Marriage And The Signs Of The Zodiac

Marriage And The Signs Of The Zodiac

It is true, that each head is a world and when it comes to relationships, things are worse because not everyone believes in a happy ending. There are those who prefer to err on the side of caution before allowing someone else to have power over their hearts. A marriage is more than living together, it requires patience, love, and a lot of understanding. Someone who is not capable of putting himself in another’s place is simply not capable of anything. Your zodiac sign has its own beliefs and that’s fine… don’t let anyone interfere with your way of seeing life.


The idea of ​​walking down the aisle has crossed your mind on a few occasions, especially when falling in love has done its thing, but you just have to lower your intensity two lines to realize that there are more important things. to light the flame. The last thing you want is to get entangled in the emotions, you need to be balanced in every way, otherwise, there is no wedding.


For you, marriage is not a game, if you raise it is because you really trust that you can make a great team with the other person. You are not the type of sign that marries by appearances, you want to feel good about yourself and that the rest of the opinions roll. You like to listen to your intuition, your heart, and your logic, if they offer you everything, go ahead, but if not, goodbye, you will not lose energy or love.


You may end up saying YES on the spur of the moment because you don’t usually think much when the button on your emotions is turned on. However, that does not mean that you open your heart to anyone, if you do it is because that person truly shows you that everything is fine. You don’t want a perfect wedding, you want a lasting relationship, to be sure that your love will wake up with you every morning.


You are a charm from the side that they see you, but many times you do not notice it, because the negative thoughts that flood you lie to you, and that are when you want to run away, but it is not possible. You are usually a very traditional sign, if you invest time in a relationship it is because you hope to create something in the long term. You give your best when you are both on the same channel. If the person shows you that he is not afraid of commitment and that the word home does not scare him, everything will be fine for you.


You will not deny it, you love the good life, and you enjoy every moment when your senses overflow. You definitely enjoy the attention, your brightness is noticeable from afar and that is why you want someone who is not bothered by your determination. You prefer a thousand times to stay single than to be with someone who doesn’t know what loyalty is. People who do not put the commitment ahead make you lazy. You don’t stay there long.


Let’s say that you and your love have a very changeable relationship. There are times when you allow your romantic side to do its thing and all you want is to flow as far as destiny takes you. However, there are other days when you get quite thoughtful and nothing satisfies you. You demand because in the past you settled for crumbs and you understood that you don’t deserve to be treated with half love, you want it all or you better stay single.


On the outside, you seem very skeptical about love, but in reality, it is your fears manifesting. You are too much in love, but you do not want to give yourself to someone who barely takes you into account. When you love you to do it in a deep way, you really want to know the other person. You don’t just want kisses, you want a confidant, someone who is your refuge every day and who makes you better.


The relationship that you and your love have is like plucking a flower petal by petal, in the end, you don’t know what you are going to decide. And it is that you feel so many things at the same time, that you get confused. Usually, you are very distrustful, you need to be shown with facts that you are in the right place. Not to mention that if your inner voice tells you that there is something wrong, you believe it and leave. The idea of ​​marriage doesn’t scare you, fake couples do.


For you, love is synonymous with adventure, the opportunity to test your feelings and your unconventional side. In general, you love to go against what is established, not because you are rebellious, but simply, because you listen to what your soul asks of you and you rarely sit idly by watching how life passes in front of you. Maybe in one of your outbursts, you end up in front of the altar and you don’t care.


What bothers you most about relationships is when they don’t have enough pants to say if they want something serious or not. Marriage is an accumulation of feelings, but it is also synonymous with putting your insecurities on the table, it is not easy to trust anyone. You take fidelity into account, the facts are what will lead you to take the step. You’re going to get married when you find the person who makes you feel much more than in the clouds.


No one is going to tell you about bad experiences, in the past, they already treated you badly enough, that’s why now you are not going to allow them to trample on you. What horrifies you about marriage is that they see it as an eternal bond. That should not be felt when uniting with the person you love. Love is much more than a piece of paper, a dress, flowers, or anything else. You don’t want something based on superficiality.


Definitely, you are not going to marry someone who paints a perfect world for you, you want something more than pretty details. You may have a dreamy and sentimental side, but that does not mean that you are going to believe your partner with your eyes closed. On the contrary, you follow your intuition a lot and if it tells you that something is not right, you know that it is time to stop, you are not going to compromise if that person makes you feel insecure. The right heart will come.


Marriage And The Signs Of The Zodiac

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