5 Zodiac Couples Going Through A Rough Patch Until The End Of 2022

Rough Patch Until The End Of 2022

5 Zodiac Couples Going Through A Rough Patch Until The End Of 2022

Is your relationship somehow out of breath? Or are you afraid that you two are about to break up?

According to astrology, there are 5 pairs of zodiac signs that will separate by the end of the year. Find out if you and your partner belong!

Libra and Aries

The biggest problem in the relationship between Libra and Aries is their two common traits. Both signs are considered moody and short-tempered. Every moody person needs an emotionally strong partner to help them get over it.

In this case, while one is moody, it is difficult for the other to understand. Since they will both be short-tempered, it will be almost impossible for them to calm each other down.

However, some of their opposing traits can make them a perfect couple. But the main problem is still that there is no reassuring partner in their relationship. Because of this, they will part ways by the end of the year.

Cancer and Pisces

The relationship between Cancer and Pisces is one of those zodiac couples where the way they both express their feelings is most different.

While Cancer is a shy and possessive sign, Pisces is the bold and confident one. You can be completely open. On the other hand, Cancer people always remain withdrawn within themselves.

They don’t like to express themselves much, even with their partners. This usually leads to misunderstandings and disagreements about their relationship.

Pisces are overly trusting and Cancers are also manipulative, which is a reason to mix things up and get things wrong. Although they can be happy together for a short time, things can get really messy the longer it takes. Because of this, they could split up again soon.

Scorpio and Aquarius

The two signs together can be considered one of the worst couples. Basically, both signs, water signs, and air signs do not go well together. Although they can be strongly attracted to each other, it doesn’t last long.

Scorpio, who is a jealous, untrusting and possessive partner, is completely opposite to Aquarius, who is uncompromising. This often leads to frustrated fights between them that leave them with no love or respect for one another. 

Both signs are very negative towards each other. So you probably won’t stick with it for very long. It is therefore very likely that one of these zodiac signs will decide to pull the ripcord and separate from their partner in a short time.

However, if both can understand and respect each other’s opposing qualities, things can be completely different.

Any relationship can be beautiful and eternal if you make the effort to understand and respect the essence of your partner. Differences between partners make couples unique. It should be our priority to understand, trust, love, and respect others unconditionally.

However, when these two get together, almost everyone around them will immediately know that it’s not going to work out. They might even before their eyes are opened.

Scorpio loves home and hearth, and Aquarius can’t wait to leave. He really needs a lot of space and the Scorpio will misunderstand that.

He is far too demanding and possessive for an Aquarius to tolerate. The bottom line is these two would make a great one-night love, but not a great marriage.

Leo and Taurus

The biggest disadvantage in the relationship between Leo and Taurus is that the latter is considered to be one of those signs that cannot settle anything peacefully. On the other hand, Leos are generally arrogant and self-centered.

Leos are also inflexible and somewhat selfish. Therefore, during a fight or misunderstanding, both signs do not try to be the one who apologizes to their partner first.

Where Leo needs a loyal partner, on the one hand, Taurus wants to do what he wants. Your two qualities don’t go well together. They can be a bit similar but still worlds apart.

Leo is brilliant, social, and loves attention. Taurus is elegant, graceful, and active. At the point where these two are compatible, they are a completely flawless couple.

You have endless discussions about all things. They have so many similarities and their traits are just so perfect. Leo loves Taurus’ gentle and wonderful character, and Taurus is completely consumed by Leo’s amazing attraction.

These two are a very good match – until a disagreement arises and something needs to be discussed.

Capricorn and Pisces

This will be everyone’s favorite couple: the solid, practical Capricorn and the dreamy, creative, sensitive Pisces.

They will feel like characters in a novel, where their differences are what unite them. And for a while, they will be happy and everyone will envy them for it.

However, the day will come when their differences will get too big and they will divorce and surprise everyone who knew them as the perfect couple.

And that day will probably come sooner than you think! The couple could disagree on many things. The Capricorn finds its Pisces far too dreamy and the Pisces is too sensitive for the realistic nature of the Capricorn.

The conflicts will pile up and there will be a big bang by the end of the year where both zodiac signs will make the decision that it would be best to go their separate ways.

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