When You Are Born On The CUSP (Between Two Signs)

There are people who meet the years in full change of sign. And many times they don’t even know what sign they belong to. You cannot be two signs at the same time, but the position of the Sun is not always exactly the same every year. If on May 22 of this year the Sun is in Gemini, your sign is Gemini, but if it is in Taurus, you will be Taurus.

On the other hand, if you were born on the border between two signs, you can identify with both, even though your date of birth indicates that you are one or the other. For example, people who were born on April 20, 21 or 22 can identify with Aries and Taurus at the same time. This is called being born at the Peak or between two signs. You may have a lot of a sign but you also sympathize and have coincidences with the things they say about the other.

Here you can see what your sign is exactly.

If you want to know if you were born on the cusp or between two signs, look at the dates below:

ARIES – TAURUS: Those born between April 19 and 23. AUTHORITARY AND AUTHENTIC.

People born between Aries and Taurus are very powerful people. With this union, any crazy plan is a piece of cake and any problem can instantly become a small grain of sand. The combination of the Aries sense of leadership, along with the intelligence of Taurus makes the key to success perfect. They don’t waste time thinking about how they could come to fulfill their best wishes, they directly do it. They work hard, always with evidence and truthful facts and do not allow themselves to be manipulated.

They are people who are also characterized by greatly appreciating what belongs to them, being capable of anything so that everything is safe. They are very ambitious in matters of power, but they do not hesitate for a second to help those who need it. In the friendship? The enemies of your friends are your enemies too, so it goes without saying much more. By their own they would be able to move heaven and earth if necessary.

Deep down they usually have the soul of a child. A child trapped in an adult body who just wants to continue enjoying the little details that life gives you. Aries is a much more restless soul, Taurus is much calmer, but there is a point in common, a point that makes a very special connection exist. Love.

Both the ram and the bull are two very vulnerable people with this issue. They know how to position their armor perfectly so that they are not noticed, because they will always prefer not to expose their weaknesses. Pride above all, so that no one sees them badly. In this sense, they have a common enemy that causes their state of mind to be revealed without their consent: their facial expressions. Neither Aries nor Taurus can stop making those gestures so much theirs that they do, because they don’t know how to pretend. With their pluses and minuses they are natural, they go straight ahead and do not hide. So… it is the pinnacle of perfect authenticity.

TAURUS – GEMINI: Those born between May 19 and 23. VITALS.

The combination of Taurus and Gemini is very intelligent and simply amazing. Taurus brings the stability and the right power of control that is needed and Gemini applies their part with a lot of energy, cunning and personality. People born under Taurus and Gemini have to carry the weight of fame that they have as lazy tops and they don’t care. It may be true, they do not dispute that, but they know how to do two things at the same time better than anyone else and that is a point in their favor.

The vitality they spend means that they are far above others and that their jobs, things or plans are much better than those of the rest. Not to mention the power of conviction they have … that is a lethal weapon that makes them get everything they want. Capable of selling ice to an Eskimo, Taurus and Geminis do not think twice, and use this power for everything they can, raising the occasional envy and very annoying feelings in others … because they always get their way.

The bull brings patience and perseverance and Gemini knows how to carry Taurus, he knows how to let his mane loosen and leave his most controlling side … so the equation could not be more perfect. It is a very rare vitality that hooks from the beginning. Vitality that goes hand in hand with cunning, because these two brains united in harmony act faster than anyone else’s.

Mentally speaking, they could turn out to be two exclusive collector’s pieces for the value they have… seriously, it’s incredible. Talk about anything, draw the best conclusions, investigate, experiment, unexpected trips … any subject is a luxury for them. Although the real luxury is having them in one person, here, now … forever. Because their level of humility coupled with their passion to experience pleasure doing what they love the most… is out of this world. They can really give a lot of lessons for everything. Because they are worth it.

GEMINI – CANCER: Those born between June 19 and 23. FUN AND INTUITIVE.

People who belong to the cusp of Gemini and Cancer have a very curious fact that makes them very similar. They share many more things in common than you could ever imagine, but the good vibes and the desire for fun that always runs through their bones are noticeable, and a lot. The gift of stealing eternal smiles in dark days is yours. People born under the signs of Gemini and Cancer have the power to brighten anyone’s day, even if their own day is not the best of all, they always put the happiness of their own before their own.

They are sentimental from birth, very sensitive and very prone to falling into occasional downturns due to some disappointment. Changeable in nature, but that’s what makes them different. They let themselves be carried away by what they feel at all times, they do not care what others think and do and undo as they please … always guided by what their hearts feel. People who waste time calling them bipolar are people who don’t appreciate the authenticity and transparency they spend. They laugh, cry, yell and do whatever they want at all times because they will always put their needs first.

