3 zodiac signs that humor was not born into

3 zodiac signs that humor was not born into

Some people are born class clowns and entertainers. You could become a comedian or write satires. But with these three zodiac signs, all hope is in vain: Because they are simply not born to be funny. Not everyone can be born with a great sense of humor. 

While there is nothing wrong with not having a sense of humor, for many the sense of humor is a natural skill. Sometimes unpleasant situations can arise when people have an incomprehensible sense of humor or do not understand the humor of others. 

Unfortunately, these three zodiac signs can often be found in such situations. As a comedian on a grand scale, these three zodiac signs are unlikely to go very far. 

Does your zodiac sign belong to it? But don’t worry! Humor is not everything in life either. You may be a humorless person, but you are romantic or otherwise great. So you shouldn’t take it to heart. 

Here they are, the three most humorous zodiac signs:

1. Scorpio

We all know that scorpions are very complicated. It is difficult to read and assess them because they cannot be looked into the head. Sometimes you can have a great time, but don’t show it at all. Then they laugh inside, so to speak, without anyone noticing. Scorpions get along very well with each other, but their humor is usually incomprehensible to outsiders. Her jokes seem flat and unpleasant to the majority of people.

So scorpions are a difficult bunch. When you get to know scorpions, you never really know what they’re thinking. They just don’t show it. Because of this, some people will likely be confused if they don’t laugh at other people’s jokes, even if they find it funny. Scorpions will try to make a joke, but if there is no other scorpion, it will actually feel a bit embarrassing for everyone involved. This is the reason why scorpions really should stay better among other scorpions, both as friends and as lovers. Because unfortunately, they cannot hide their bad sense of humor.

They focus too much on the details of their jokes to make really good jokes. It’s not that they don’t want to have humor or that they don’t care that they don’t have one, but unfortunately, they don’t have one. Her meticulous nature, however, makes her great for other things. For example, you would make the perfect detective. 


2. Sagittarius

Perhaps it is because they are born in the coldest part of the year, at least in the western hemisphere, but the Sagittarius is as cold as the months in which he was born. And unfortunately, this coldness also extends to his sense of humor. That means his sense of humor is basically frozen and doesn’t exist.

Shooters like to be the center of attention and often set mountains in motion just to get their loved ones’ attention. They mostly try jokes, although they don’t really enjoy joking at all. However, shooters themselves are strongly convinced that they are incredibly funny. Unfortunately for their fellow human beings, this is very tragic, because shooters are not funny at all. That’s why you will often notice that nice people treat them decently and still laugh at their jokes. 

There is nothing worse than someone who wants to be the center of attention and thinks that it is funny but it is not. The shooter is known for not being able to find the right words and definitely not being able to get his humor to the point because he simply has no sense of it. So most people just let them get away with their attention-grabbing strategies and accept that they get some of the attention even though their appearance doesn’t really deserve a laugh.


3. Cancer 

Crayfish take life extremely seriously. And with this seriousness, there is simply no place for humor. Cancer simply has no reason to laugh. So how is he supposed to make others laugh? 

He is caring and compassionate, which further inhibits his sense of humor. Crayfish tend to worry about others rather than making fun of them or dragging them through cocoa. One could almost think that they were too sensitive and empathetic to make jokes at the expense of others. It is their maternal instinct that keeps getting in their way. This maternal instinct wipes out any ability to laugh. 

Sure, life sometimes takes seriousness, but if you can’t laugh once in a while, life will be boring and everyone will consider you a bore. So if you don’t want to be seen as a fun break at the party, dear cancer, just laugh. It will do you good. It would be fantastic if you strayed from your path every now and then and could enjoy your giggle, but it may also be asking too much of you.


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