How The Signs Live A Loving Triangle

When a third person suddenly appears in a relationship between two people, the situation tends to become very complex. It may be by mutual agreement, or a full-blown betrayal, the fact is that in no case leaves anyone indifferent. Among the signs there may be a certain predisposition to this type of relationship, some will not be able to avoid provoking them, others will have a greater chance of suffering them and there will be those who learn to endure them or perhaps even enjoy them. How do the signs live a love triangle?


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Aries is not one to endure a love triangle, nor does it provoke it or allow itself to be involved in one. You will break the relationship and never give your trust back to the other person. Don’t wait for an opportunity for dialogue. For Aries, love must be something simply unique and full of passion, something strong, consolidated with commitment goals. For Aries it can be painful and it can spell the end of their relationship. And if you have felt betrayed, be careful with being around …


Taurus will never understand how their partner has bothered to get into a problem like this, is it that everything that Taurus gives is not enough? If your partner tries to sell you the situation as a possible new paradigm of the relationship, an open relationship, Taurus will most likely decide to break up. Because for Taurus a relationship is giving one hundred percent to another person, and having to do it twice is too much energy. Loving and committing to two people is asking a lot, but perhaps enjoying the sensual pleasures of life with your partner and another person could work. Taurus, you cannot deny that Venus is your planet, if you open your mind a little and let yourself go you can discover many things …


Gemini is one of those who are on the most misunderstood side of the triangle. They tend to be less faithful than other signs, or they tend to get into established couples. But beware of judging them. Simply Gemini always seeks to connect with other people and sometimes does not understand limits, or there are no limits for him. Despite this, he is not entirely comfortable with a love triangle, nor does he want to hurt anyone. But experimenting is something that attracts him a lot, it has more to do with love than with love. And before cheating on your partner, you may drop the need to experience new things in house, perhaps letting a friend in between the sheets one night …


A Cancer in a love triangle? It’s hard to see. Cancer bets on his partner to the maximum and the person who is with him feels so loved that he does not usually seek affection in other arms. Be careful, if Cancer does not feel the same, he may be tempted to enjoy other companies, but he will never start a strong relationship with the other person, that would be very treacherous. It will not allow the situation to lead to a consolidated love triangle. In addition, his personality governed by the changing lunar temperament, means that, if one day he falls in love with a person, it does not last long. At least not enough to put you in a compromise that puts your relationship at risk.


Leo is not an unfaithful sign by nature, he is usually direct with what he feels and will not waste time in relationships that do not fulfill him. But the poor can be easily fooled. Leo is often overshadowed with his own brilliance, paying attention only to his needs and is not able to see that his partner is not happy with their relationship, or even that a third party has been able to get into disagreement … But Leo’s intuition will come without notify a day to open his eyes, and that will be when. in immense pain, be aware of what has been going on for the past few months. Then the strength of your sign will give you the confidence to make the decision that best suits you.


If we talk about love triangles, poor Virgo could suffer from them. The Virgo couple sometimes feels that their relationship is not very passionate, and perhaps they look for that fire in another person. Very far from what a Virgo would do, to cheat and complicate something that has already been established with some rules, it does not go with him.

But if you give him some rules of the new game, who knows if he would not consider giving all this madness a chance. Although due to his faithful nature, and his mania with not wasting time, it is most likely that before getting into this mess he prefers to make a clean slate.


If Libra is involved in a three-way relationship, it will be because they have talked about it before. Libra makes their intentions very clear, even if you don’t want to accept them sometimes. If you do not feel like having a stable partner, you may accept that other people enter into that relationship. Or if you have discovered that you really like a person with an open partner, you are able to work on your insecurities to try to enter that paradigm. But it will not be something that is raised from the first moment, life will bring it and with its great heart it will give space to rethink the world of relationships.


Scorpio is the king of love triangles. He does not know how but in the end he ends up wrapped in them, many times without understanding how he got there. Actually, he does know it, Scorpio feels a lot, searches and deepens in intensity with other people, and in the end creates bonds of all kinds. Even several love ties at the same time. Thus, he can be involved in extremely complicated and deep love triangles, the kind worthy of a movie or romance novel, which he finds hard to get out of because he has truly connected with all the parties involved. If he doesn’t provoke them, they will come without you looking for them. To understand how Scorpio can move between betrayals, surreal situations and intense relationships, you have to understand that he has a big heart, that he can feel twice as much as other people, and that is why life brings him so much movement.


Sagittarius is one of those who secretly wear triangles or even squares. Yes, Sagi can be very faithful when she has found the right person, but if this is not the case she will not hesitate to look everywhere for fun. Your triangles may be half-loving, half-romantic, that is, you will love one of the people and you will only use another person for fun. Or maybe he uses several people at the same time, who can feel deep things that Sagi does not feel yet. Even if you don’t mean to, you can make them suffer if you don’t make things clear up front. And who are we kidding… even to be clear, falling in love with a Sagi is not difficult, so there is a good chance of having a hard time.


Capri will not complicate her life with a love triangle. That would take a lot of time away from more important things. If he sees a small hint of this in their relationship, which if it exists, he will see it because Capri cannot hide anything from him, he will cut his losses and look for another partner. But this does not mean that it may be the other person who appears in a relationship, as long as it does not complicate your life. If Capri has a crush and it offers her a moment of romantic affection, even if that person has a partner, she may think about it, since the other person does not have to find out, she will not suffer … But it will not last long. Capri knows that he cannot fall in love with that person, and he also does not like having to hide things, because he is honest by nature.


An Aquarius who has lost confidence in love is the perfect candidate for a love triangle. Although it will be more of a romantic triangle than a love triangle, because Aquarius will refuse to really open up to either party, or if he does, not to admit that he feels something. But yes, he will only allow the triangle if he is the protagonist, do not ask him to be the one deceived if there is one. Aquarius will enter another relationship or will be the one to open the doors of yours. Plus, you’ll be pretty good at it, you know how to navigate new relationship concepts, and you’re not one to worry about what they will say.


Pisces is one of the signs that could live in a relationship with three. It may be strange at first, but if Pisces is presented with a love triangle in their relationship that suits them, they will give themselves some time to see what they feel. If the triangle has been caused by Pisces himself, he can prolong it a lot in time, trying not to hurt anyone. And if your partner is confused with a third person, Pisces may agree to see how things would go with three. Of course, the fish, just like swimming upwards, does so downwards. So do not trust that he will always accept someone else in your relationship. You may get naughty and feel like he has to show the drama that he feels inside, since you have finished all his romantic expectations.


How The Signs Live A Loving Triangle

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