They are people who are characterized by helping others whenever they can because they cannot take their eyes off someone who is having a bad time and do nothing. They do not know how to be evil in that aspect, although for other things they do … The humility that characterizes them and the gift of making those who need it laugh will always accompany them. And if we talk about your sixth sense, bad. Let the seers of the moment tremble, because anyone born under these two signs expends a power of intuition and a very powerful mystical gift. They suspect to get closer to the truth and they intuit, to get it right. They don’t know how to be “cheap” detectives because they are the masters of the zodiac in that sense.

CANCER – LEO: Those born between July 20 and 24. STRONG TEMPERAMENT.

People born on the cusp of Cancer and Leo are characterized by being people with feelings almost always on the surface and with a character of arms to take. Very difficult to manipulate and very unmerciful to all the people who dare to play with their hearts. Lovers of romanticism and dramatic nature. Two very temperamental signs, that act before thinking and that are carried away by emotions. They are people who are also characterized by being very generous for what is good above all, but for what is not so good as well.

Your friends ‘friends are your friends, and your friends’ enemies are your number one enemy, because they have a very strong protective instinct. Those born under the sign of the crab and the sign of the lion do not know or want to learn to pretend. Their faces will always be the reflection of their souls and the tell-tale of their moods. They are too noticeable when something happens to them and even if they make a supernatural force to prevent it from happening, they cannot help it. Pure and tough transparency and unsurpassed strength and momentum.

It is a very dangerous combination for many things, but what is clear is that they are good people. They are very good people, with a very bad mood, but with very great and kind values. They know how to forgive, although they do not forget, they know how to make an effort and give second chances if they see regrets. Although they are weapons to take, their hearts soften much sooner rather than later … and that is what matters. People who belong to this cusp of wonder do not go unnoticed even if they want to, they do not waste their time on toxic people and they do not let anything or anyone tell them what to do. Cunning, crazy and passionate, very temperamental. The kind of people who make your day, week and life happy.

LEO – VIRGO: Those born between August 20 and 24. SOMETHING CONFLICTIVE AND PROUD.

People who are born under the cusp of these two signs tend to feel that they are in constant challenge in their lives. They are characterized by having a lot of pride, a lot of internal strength and very little patience with toxic people who only act to cause problems. Leo brings the touch of vitality and perfect energy to complement the gift of work of Virgo and his cunning for any field. They are people very given to thinking badly, not trusting the first, to evaluate the environment that surrounds them very well and to use their acute sixth sense to guard against betrayals that always come from behind. They hate depending on others, they hate being in the background, and they loathe being last place because they don’t want to feel like they are not part of anything. They know exactly what to say so that their words have the effect they want. They are very critical people who analyze in great detail and who do not settle for something that is only good and nothing more. People born between Leo and Virgo inspire a lot of strength and more than one may be a little afraid to speak before fully knowing them, because at first they are a bit scary. This excessive force makes things very confusing. Between the murderous looks that they sometimes wear and the little tact they sometimes have, they make their label very “danger, do not disturb, dangerous dog” But in reality they are very good people, very attentive, very close friends and very, very pure of heart. Their appearances are deceptive and they know it. They know it and do nothing to change it because they are very faithful to their personalities. Whoever has the privilege of entering their hearts and staying for more than half a day will know what true affection is. Lovers of pure love, without filters, without lies … without evils.

VIRGO – LIBRA: Those born between September 20 and 24. CUTE AND INFLUENCERS.

People born between Virgo and Libra are people who bring magic to the world. They are beauty in its purest form and it is very nice to be part of their closest circle. Among his most common features, we must highlight his most maniacal side. Cleanliness is one of his main obsessions. They can turn the floor or house upside down and be much cleaner than a well-cared-for glass sculpture. They are like that, very disasters for some things and very perfectionists for what they really like.

Until they get everything to their liking, they don’t stop. If you have something in mind, you have to reproduce it the way it is in your mind, because if you don’t get frustrated quickly and lose interest in what you are doing. It is not good for them to be someone else, what they want is to be “that someone” who manages to make a difference in the most original way. They love the truth, they love brave people who are not hypocrites and who speak to your face. But there is a contradiction here, and that is that they hate being spoken to in bad ways. They hate rudeness and can’t stand being the victim of someone who only looks over their shoulder.

