Sometimes it’s scary. There are people who keep their deepest emotions in the background for that reason, for fear of saying them. But what do you gain by denying the obvious? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. If you deny something that is really true, it is for fear that you can repeat something that once hurt us a lot … Admitting that you are totally in love with a particular person is very scary because that means that your world can change. Those emotions can not stay there, locked under layers and layers of hearts, because something very beautiful would be wasted: love and be loved …


But all that glitters is not gold, right? Like everything is not as beautiful as they always paint it because there are signs that as much as they want they cannot do it. There are signs of the zodiac that refuse to face these kinds of situations … although the truth is that it is more fear than anything else. Fear that the heart is exposed, love as never and then, it turns out that it was not what it seemed … The fear of suffering for love without having just tried before has broken many stories that could have had a very nice ending and that is very true.

Next, we leave you a ranking with the five signs of the zodiac that more opposition show to recognize that they are really in love.


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Admitting that yours is not a whim for someone and that it is a love of the good, it is a triumph. Admitting that what you feel for someone is real love, making it public and showing it to the four winds, would be a rather conflictive process for you Taurus, because just thinking about what can really happen, makes you so ashamed … But you are not ashamed because you don’t think it is right or because you have a prejudice. No, NOTHING of that.

You are very embarrassed to admit that you have fallen in love with someone’s bones because that means you have to open the doors of your feelings and they are big words. That is already serious because you are a very introverted person who keeps his lips very closed so that, no emotions escape that is always controlled …

Taurus, when you really fall in love, affects your mood a lot, because you can’t stop thinking about that person. In how your life would be united. In future plans, in intimate moments in kisses, caresses, hugs … You think about it at all times, but take the step and make it formal, it is something that gives you a lot of respect. You prefer to tie everything well and control the situation as much as you can, to let yourself go and taste everything that comes …


You know that when you really fall in love, all your hearts fall at once and let you see the huge heart that nobody can see … You know that when you feel something very real and very strong for someone who complements you, your world changes radically and everything, in a certain way, it begins to revolve around that person … You love it, it scares you sometimes because of the intensity with which you love, but you love the feeling of loving someone with whom you can experience very strong things …

Denial on your part is quite difficult to fight. You don’t like to rate the people you go out with first as IF THEY WERE COUPLE because that is already a series of commitment words. Before throwing yourself into the void, you want to be sure. Before making it official via social networks and in the family, you have to be 100% safe, because as you fall in love with someone who later turned out to be that someone you thought you might get to love, it can be a very bad thing for you Scorpio You are not the most introverted person in the world, but yours is only yours and will be public when you really want it.


  1. ARIES

You are a very passionate person Aries, and you know that what begins as a very pleasant passionate game, can end up in something much more serious and more personal because you like to play tricks, you like to make s*xual tension grow, you love to have fun that way, but then you fall into your own trap and you end up falling in love to the bone …

It is incredible, many people do not expect it from you because it is not the image you usually give first, but deep down you are a very, very sensitive and affectionate person. Now, recognize and say openly that you are in love / or something that costs you millions of Aries and you know it. You can lie to yourself, not to others because even if you refuse, your eyes and the reflection of your face speak for themselves … In them, there is a very special glow when it is true love and in front of that, you can not fight Aries.

You can say that you have a lot of attraction, you can even publicly acknowledge that you are ON FIRE and that your fire burns, but admitting that it is LOVE, it costs you your life. You are afraid that when you say it, the magic dies out …

  1. LIBRA

When you fall in love, your inner world becomes a real roller coaster with thousands of slopes, falls, turns and spirals impossible to live. This is Libra when you really fall in love you do not recognize it at the moment. Neither the next day nor the weeks … When this happens, it has to be someone else who will take it out as you can, because your mouth is not going to leave an “I have fallen in love with you and I love you like never before” you die of shame just to hear it and you know it Libra….

Yours is very funny because it is clear when you have a lot of interest in a person. You start talking about her at all hours, you laugh at her bad jokes, you want to go out more frequently to the places where that person supposedly goes out so that she can see her … Anyway, you do things that you don’t usually do Libra and you love her, but the moment someone asks you, are you in love? You flatly deny it. Although the rest of the world knows that it is pure and real love, you will deny it until you run out of Libra saliva, because you don’t like to be the point of view of people asking…

  1. LEO

For you, it is not the same to admit that you are in love with someone like never before, to admit that there is a fairly large physical and s*xual attraction. Love is not the same as passion, it has nothing to do with physical attraction to sentimental attraction … Leo, recognize that you are an impulsive person for many things, but then, when recognizing that you are dying for someone else’s bones, you close on yourself and just let yourself see that you like it a lot and nothing more …

What is growing inside your heart you keep in the strictest privacy, because showing that sensitive part of you makes you feel vulnerable in front of the other person. Accessing it is like taking off those thousands of hearts that you have on you and being naked in front of the other person. You prefer to play with the mistake, play with fire and play with a passion … Delay as much as possible the step of “being more than friends” so that you can leave everything well-controlled and nothing ends up going wrong …

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