These Zodiac Signs May Be Expecting A Breakup By The End Of The Year

Expecting A Breakup

These Zodiac Signs May Be Expecting A Breakup By The End Of The Year

The year just felt like it just sped past us. But 2022 is not over yet and for some zodiac signs, the year still has a nasty surprise in store – because they could still be due to separate at the end of the year.

You can find out which signs of the zodiac are affected here.


The coming weeks will be really exciting for Libra. Because then it’s all or nothing. In the past few months, she’s been a little out of whack. And that is reflected in the relationship. Many quarrels and violent arguments are the results. It is therefore high time to calm things down again. But really, Libra just needs some time to find itself again. So she may not be spared from separating at the end of the year.


Aries finally has time at Christmas to think about their lives. He realizes that he doesn’t really know who he is and what he wants. His relationship suffers greatly from this crisis of self-discovery and may even break up because of it. So it may be that the zodiac sign starts the new year alone. The good thing about it: the zodiac sign really gets to know itself for the first time and realizes that it still has a lot ahead of it in life. And Aries can best achieve their goals when they are alone for a while.


Some forgiven Scorpios will also part soon. Because they are known to be very erratic. In the past few months, this zodiac sign has been somewhat restless. At the end of the year, the Scorpio draws a line to finally start again. New year, new luck – that’s probably his motto. Separating seems to be the best way for the zodiac sign. It is only to be hoped that the Scorpio will not soon regret this decision.

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