At this peak we have the union of control, cunning and strength … with harmony, sublime intelligence and a very peculiar sixth sense. They love to be the help to solve other people’s problems, but they do not like having to face their own problems being the ones who have to ask for help. They are very intelligent, but for love … they can make the same mistake over and over again. Love can confuse them and incite them to do things that they would not normally do, but their cunning plays on their side and always leads them to the right path. They came into the world to create magic, they are magic … but they will end up being history. Life, for people born under these signs, will always have infinite possibilities.

LIBRA – SCORPIO: Those born between October 20 and 24. IRRESISTIBLE AND AMBITIOUS.

If there was an award for the best cusp of the entire zodiac, it would be without a doubt for this wonder created by Libra and Scorpio. People born under this miracle have the gift of being able to do and undo as they please. The magnetism they use, the cunning they take care of and pamper so much and their clear sixth sense are the culprits that they almost always end up in the right place, at the right time and tipped off, of course …

Libra and Scorpio do not go down the street in any way, physical beauty is a key point in their lives. It is obvious that her inner beauty is much purer and greater, but things clear, okay? What these people like is to stand out for being spotless and clean. Just by looking at them, you can already sense that they smell super good, really … it’s no exaggeration. Leaving aside their beauty, we must highlight the intelligent side of these powerful people. They are capable of taking anyone into their turf in the most astute way possible. Very capable of opposing everyone and having more than enough arguments to stop a train.

If something seems very wrong to them, they do not shut up and let it continue like that. If they don’t like something, they find a way to make “that something” change to make it more enjoyable. People born under this peak are highly critical of injustices. They can’t stand them, they hate them madly … they awaken his darkest instincts and make him think about things … that it is better that they don’t end up happening. Because they are very good vibes … until they say enough.

They were born to be sociable and sensual with almost everyone. They may just go down to buy and end up falling in love and breaking the heart of more than one person. Because yes, they are extremely irresistible. The sensuality of these people catches you and makes you fall in love with a single blink of an eye. They fall in love and they know it.

SCORPIO – SAGITTARIUS From November 20 to 24. REBELS.

Rebelde is born and is not made with time. If not, tell it to people who have been lucky enough to be born under the signs of Scorpio and Sagittarius. Two great titans of the zodiac who always stand out for very positive things. Don’t they have a dark side? Of course they do, they have it … black, dark and shiny to make it stand out more, but they are not always like that. People who were born under this peak are very restless people, very energetic and very thirsty for information and freedom. They love to investigate, travel, learn and know everything. They don’t fault or complain to almost anything and they always have time to do something else crazy. They do not get scared very easily and they do not stage dramas because life goes against the current. On the contrary, that is what whets their appetite.

The easy things are for people who are afraid, the difficult things to achieve are for the brave who fear almost nothing … and the latter are tailor-made for people who ride between Scorpio and Sagittarius. They are people who love love, they love to feel pleasure and they love to be able to love everything they want. They want their relationships to be very intense and quite hot.

For these people so magnetic there is no better gift than unconditional support that does not question, who understands, who knows how to speak and who takes care of the trust and freedom of the relationship. But be very careful, because they hate being interrogated, being suffocated, not being allowed to make mistakes and not having enough living space to think clearly. Dealing with someone who is lucky enough to belong to this group is not easy, it is a real challenge. A challenge that is not like any other, a challenge that leaves you with a very good taste in your mouth and that hooks you. A challenge that makes you want more and more … people who can and know how to be the best friend, the best travel companion and the best option to take care of your heart for life.


Those born under the cusp of Sagittarius and Capricorn know what it is to work hard, strive for absolute success and not throw in the towel until they can’t anymore. And yet… they don’t throw it away. They do not throw it away because they are people who know how to endure until the end and who do not allow themselves to be defeated. People born under the union of these two signs focus a lot on the “now or never” and prefer to jump in and see what happens … to waste time and do nothing out of fear. They are very restless of mind and if they have to bet everything on a single card, they do it. If they have to bet on someone they love, even if it’s not easy, they do it too. They always meet each and every need that their hearts ask for.

They stand out for not being people who achieve success based on lies, slander and interests that harm others. They always look out for the good of others, they always help in whatever way they can and they always end up hunting anyone who does the opposite. They may forget where they last left the keys, but they remember better than anyone. They have the memory of an elephant and can go back a long time to relive a time that left a lot of mark on the past. They live it as if they are savoring it right now.

