Words That Break The Soul Of Every Sign In A Relationship

Words That Break The Soul Of Every Sign In A Relationship

What a cynical lie that words are blown away. I wish it were so, I hope they will not be recorded in those fears that you do not tell anyone. There are words that have the edge of a blade, they stick to you and when they appear in your thoughts it is impossible for tears not to be present. Romantic movies annoy me, those that have been in charge of distorting the true concept of love. In those that normalize the drama, instability, because in the end, supposedly love saves everything. No, it is not like that, there are words that break the soul of each sign and the relationship is no longer the same.

1.- Aries

Aries has the strength to keep smiling in the midst of pain. You may be tearing inside and not saying anything, especially when you love deeply. However, don’t ask him to forget what you told him and it broke his soul. At the moment he will not tell you anything, but he will save it and when you least think about it it will remind you of that time you made him feel less, when you made fun of how much he tried to look attractive that day. Aries does not forget the way you did not mind seeing his eyes fill with tears and had to hold them back.

2.- Taurus

When Taurus decides to have a relationship with someone, it also opens the doors of their loyalty. It teaches him that he does not know how to love in any way other than with his roots. Taurus is firm, he is the one who does not hurt because he comes from traveling a path in which many times he was torn to pieces and even so he had the courage to surrender again. But what hurts him the most is the realization that despite everything he gives, his partner takes being by his side to play. You can’t believe that you gave yourself to someone who is capable of complimenting someone else to your own face. Do not tell Taurus that that person looks much better than him, because he will not see you the same way again.

3.- Gemini

Only he who has the courage to immerse himself in the world of Gemini, knows that he is one of the most valuable, most intelligent, most resourceful people in this world. Geminis love to share their knowledge and do not do it from the ego, it is just that their eyes shine when they can let go; talk about that bunch of crazy things that run through your mind. However, what hurts him the most is hearing that his partner minimizes his feelings, saying that it is silly the time he invests in something that is not worth it. There you not only break his heart, but also trust and that is no longer recovered with anything. Then don’t say why he doesn’t tell you anything now.

4.- Cancer

Yes, there are many people who can presume that they have had a relationship with Cancer, but only some are going to receive their true love. And it is a sign that tends to help others, whether or not you are their partner. It is who listens, who understands, who does not judge. His company is like that hug that has the gift of making you smile despite so much pain. However, when she loves, she does it in a unique way, the kind that shakes you so hard that your wounds are left in the past. He really gives himself, because he naively believes that it is worth it. The bad thing is that there are times that they say the worst to him, that they say that he is desperate for love. That’s when he changes, when he dresses coldly and is no longer the same.

5.- Leo

Leo loves you in an excessive way, in that way that reminds you of each of your qualities. It is the type of couple who does not mind applauding you, who shakes your hand in the worst moments, the one who brings you a huge lit torch to brighten your darkness. It is not perfect, it has its negative side, but that does not mean that it does not strive to be a better person. However , the words that hurt you the most are the ones your partner says about your appearance . It seems that no matter how hard you try, there is always something negative in your personality or in your physique that does not fit with the expectations of the other and that hurts too much.

6.- Virgo

A cluster of emotions, thoughts, fears. This is how Virgo’s head is all the time, struggling with the present, the past, and the future. It really is a sign that is required at each step, always twice the rest. Virgos have a desperate desire to be perfect and when their partner doesn’t help everything gets worse. What breaks his soul the most are those words that speak about comparison. Virgo cannot believe that his partner is all the time wanting the life of the other . He feels that no matter how much effort he makes, he will never be able to please his partner, because coincidentally there is always someone better. So why is he still with you? You don’t deserve something like that.

7.- Libra

The worst thing a partner can do to a Libra is to try to change their ways. It is a sign that has a unique connection with the people around it. The truth is that he has the gift of listening, of putting himself in someone else’s shoes and of analyzing each situation so meticulously that he always gives the best advice. Libra may not be one of the friends that is on top of you all the time, but it is a very genuine sign and people appreciate it too much. Hence, what breaks his soul the most is having to listen to the constant complaints of his partner, arguing that he does not like his circle of friends and that he moves away. Rarely is a Libra going to give in to it.

8.- Scorpio

Honestly, Scorpio thinks about it a thousand times before launching into a relationship. It is a strong sign, but it also has a very vulnerable side that does not want to give anyone a chance to get hurt. There is a part inside him that distrusts everything, but tries to control it. The downside is that your partner doesn’t always give you the security you expect. Especially when they use it to get over love from the past. That is, what hurts Scorpio the most is having to listen to his partner talking about his ex all the time. That ghost that doesn’t let him give himself up completely, because he also describes him as perfect and that’s when he feels extremely insecure and sad.

9.- Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a hug to the depths of your being, because when your partner becomes invites you to ask yourself a lot of things that you had at rest. It is that person who turns you on like a volcano and motivates you to jump into the ring, leaving your fears aside. Yes, he is irreverent, impulsive and with a desperate desire to eat the world. Therefore, when he finds a love, he looks for him to be an adventure companion, someone who has the same desire to travel the whole world. However, what hurts the most is hearing his partner say that he is crazy, that he minimizes his dreams, and that he tries hard every day that he changes, as if there really was something wrong with him.

10.- Capricorn

Capricorn is the sign that does not take the affective bond to match, be it family, friendship or partner. Really at the moment you start a relationship, you talk about what you hope to build with that person. It is a sign that strives to please, it may not be the most romantic, but its words are genuine and for the same reason it hurts too much when your partner makes you see that no one of yours likes you . It seems that being hardworking, reliable and disciplined is not enough. That’s when you wonder if someone like that is worth being with. Capricorn may pretend that everything is fine, but inside he cannot take it anymore and is only waiting for the right moment to finish.

11.- Aquarius

Aquarius has a deceptive temper, it seems that he goes through life so relaxed that nothing affects him. However, it is a sign that he knows very well what he wants in a relationship and when he feels attacked he looks for a way to solve it, but does not beg. He is one of those who prefers to say goodbye before putting his dignity at stake. Aquarius can be very in love with his partner, but … if they start to throw something of his personality in his face, things can get very sensitive. What he hates the most is being compared to his mother or father, highlighting the negative part. That’s when you feel terrible because somehow your partner not only doesn’t respect your roots, they look down on them.

12.- Pisces

Pisces is a flare of emotions, so much so that sometimes it carries issues that do not even correspond to it, because it has such a sweet heart that people take advantage of it, it knows that it will not say no and it will end up giving in. The problem is that many of their partners do not have the emotional maturity to deal with their way of seeing life. Pisces, he is sensitive, he cannot pretend that nothing is wrong if he is seeing the tragedy head-on. However, when your partner becomes a critic, rather than a supporter, things get worse. What hurts you the most is hearing your partner say that they are fed up with the fact that you always have problems . He does not support you and also makes fun of your wounds, what are you doing there?


Words That Break The Soul Of Every Sign In A Relationship

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