kill everything in your heart. 


There are tons of ways that you can put up a huge barrier between yourself and that person, without having to indulge in indecency. Indifference is one of them and it shows quickly in you. You are a social, radiant, and intelligent being, your presence is impossible to ignore, it is precisely what corresponds to you, pretending that it does not exist, nothing will hurt more. 


Defend what is yours, do not be the person who changes just to prevent others from feeling bad. Keep in mind that once the relationship ends, each one is responsible for their own emotions. If you want to go out with someone else again or continue going to the places you frequently visited, do it, you don’t owe them any explanations. 


The worst mistake you can make is trying to make your ex jealous, Leo because that will only lead you into the constant competition. Why do you have to fight for his love in such a humiliating way? Don’t be you, who adds more stripes to his ego. Turn the page, even if it’s sad, zero contact is what will take you back to happiness. 


There are breakups that become the best thing that can happen to you in life because it is at that moment when you face your deepest feelings and nothing is the same again. Most likely you will miss it at times, but don’t be fooled, it’s a fantasy, remember the reason why it all ended. Being true to yourself is the best revenge. 


In the time you were with that person, you changed, Libra, you adopted hobbies, habits and even new faces appeared in your circle. Please, don’t throw everything away, it’s part of your essence, you can keep what makes you feel good. That person no longer has the right to control you nor can they decide for you. Stay with those who make you happy, there is no more. 


It is not difficult to make it clear to that person that your feelings are not to be loved today and not tomorrow. You are a fun sign, you are contagious, remember everything you have gone through, each lesson has taught you to value life in a wonderful way and that is fine. The end of the relationship affected you, but it is not a reason for you to give up. It’s your turn to love yourself. 


I know deep down you know this, but let me remind you, life slips through your hands, and most of the time you can’t do anything about it. You are an exciting, loving sign and you want to know the whole world. Show him that you don’t need anyone to fulfill your dreams and that if you are with someone, it is by decision and not by obligation. 


For a moment, get out of disappointment, I’m not telling you to ignore how much it hurt to say goodbye to that person, it’s part of getting over it. However, Capri, it is enough to dig a little into your schedule to realize that work is calling you. If you focus on the success you want to achieve, working on it will be easier. You can get ahead! 


Please, do not let your ego decide for you, he is not interested in your peace of mind, the more chaos you have, the better for him. That is why you must be much smarter. That relationship is over, now it’s your turn to put the cards on the table, why was it good and why was it bad? Once you have the scale, you will understand that staying away is best. 


Jealousy is for the weak, you don’t need to expose yourself, your dignity is worth more than fighting with a love that didn’t work. The best thing you can do is come back to yourself, do your favorite things, get some fresh air, and try a new hobby. You are the one who deserves a second chance, please don’t spoil it with the wrong person. 

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