You Are 100% Your Sign If When You Fall In Love You Do This

There are things we do when we fall in love that define our zodiac sign 100%. The same patterns are repeated over and over again and no matter how hard we try to change, we will always remain our zodiac sign. You are 100% your sign if when you fall in love you do this:

You are 100% Aries if when you fall in love … 

  • You get carried away more by the head than by the heart. And when you like someone or you are falling in love, you are always spontaneous, childish, infatuated, unstable, passionate, free, without ties or commitments …
  • You go straight to the point, displaying all your seductive skills and without wasting time. And if you see that the other person does not fall for your charms, then you do not sink either. There are many fish in the river, you think, and quickly you get going to start another story.
  • Your love life is usually the most ardent, and you let yourself be carried away by impulses, even if you end up in undesirable relationships and with your friends, constantly warning you of the danger.
  • You live in the moment but before a sentimental failure you try not to sink, or make a drama and you quickly take flight to get excited again.

You are 100% Taurus if when you fall in love … 

  • You only launch into a stable and committed relationship when you are completely sure that the person you choose is the perfect one. You are not impulsive or frivolous, you prefer to be alone than to be with someone you do not trust or emotionally unstable.
  • You want your relationship to have a lot of contact, kisses, hugs and affection. A day without caressing your partner several times is an unhappy day for you.
  • You are practical, possessive and faithful. Yours is yours, and the same delivery you ask for is offered. Likewise, when you fall in love, you focus on developing the relationship. You like to enjoy the day to day but inevitably you think about the future and you like to organize yours.
  • You become someone who takes great care of that person, you protect them and you like to feel that you are two people with a lot of attraction and common interests.

You are 100% Gemini if when you fall in love …

  • You still want to play even though your relationship is already stable. You do not like routines, and you are horrified to see those couples who hardly do things together or laugh. You always want to enjoy even though you have been together for a long time. And that includes not wanting boredom to dominate you because then … turn off and let’s go.
  • You can be in a couple but you want to continue feeling like someone free who can move as they please, go with whoever they want or even be alone if you feel like it. You do not conceive relationships with ties and having to give explanations of everything you do.
  • You need to see in the other person someone with enough intelligence to be able to have an interesting conversation with you. You don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t like conversation. And you don’t like silences or indifference.
  • You do not care how the person is and what they have, you are able to adapt to whoever they are, love their virtues and accept their defects. You are not someone who when you have already conquered the other person, then you want to change them and dominate them.

You are 100% Cancer if when you fall in love … 

  • You can see in your face how happy you are. When you love and are reciprocated you would love to be able to shout it out to the universe. You give everything, you give yourself completely and you like to be reciprocated.
  • You like to have plans for the future although you are strong to assume many types of relationships and you can also enjoy when relationships take time to stabilize. You never lose hope but you know how to wait for the moment for things to stabilize and be able to commit to each other.
  • You need the other person to understand you when you have a rebellious day or when you have a crooked day; and that I love yours and yours as you, in addition to being someone faithful and sincere.
  • You are capable of always putting yourself in the place of your partner, always, always. That is why it bothers you so much that when you need understanding, you do not have the same that you have given.

You are 100% Leo if when you fall in love …

  • You like that your relationship is ideal, that it attracts attention, that you look like the protagonists of a movie story. The truth is that you feel like someone special, and that is why you also choose people who you think have a lot of charisma, and that is why you hope that the union of both will be an enviable love story.
  • Your partner surrenders but not unconditionally. It stimulates you to have to fight to get what you want, and if it is something very easy you will think that if it is so accessible it is not that good. And you want the best.
  • You think that the relationship is a matter of both but you like to drive your own way and dominate a little more, especially because you can, because you know and because you want to. And because you are endorsed by the good results you have had in all your relationships when you have done it.
  • You like your partner to pamper you at times and others to admire you, in a balance in which you will not hesitate to also give him everything he asks for.

You are 100% Virgo if when you fall in love …

  • You may be melting with love on the inside but on the outside you are not going to show it, you are not going to jump headlong, nor are you going to be impulsive or run to stumble and fall.
  • You ask for security and trust, which is what you also give, but you do not understand the relationship if it does not have a powerful basis in terms of these concepts that are so important to you.
  • You are the most detailed and caring person that your partner can imagine. Maybe sometimes you get lost in the details instead of looking big, but you think that little by little more things are achieved than with big bombastic gestures but more false in your opinion.
  • You hope that your partner lets you go your way and does not overwhelm you, or ask you for explanations, or want to tie you up or go off your ass on a whim or by strategy.

