4 reasons short men are just better than big ones

Even if little men are struggling in the dating scene these days because tall men are considered more popular, it is far from the truth that every woman prefers tall men.

Some women are extremely attracted to short men and find them more attractive.

There are many reasons for this preference because little men have a certain charm that is difficult to resist.

They are always a bit more sensual because, unlike tall men, they put more effort into and use their charm to seduce women.

Little men are also very successful as they like to stand out from their looks through their work and work ethic.

Everything they have in life they have worked hard for, and they have not only taken what fate and their family have given them.

They are extremely admirable partners in every way, and they have many tendencies that are just wonderful that great men fail to express.

Women who love the little man definitely have their reasons, and they also take great pleasure in having them as partners.

Different people love different things, and the little man, in particular, is some women’s absolute fantasy.

These men also have a lot of dominance and raw masculine energy as they want to make up for what they think they lack.

Everything that they do, they do with great effort and aggressive energy, since they were born with the spirit of Napoleon Bonaparte.

That many little men have the Napoleon complex is pretty true too, but that’s a trait that makes them very desirable as well.

They are men who know how to treat a woman right and who keep impressing them.

You are the biggest obstacle to entering into a relationship with a shorter man, even if you really like someone like him.

If you are repulsed by the thought of being seen with a man a few inches shorter, then nothing will convince you that such a relationship can be phenomenal.

Aside from the social inappropriateness, there is little other obstacle or negative side to a relationship with a shorter man.

If he is attractive to you, handsome, and has a good heart, then you shouldn’t even think about whether or not it is wise to start a relationship with him.

Otherwise, if you are a person who is very dependent on the opinions of others, then you should be aware that people will always find something to express themselves.

Just like age, size is actually nothing more than a number on paper.

Finding the perfect man or woman is almost impossible. For a relationship to succeed, compromises are always necessary.

Whether small or large, it is ultimately very relative, but even if the partner is a little lower, there is really nothing wrong with that.

Physical characteristics are important, but a good quality joint requires a lot more than just the right age or size.

1. You have the perfect love height

Little men are wonderful partners because it doesn’t take much effort to reach them while loving.

Their size is just right to just be close to them, and there’s nothing like a perfectly approachable partner.

Not only are they very easy to love, but they are also amazing lovers who put a lot of effort and sensuality into this act.

When loving, they are very gentle but at the same time dominant, which is why many women prefer loving with them.

They also have that warmth that hugs your whole body when you love them, and that is a feeling rarely experienced in a tall man.

2. They give better hugs and make better cuddles

While little men can be aggressive and impulsive, they love cuddling more than anything and give the warmest hugs.

They are easy to reach for a hug, and almost all of them can be embraced when hugged.

Hugging is one of the most important and intimate acts, and it definitely becomes more beautiful when a partner is a short man.

Cuddling with a little man doesn’t take up much space either, and cuddling can be practiced pretty much anywhere.

All of these activities just feel cuter and more intimate with a little guy, and they definitely need appreciation.

3. They are better dancers

Little men have a better sense of rhythm, so they are very adept at dancing.

Dancing is their passion because they can express themselves better with the rhythm.

Even the women they address with their steps can’t help but fall in love with them because they are so charming.

Good dance moves also mean that they are better lovers and that they are better able to satisfy a woman.

Someone who follows the course of music also knows how to follow the course of your body.

4. You are very dominant

Little men are very dominant by nature, knowing they have to be rougher if they want to be respected by others.

Even if there are many women who adore little men, there will still be people who do not respect them.

Because of people like this, little men have struggled all their lives to be respected and therefore their personalities are more dominant.

This dominant personality is extremely attractive to women, and it simply makes them feel safe and adored.

Who wouldn’t want a man to get jealous the moment someone looks at us and who is always in charge, a little man makes a very traditional and macho partner, and for some, that’s very attractive.

5. They make better husbands

The main reason women prefer tall men is because they believe they are better husbands and will protect them better.

Some women go so far as to think that a short man is unmanly, but in fact, short men tend to have much better marriages.

Women who choose the little man are often much more independent and know how to deal with situations that ruin marriages.

Because these women are much stronger and do not let appearance and superficial reasons stop them from having a happy marriage, marriage to a shorter man is usually more successful.

In addition, little men also tried harder in their marriage because they had to put more work into things all their lives compared to others.


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