10 very good reasons why you shouldn’t date a Pisces man

The Pisces man’s special charm is undeniable, and it’s no wonder he keeps attracting the attention of women of all kinds.

From the refined and stylish James Bond (Daniel Craig) to the dreamy and sensual Justin Bieber, the Pisces man is the ultimate dream type of the zodiac.

As a zodiac sign, they are often referred to as sensitive and spiritual, but they also have a much deeper personality.

Sometimes a Pisces man’s personality can be so complex that he is a prisoner of his own thoughts and fantasies.

Because they are indeed a watermark, they go deep into certain people and within themselves.

Because of this, they are not exactly easy to understand.

Many Pisces men are writers, musicians, artists, or are devoted exclusively to their craft.

Many of these fascinations and talents arise from their intense emotions and the empathy they have for their own suffering.

In addition to their own fascination with their emotions and mental states, they have the ability to sense the emotions of others.

A person can never really hide their intentions and emotional state from Pisces, and that is the main cause that makes them emphatic.

As much as the Pisces man has many unique and amazing qualities, he also possesses certain negativity.

Even if the Pisces man has a personality that generally goes with the flow, he can be prone to depression and self-loathing due to his intense emotions.

They absorb a lot of negative energy, but they also spread it when things aren’t going the way they’re supposed to.

This can be extremely problematic because they can easily move from self-loathing and disgust to direct aggression towards others.

When this happens in a relationship, things can easily become toxic and uncomfortable.

The Pisces man may be too depressed to invest in the relationship or so negative that he is cheating on his partner or blaming them for everything.

1. He’s too mysterious to be beneficial to the relationship at all

The Pisces man is mysterious by nature and at first a little distant and cautious.

After a while, when you’ve already got to know him, that mystery is still there.

Mysterious people may seem cool at first glance, but not knowing what our partner is thinking and what they’re hiding from us certainly isn’t.

When one man is too distant and shrouded in secrets, the relationship quickly becomes stressful for the other partner.

2. You are never his priority

Many people start out as friends with the Pisces man and fall in love with his selfless soul.

Pisces are natural protectors, and they do almost anything for their friends.

But relationships are very different and they find it difficult to put their partner first.

After all, Pisces men feel so deeply that they are too afraid of being hurt by the woman they love or they are just not loyal enough ..

3. Your mood swings are constant

Due to their sensitive nature, fish have constant mood swings.

Pisces men have mood swings similar to women, but they are much more intense.

Sometimes it is so hard to deal with because the slightest provocation can hurt their feelings and unleash their inner anger.

These mood swings are followed by a phase of depression, which must also be tolerated and which cannot be overcome by everyone.

4. The Pisces man is always tired

The Pisces man may be sensitive to the label, but that also means he is sensitive to ailments.

He won’t go out with you when he’s tired or goes out with you when he’s busy, just don’t expect any special treatment.

The Pisces man also has this terrible tendency to forget a date or oversleep.

This chronic fatigue is likely due to the fact that he spends a lot of time with his friends.

5. People are frustrated with the way Pisces man is making them feel

It cannot be argued on the fact that the Pisces man has terrible and angry traits because he actually does.

But there is one thing that is very frustrating about them and that is their charm and dreamy appearance.

This charm is so incredibly addicting, and it’s hard not to fall in love with the Pisces man because she makes you feel so special.

Women are also aware that their dreamy Pisces man gives this feeling to other women as well, so jealousy and infidelity can hardly be avoided.

6. You can’t keep a promise

Pisces men have no problem making a woman feel special, and they are definitely one of the most romantic and smooth men out there.

A person’s date with a Pisces man is not like any other, and everything almost feels like magic when you hang out with them.

The only thing that might not be magical is that they can’t keep a promise.

Pisces men often never call back after a date, ignore you, and never do the things they promised in the past.

7. You are cautious about your emotions

Pisces is romantic, but that romance is just an illusion.

A Pisces man is not particularly keen to reveal his emotions because it makes him feel vulnerable.

Sometimes this can make a woman feel disappointed in him and she begins to feel lonely.

Many Pisces men ruin their relationships by doing this because nobody wants to feel unloved.

8. They find it difficult to make a choice

Pisces men have a hard time making decisions, and that often affects their relationships.

You can spend days thinking about something without actually making a decision and getting confused in the process.

These thoughts often revolve around his feelings and whether or not he should make a commitment to his partner.

Most of the time, fish find it difficult to give up their freedom for someone.

9. You feel uncomfortable in crowds

Pisces do not like large crowds, and being natural dreamers, loneliness goes hand in hand with them.

Pisces is the first to leave a party even if it’s fun.

They much prefer to spend the time daydreaming alone, and that can be a problem when trying to introduce them to friends.

That he doesn’t want to meet the people you love can be offensive, but here, too, he doesn’t do anything that is outside of his comfort zone.

10. Fish can be very boring at times

Pisces is in no way exciting, and they sometimes have a boring presence too.

They either focus on their hobbies or their work, but it’s rarely about other people.

They can be so selfish or so focused on their interests that they don’t care at all about what other people are doing, which in turn makes the relationship cold.

While fish may be a watermark and water flows freely, be careful when water turns to ice.


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