Ranking Of The Signs That Hurts The Most To Forget

Hurts The Most To Forget

Ranking Of The Signs That Hurts The Most To Forget

There’s a part of me that envies those who have the ability to forget overnight. Those who don’t have to fight with the memories in their minds, those who know how to separate what one day was from what is to come. Well, there are signs that often smile and are silent, but inside they are in pieces. This is the ranking of the signs that it hurts the most to forget, verify that everyone lives the duel in their own way, the wind can carry away words, but what they made you feel remains in the depths of your heart. Has it happened to you?

1.- Taurus 

The memory of a Taurus cannot let go so quickly, because it is a very meticulous sign, it pays attention to details, dates, and unique moments. When all that whirlwind of memories visits his mind, it is impossible for him not to think about the matter several times. If we add to that that he is quite stubborn, things get worse, because there comes a time when he clings to digging to the root and doesn’t care if tears come. Taurus does not lose sight of anything and is so brave that he is not afraid of facing the ghosts of the past. However, that does not mean that I want things to be as before. Make no mistake, Taurus, they won’t come back even to get the momentum, it’s just a lapse.

2.- Virgo 

What a Virgo would give to close their eyes after a hard day and the next morning not remember a drop of what hurt them. However, his mind is like an uncontrollable flame, he wants to let go but can’t. What happens is that he is very anxious, and he begins to worry about things that no longer have a solution. A kind of vicious circle, where he stresses the present and returns to the past to add one more stripe to the tiger. It seems that what he wants is to escape, but he ends up sinking in frustration. Virgo, remembers the bad and the good as if it were yesterday. If you hurt him, don’t try to return to his life, nor over the years he be able to erase something that hurt him. But if you have been good to him, rest assured that it takes you deep into his soul.

3.- Capricorn 

There are so many times in which Capricorn has ended up facing a duel with his stubborn part, that he has already lost count. And is that it is a sign that does not miss a single detail of everything that happens in his life. Sometimes that’s very good because he gives you the tools you need to defend yourself against those who have wronged you. However, he backfires when he blames himself for not acting a certain way. The thoughts of a Capricorn can become so cruel that they deceive him, make him believe that he was not smart enough and that breaks his pride, he is the person who gets up every day to be better in every way. But… be careful not to hurt him, because he doesn’t forget, if you do it to him sooner or later you’ll pay for it.

4.- Scorpio 

Sometimes Scorpio gets annoyed with himself because he immerses himself in everything that happens around him, he can detect as if he had radar when a piece is not in place. His memory is more accurate than photography, he really pays attention to things that the rest would not. If we add to that that it’s a very intuitive sign, things get more intense. Scorpio knows that when something doesn’t vibrate pretty, it simply isn’t there. His cunning is too high to release an event so quickly. It’s not that he clings to the memory, it’s that he wants to know why everything happened. The clearer things become, the easier it is to let go, but… if there is a loose end, he will not take his finger off the line until it is resolved. Scorpio is the person who will not only remember every word that came out of your mouth, but also the place and the way in which you said it. But most of all, the way he felt.

5.- Cancer 

The thing with Cancer is that when he gives space to memory in his life, he doesn’t carry it in his mind, he lodges it in his heart and that’s when it becomes a whole duel to let it go. It’s a very emotional sign, so his memory tells you the times he had to look down because someone hurt him or let him down. Somehow, he doesn’t force himself to turn the page quickly, he needs to truly grieve and understand that even if he behaves well with someone, it doesn’t mean that things will turn out perfectly. Sometimes it’s a bit dangerous because Cancer punishes himself by remembering everything, exactly as it happened and not skipping any detail. There are moments that break him, but he returns to them because they haven’t fully healed. Do not underestimate Cancer, because when you least expect it, he cuts the thread and there is no turning back.

6.- Aries  

Many people may be confused about the personality of Aries. They believe that because they are an impulsive sign, things slip easily. Of course, he is not one of those who get hooked on something that already was, but he is not made of stone either. It is one of the most sensitive signs, but it does not go through life showing its wounds. He’d rather put on the brave cloak than share his fears with the wrong crowd. What is most difficult for him to forget is the lie, when someone betrays him in this way he feels very disappointed. Not for the other person, but for himself, because at the time he allowed himself to be naive and they didn’t value it. Do not think that Aries is going to invest time in revenge either, he is not going to get his hands dirty, he prefers that karma take care of him.