You are 100% Libra if when you fall in love …

  • You surrender and enjoy yourself but never to the point of putting your whole life or all your interests at the service of the other person. You want a lot more than a partner and you think you can have it all.
  • You like to do everything possible so that your relationship is beautiful and unforgettable. You may not be the person with the most initiative in the world in a relationship, but you know how to have enormous details in order to please and make the other person happy.
  • You want your partner to be fair and not ask you for what he does not give you or to do to you what he would not like you to do to him. That is how simple and easy to understand your philosophy.
  • You need the relationship to be very stimulating so that you don’t get bored or feel like fooling around with anyone else. You are very prone to dating and social relationships, and if your partner bores you, in the end you will end up wanting to see your friends more than your partner.

You are 100% Scorpio if when you fall in love …

  • You take the relationship as an experience that goes beyond all limits. Because of your way of being and of approaching love, this is how you launch yourself to live your loves, which are always passionate. And if you do not notice passion, it is because you are not in love, and for you that scale is perfect to take the temperature of your relationships.
  • You can’t help but feel the sting of jealousy, but it is something that is linked to your feelings, without more. If you love someone, you are afraid of losing them, and that is why you are jealous. For you it is a simple reasoning and it is not a problem because it is something that you like to talk to your partner from the first day so that there are no misunderstandings.
  • You surrender and are loyal, and not having the same from your partner infuriates you. Difficulty can stimulate you at first, but later on, you don’t conceive of a relationship of those that neither hot nor cold.
  • You express yourself a lot through love, which you always love but being in love it is as if in each touch you could express your love better than with a thousand words.

You are 100% Sagittarius if when you fall in love …

  • You want the relationship to flow freely, that you do not tie yourself or tie the other person, and that you have to name who you are because that way the other person will feel more secure. Precisely what creates insecurity for you is that your relationship has to be defined and that it seems that you have to sign a commitment that you do not know if you are going to fulfill.
  • You get so excited that sometimes it seems like you already want to get married, but you don’t. That intensity is for the joy of having found someone who is worthwhile but you don’t want to be misunderstood just because you are able to say precious things about what your partner inspires you.
  • You expect the same sincerity that you offer. You don’t like having to guess what the other person is feeling. And being able to talk about other couples and what each one is separately is something you aspire to.
  • You want to learn from the other person in the same proportion that you want to teach them what you know or take them to the places where you have been.

You are 100% Capricorn if when you fall in love … 

  • You give yourself completely to the person and not only do you promise to be faithful, caring and loving but you also fulfill it every day. It is also true that you expect the same and almost take it for granted, because when you choose someone, you know that you have not been wrong and that you have bet on someone who is worthwhile.
  • You hope that the relationship progresses, and that from the first moment you specify well what you want and expect both from that relationship. You neither like wasting time, nor do you like to be fooled. And of course, you offer sincerity and seriousness to the other person from minute one.
  • You want the other person to respect your profession or the type of life you have chosen. And if he does it at the beginning but then the reproaches begin, you will take it very badly because somehow you will feel cheated.
  • You like to dominate in the sense that you look very capable of organizing and doing things for the relationship. But you also know how to adapt, about when your partner knows how to play with that most internal and innocent part of you, that part that when you let it surface sometimes leads you to relax a lot and forget some of your responsibilities.

You are 100% Aquarius if when you fall in love … 

  • You want the other person to be completely honest with their feelings. You do not care about the future of the relationship because you want to live day to day, but you hate lies or being painted another reality.
  • You have a hard time letting your body and heart rule because it is your mind that tends to want to control. And suddenly you see yourself thinking about what is going to happen to your freedom, or if that person will always be so understanding or if they will start to see you strange. And the more you think, the more you withdraw, even though you really like the person.
  • You want there to be no boredom in the relationship, that you understand each other and that you respect each other’s freedom a lot.
  • You surprise yourself first because you tend to control the subject of love relationships quite a bit. Others are even more surprised to see you so happy and radiant when you fall in love, like a child in new shoes.

You are 100% Pisces if when you fall in love … 

  • You want your relationship to be like that relationship you have dreamed of so many times. That relationship that in your mind has become so real that you were thrilled with your ability to dream.
  • You want intensity. As a good sensitive and emotional water sign, you like loves that have a little bit of everything. You can cope with everything: fights, beastly chemistry, surprise plans and even exes from the past. You want it all, and you want to live your stories in detail.
  • You want to go fast because the emotion of the moment can. Then you will calm down, but when someone hits a nerve, you levitate, and your head begins to imagine what your future together would be like.
  • You get your hopes up very soon and that’s why sometimes you hit a blow. It will be that you cannot avoid it, but others should also measure their words or learn that Pisces are in love and that you should not sell them beautiful words if they do not really mean them.


You Are 100% Your Sign If When You Fall In Love You Do This

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