How You Face Your Depression According To Your Sign

How You Face Depression According To Your Sign

Like raindrops, sometimes shiny and intact and from one second to the next they end up crashing to the ground. There are moments in life that break you, that draw tears on your face and make you feel an emptiness full of hopelessness. Depression does not always warn, sometimes it hides in anger, frustration and irritability. How do you do it? Each sign of the zodiac gives its face in a different way. But in the end, in the midst of so much confusion and pain, they look up.

1.- Aries

Aries, you are not as strong as you make others believe. There are many times that you have kept crying until it becomes another knot in your chest. It’s okay to not be able anymore, don’t take refuge in your loneliness, because out there there are people who value you and who are willing to hold your hand strongly. You have allowed so many emotions to build up that now your mind and heart have been suffocated. That is why you explode, that is why any slight disgust turns into a terrible outburst. It’s not that you cry out of nowhere, it wasn’t the movie, it’s you and all those secrets that hurt you and that you don’t tell anyone. It is time, it is not bad to ask for help.

2.- Taurus

A strong soul, who has fallen so many times that sometimes he even imagines that he owes an eternal debt to karma. However, you have become an expert in disguising, you do not want anyone to see you crestfallen, so it is much better to dress in your pride and embrace your ego. There is not the answer Taurus, there you are only entering the world of anger and resentment . You end up swallowing those negative emotions until they turn into scars that bleed all the time. Life has taught you that it will not always smile at you, it has filled you with mistrust and disappointment, but there is a part of you that remains resilient. That part that is able to face depression and overcome each sequel. Give yourself a chance to cry until it all comes out.

3.- Gemini

Gemini, you have to know that the fact that there comes a point where you feel like your life is falling apart is not synonymous with your being weak. Many people are struggling with the demon of depression every day. Be clear that you do not have to smile all the time and that avoiding your emotions in one activity after another, the only thing that will achieve is that you saturate yourself and that there comes a point where you explode for no reason. Your changing way of looking at life can make you believe that you are not going to make it. But, remember the other times you have been victorious, when you thought you would end up in pieces and it was not like that. Trust yourself.

4.- Cancer

If there is something that is not fun, it is playing at being strong. Cancer, you are the one who feels much more than the rest. Your emotions are up and down, putting you in a thousand difficulties even when you flee from chaos. Hence, dealing with depression is not your strong suit, you become so disappointed in yourself that you forget all your qualities. Be clear that nothing is justifiable to fill your world with darkness . I know that you are used to being the one who shakes hands, the one who always has the tools to solve the lives of others and therefore you forget about yourself. However, it is time for you to find that warmth you need in those who love you. There are people who would give anything to help you get up, just say so.

5.- Leo

Leo, what stresses you the most is not knowing why you feel this way. Every time you try to pretend that nothing is wrong, you break down more. It is a silence that is taking the joy from your soul and few realize it. Nobody knows that there are times when you cry in your room until dawn . Nobody knows that it is difficult for you to fall asleep at night, that your mind repeats over and over again that you are not going to achieve it. Nobody knows that sometimes you try to disconnect from everything, but you can’t. Stop pushing yourself so hard, you don’t have to be perfect. It’s okay if one day you don’t feel like anything, it’s not mandatory to shine daily. Give yourself the opportunity to get everything that has you tied up, you need a rest.

6.- Virgo

Virgo, give yourself permission to cry all you want today and tomorrow you will be strong again. Sometimes you just need a pause, the opportunity to reflect thoroughly on each of your steps. Your mood is blazing and you know it. Because you demand yourself as if you were here to meet the expectations of the rest. Your quest for perfection is costing you your sanity. It’s okay to be optimistic, but don’t overdo it, you can’t try to pretend that everything is rosy and inside you are sinking into so much darkness. Difficult times are part of life and you have to learn to deal with them, not ignore them. Because that’s killing you.

7.- Libra

Libra, you know very well that sometimes all you want is to lose yourself in a sincere hug, while your tears run silently and you forget everything. At least for a moment, but it’s hard for you to accept that you can’t take it anymore. You hate that people realize that your world is also turned upside down and that there are times when you don’t know how to deal with so much injury. Locking yourself up is not the solution, the only thing you are doing is trying to deceive the rest, when in reality the people who know you know that you are not well. Libra, you can fool everyone except yourself. Enough of pretending that you are the strongest soul on this planet. You are here to be happy, but not perfect, make no mistake.

8.- Scorpio

Scorpio, ghosts do exist, they are those situations that do not let you move forward, that have become the shadow of your thoughts and at the least expected moment you lose yourself in the past. That’s when depression visits you, when you feel that the problems do not end and that no matter how much you do things, they are never enough. Do not believe them, remember that there is no harm that does not come, but do not get hooked. You are so preoccupied with your past that you are forgetting about the present. You have become addicted to looking for a bad point to your happiness. You are strong, you have an impetuous character, but deep down you know that you are the sweetest, most emotional soul and the one that often breaks in the blink of an eye. Okay, they are your two contrasts and people who appreciate you love them.

9.- Sagittarius

Sagittarius, you know very well that there are times when you have to breathe your last, to really appreciate what we have. The bad streaks are embraced, they do not put on makeup. Your detached way of looking at life has helped you conquer a lot of the dreams on your list. However, sometimes you have to live the pain, understand that depression is like humidity and when you least realize it you are already surrounded by it. It is admirable the way you pretend that you have no problems, but that is only filling you with fear and a lot of sadness. Your strength is not up for discussion, you have it in every pore, in the strength you use every morning. But you know what? Allowing yourself to be carried away by the bad from time to time will make you even stronger, do not hold back.

10.- Capricorn

It is like this, you have a fear of not being enough, of not making an effort, of continuing to advance and not achieving anything. Capricorn, you are terrified of losing yourself in the disorder that appears in your life from time to time. So it is much easier to sink into a bubble, to know that in the perfection that you appear no one is going to dare to judge you. You run away from the lows because they don’t match your lifestyle. You are so attached to logic that it causes you anxiety that something does not go as planned. It is very difficult for you to accept that things fall apart and many times it is not even your fault. Work hard for your well-being and when depression appears, receive it with the gallantry that characterizes you, but please do not pretend that nothing is wrong.

11.- Aquarius

Aquarius, I just wanted to tell you that what you keep quiet is shouted by your dark circles. That crestfallen look and the way you have preferred to get away from everything and everyone. You and depression don’t get along at all, because there’s a part of you that won’t stop regretting it, as if it’s your fault that things don’t go as planned . Your emotional part exists, stop hiding it, you have the right to come out from time to time . You can cry, get angry, writhe in pain, you don’t have to be the one who doesn’t always give up. It is true that your intelligence invites you to see things in a more practical and logical way. But you are giving up feeling and when that happens is synonymous with saying goodbye to life, what is the case? The healthiest thing for you is that you assimilate the bad spells and allow yourself to live the duel.

12.- Pisces

I wish the supermarket sold us large doses of serotonin. Above all, for those moments when Pisces witnesses their world filling up from one rift after another. The blows of life cannot be avoided, they occur when you least imagine them and it is difficult to face them, especially when we want to declare war on depression. Just because you have a heart full of empathy does not mean that you do not have the courage to endure the symptoms of this disorder. There is a part of you that is very resilient, that is capable of wiping away tears in the midst of pain and moving forward. Dear Pisces, let me tell you that you are doing very well and that sooner or later it will happen. You know how crazy life is.


How You Face Depression According To Your Sign

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