7.- Leo

The truth is that investing time in the past is not a Leo thing. It’s not that things don’t hurt him, at the time he could have felt devastated, but he’s not such a masochist as to return of his own accord to such a painful moment. Honestly, Leo has a good memory, but he prefers to use it in his day to day, it is a sign that he is always against the clock and he adores him. Holding a grudge is not in his information, because he knows that there are those who do not even deserve that. Leo knows himself, he knows that it is enough to turn on a button for his mood to change in the blink of an eye, and he will not let injuries affect his present. It’s simple, it depends on the damage you’ve done to him, but Leo regularly neither forgives nor forgets.

8.- Libra 

With a deep sigh, a few tears, and a heartfelt goodbye, that’s Libra’s way of releasing memories from his mind. The truth is that it is a sign that does not want to keep any type of negative emotion in its soul, it knows that life is not perfect and that there are times when there is nothing left but to accept that along the way you will meet bad people The important thing is not to fall into their game. Libra, does not intend to wear herself out emotionally for someone who hurt her in the past. It is the sign that in the midst of chaos strives to maintain balance, it stays with the good. It’s not that he evades people’s true personalities, he occasionally remembers the bad, only to never go back to a place where he was never happy. However, he does not intend to keep feelings, if at the time they did not want it, less now.

9.- Gemini 

Still, clinging to the memories? That flat out does not go with Geminis, life is already complicated enough in its present, to still be complicated by things that no longer have any future. That doesn’t mean that from time to time things that hurt him don’t come to his mind, but they stay there, like lessons that he works hard on so they don’t happen again. It is also thanks to his intelligence that he always finds a way to get ahead, even if his heart becomes foolish, in the end, it is the logical part that takes the reins of everything. Gemini is liberal, he does not want shadows in his life, he wants to find a way to take refuge in change, be energetic, and find meaning in everything. He knows that we all have bad streaks, but they are not forever and that is what matters.

10.- Sagittarius 

Definitely, one of the best signs you can find in life is Sagittarius. We are talking about someone who does not become a toxic stone, his intention is not to bother anyone. When something doesn’t work, he says goodbye with gratitude, because he appreciates the time they shared with him, but he doesn’t plan to beg. Sagittarius is very clear that when one door closes, a thousand more open. He is one of the people who do not let himself be defeated, who seeks a way to be at peace all the time. That has nothing to do with his memory, there are memories that come to his mind out of nowhere and revive wounds that he thought were overcome, but that’s not why he throws himself away. He may have a bad time for a while and then he lets go. That is the Sagittarius who loves himself above all else, to let himself be broken so easily.

11.- Pisces 

Pisces struggles with the cluster of emotions that memories bring to mind. The bad thing is that he keeps everything to himself, when he least realizes it he has already turned into a sack of garbage. People take advantage of his kindness, that he always wants to help and that he has a hard time leaving someone he loves to their fate. Suddenly, he begins to remember the moments when he was always there and no one cared about his emotions. He may pretend that nothing is wrong, but inside he is breaking little by little. That has taught him not to trust everyone who knocks on his door. He now understands that all that evil will stay with them because he does not intend to bear blame that does not correspond to him. Make no mistake, Pisces, he won’t always be the one to let his guard down, he has so much more to give.

12.- Aquarius 

Blessed be the memory of an Aquarius, the last on the list, the one who lets the wind take away all the words that hurt him one day. The one who doesn’t get hooked on past loves, nor does he have time to beg for second chances. It’s not out of ego, it’s because he knows exactly what he’s worth. He is forgetful and adores him, he prefers to stay with the idea that everything happens for a reason. There are more important things on which he can focus his energy, to lose himself in something that is subtracted. Details are not his thing and having a file where grudges and pain are stored is flatly not his style. If you want to have a good time with Aquarius, it’s today, since the past doesn’t exist and he doesn’t plan to stress about the future.

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