The Sagittarius part provides an energy that is sometimes very impatient, but the Capricorn part provides the perfect dose of patience so that taking risks does not mean falling head first into a pool without water. They know perfectly well that there are trains that only pass once in their life, so when they see a golden opportunity to continue adding they catch it at the moment. They do not usually accept orders, they act much better on their own and give very little information about their privacy. Although inside they are trembling, they are characterized by inspiring a lot of security. Falling into the arms of such people, for those who do not know it, is a miracle from heaven.


People with the privilege of belonging to Capricorn and Aquarius are at the strongest points of the personality of each sign. Capricorn, for its part, leaves its mark here, giving a good dose of momentum and a hard-working vision to achieve success in the short and long term. Aquarius, on the other hand, here leaves a good dose of creativity and the desire to flee from everything that is conventional, always making a difference. So these two ideas together will never be defeated. These two ideas come together to create a very overwhelming personality, the main characteristic of people born under the cusp of Capricorn and Aquarius.

They hate that the world is aware of their steps, they hate that their actions are criticized and they cannot stand people with a shadow complex who do not have a life of their own and who go about getting into other people’s lives in order to fill the void they have. Should they learn to accept criticism better? Sure they do, but if they don’t change, it’s because it’s part of their personality. Whoever wants it, let him take it. Who does not like it, door, because nothing else but true to its essence they are for a long time.

They are also very faithful to the affection and warmth that the people they love the most give them, but in reality they have a lot of free soul touch and sometimes… they neglect that important part of their lives. People who ride between Capricorn and Aquarius should work much harder to express themselves without fear, without fear that their secrets will be used against them. Although they do not demonstrate first, they feel more than anyone. Why are their appearances so deceiving? Why do they look like tough people with a cold heart? Because it is one of so many armor that they carry on their backs and that weighs so much. Deep down, they are all love. His affection cannot be compared to the most beautiful thing in this world.


The combination of Aquarius and Pisces is simply perfect. People born under the cusp of this union madness are people who have a lot of intelligence and a lot of emotion. They let themselves be carried away, they do not usually have a fixed course and they are always guided by the wonderful intuition that comes from within. Sometimes they get lost because of that, because they go very free … but deep down they like it.

They love to discover, experiment and try new things. They hate unconstructive criticism, they hate hypocrisy, and they can’t stand people who hold a grudge and don’t move forward. They wean people who only live by and to commit evil … because the geniuses born between Aquarius and Pisces are the opposite. People who ride between Aquarius and Pisces are characterized by always having time to help where they can, to provide support when needed or simply to be there, without saying anything … giving everything with a good hug.

They have a hard time starting new relationships because they have many insecurities that appear at the most inopportune moment. Here, Aquarius would contribute his most rebellious and fighter part and would slam those fears. Pisces, on the other hand … brings its dose of pure feeling and its enigmatic sweetness. It is difficult to explain, because a relationship with people like this cannot be reduced to one word, or one sentence… it is something that must be lived, because it is very special. It’s magic, it’s transparency, it’s making mistakes and starting over from scratch. It is pure, sincere, real love … no betrayal, no foul play … they don’t want anything that is dark in their lives.

They are people who are characterized by being a bundle of nerves and a mess of continuous thoughts, but when they feel something very strong in their hearts, they bet everything. That is what makes them great. That is what makes people who were born on the cusp of Aquarius and Pisces leave you in love for life.


At this peak we find people who are characterized by being very innovative, dreamy, intelligent and tremendously emotional. They know how to empathize and have a very well structured vision of what they want in the future. Although their lives are a perfect chaos, they know that if they want they can with everything that comes to them. They do not usually have all the stability they would like, because they are very free souls that move because of what they feel and what they want.

People born under the sign of Pisces and Aries are people who see the world in a very different way from others and for that reason, they are not usually fully understood. That is what they hate the most, the lack of imagination and empathy of others. It hurts them that they don’t make an effort and look further … but it doesn’t sink them.

There is something that they have that almost always makes them one step ahead of others and that is intuition. From a movie, really, seeing is believing. These geniuses of nature can intuit things that have not yet happened. They can be suspicious without having all the necessary information, and hit more than the secret police itself. Be careful with those of this peak because deep down they are very weapons to take. Peaceful people above all, creative, restless, very energetic and lovers of the good … of the beautiful things that life gives us, and that we do not pay attention to go in a hurry.

The brain that they have is something magical, it is tremendously impossible to overcome. From there, ideas can come out that many people may call crazy. But that is the fruit of envy, because deep down they are the best ideas anyone could have. No monotony, nothing of the same old. These people are more about breaking, creating, searching, feeling and squeezing those special virtues. Now, bad … very careful. Because of bad, they panic the devil himself.


When You Are Born On The CUSP (Between Two Signs)

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