Why When You Give It All, The Relationship Does Not Work According To Your Sign

Why When You Give It All, The Relationship Does Not Work According To Your Sign

I wish love was so easy to deal with. I wish we did not have to face our fears to learn to love from the healthy. Sometimes it is not that they do not love each other, sometimes they wish each other unhappily and still end up very badly. Why? Each zodiac sign lives romance from their way of seeing life, but precisely when you give everything it does not work and that is when you become skeptical when you decide to close one door after another because you are terrified that they will leave your heart with cracks.

1.- Aries

Aries, the problem is that you often mistake infatuation as true love. It is clear that a relationship at the beginning is synonymous with a lot of rapturous emotions, which invite you to break the monotony at every step. You love to feel that feeling that you can touch the sky with that person, but when you face reality you suddenly fall. That is to say, that love that has no filters, in which you can know the defects, hobbies and everything that bothers you about your partner. It’s normal, eternal affinity is something imaginary, you have to learn to really love, without that adrenaline rushing through your body. Simply deciding that that person is the one who will accompany you in your new projects.

2.- Taurus

The problem with you Taurus is that you go through life carrying your heart with tweezers, because you don’t want to give anyone the privilege of hurting you. It is very difficult to let someone into your life and you know it, so much so that it seems that they are in a reality show in which they have to achieve one point after another. This is not Taurus, you cannot pretend that giving your all is committing yourself, but not sharing what is deep within you . Give yourself the opportunity to truly love, to take the risk even if you feel that it could end very badly. Trust yourself because on other occasions you have been victorious and if you do not surrender it is as if you did not love. Being vulnerable is part of the game, that is the key to achieving love and improving your version. Once you accept it, everything will start to flow.

3.- Gemini

If there is something that is difficult for you, it is to understand that no matter how much you want, it is not always possible to have control of your relationships and that can become too frustrating, because you worry about everything and nothing . Geminis, it is important that you give yourself your space and your partner as well, they were not born glued and although they may both love change, it does not mean that they always want to go at your own pace. Sometimes you do not realize that you are too squeamish and you do not allow the other to keep their balance. In addition, you repress yourself, you do not want to be seen with sad eyes and you are terrified to know that you are experiencing a flutter in your stomach, because you do not want to lose your freedom.

4.- Cancer

Cancer, it’s simple, you deserve the best, but until you give yourself permission to receive it, you won’t see results. The problem is that you give it all excessively when the other person is not ready to receive it and that does not mean that he does not love you, far from it. It’s just that you have to be patient, you can’t get away with so much love with someone who is just beginning to trust the bond. Sometimes, there are people who do not deserve so much, who are just passing through your life and you have to understand it. There is no use for you to overflow with affection with someone who is not ready for reciprocal and commitment nor do we talk. You don’t have to give and give, your company is enough. You are so used to receiving approval that you exaggerate and they walk away.

5.- Leo

Leo, the point here is that many times you believe that if everything in your world is going perfectly, love will be no exception. Sometimes appearances can be a bad move and if your idea of ​​love is linked to the romantic scenes of a movie, let me tell you that you are very wrong . To love the other is to let him be above all else. Your partner is an independent being who is not waiting for the snap of your fingers to tell him what to do. On the other hand, it is good that you work very hard to shine, but do not leave your partner aside, it is important that he is on the list of your priorities or he will start to feel used. Like that piece you need from time to time for the perfect photo.

6.- Virgo

Virgo and its eternal self-sabotage. The main reason you give it your all and it doesn’t work is because you demand perfection from yourself. Love is everything but perfect. You cannot try to pretend that the other will react as you imagine. You deserve a relationship where you are able to embrace commitment and loyalty, but that doesn’t mean it’s from a magazine, it has its ups and downs like everything else. You should be a little more tolerant, that will not affect your dignity, but it will help you to put understanding into practice. Trust in the love that the other gives you, it is the only way to really know him. Do not pretend that nothing is wrong, give yourself the opportunity to believe in yourself and how much you are worth.

7.- Libra

Libra, you know that love will always be your best ally. However, by giving it your all, your relationships may not work, because you are so determined that everything is rosy that you forget reality. To love is to give in, it is to understand that the other will not always react as you expect. The problem is that you despair and at that moment your best solution is to say goodbye. This is not how the world works, feeling loved implies accepting the individuality of the other. You cannot keep putting a lock on your emotions or blaming yourself for everything bad. Loving also means having bad spells and that’s okay. Don’t seek balance all the time because ironically it will turn into chaos.

8.- Scorpio

Behind that hard and cold gaze, hides a heart full of goodness ready to give up until the last breath. Scorpio, you are very intense and when you set your mind to it, nobody beats you in romance. You really enjoy making your partner feel special, the problem is that you are distrusting all the time. It is as if you believe that you do not deserve so much love and you are always ready to find something wrong with the situation. Even if you fill in details and kisses your partner, there is a part of you that does not believe in the bond completely and that is when you feel dissatisfied and many times it is you who puts an end to the relationship, even if it is not. what do you want.

9.- Sagittarius

It’s simple, Sagittarius falls in love very quickly, but falls out of love even faster. There is something inside you that prevents you from really hooking, as if this love was something merely superficial and that’s when you raise a huge emotional barrier. Without a doubt, you fear commitment because on other occasions you have been disappointed in the worst way. However, it is time for you to trust that all your relationships will have the same end. You cannot continue depending on the attitudes of the other, it is you who has to decide to be happy and not run away when things get complicated. Loving is anything but easy, so before throwing away, try to heal.

10.- Capricorn

Love as a priority? The simple idea of ​​thinking about it may be a bit awkward. And it is that like all Capricorn you have been committed to your work, your goals, your obligations, leaving aside your relationships. That is the reason why although it seems that you are giving everything you do not see it as something genuine. You are a person with ambitions, but also within you there is a heart that expects to be treated as love, respect, a partner who does not get scared in bad times and who is able to hold your hand tightly. It is also possible that you are not ready for a relationship, perhaps it is too much pressure and then you do have to ask yourself from your authenticity, what do you want? Do you look to the future with that person?

11.- Aquarius

They say that if Aquarius is single it is by decision, because he has a long list of suitors. The problem is that it is a sign that does not allow itself to be easily enveloped by a lot of beautiful words. Aquarius needs someone who is able to awaken his more intellectual side and who gives him the confidence to open up emotionally. But not the first time, because it goes to a crawl and that is the reason why many couples do not understand. Aquarius is actually giving everything, but the bad thing is that it is not everything that other people would give. Aquarius you have to be patient with yourself because there are people who only go from entrance to exit. That’s when you have to be alert, because that means that the person will not value your effort and it is better to turn the page.

12.- Pisces

Pisces you are like that, transparent like water and that is the simple reason why many times you end up in the wrong arms. You do not know how to love in any other way than honestly intensely. You are a sign that is carried away by compassion, kindness and empathy. The problem is that there are vampires disguised as a good couple who come into your life without warning. That’s when you give your best version and try to cause one smile after another. The downside is that it is not always enough for someone who just wants to take advantage of your feelings. It is important that you understand that there is nothing wrong with you, not because someone does not value your effort, it means that it is wrong. Only it would be a good idea for you to become more selective.


Why When You Give It All The Relationship Does Not Work According To Your Sign

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