The love lightning strikes these 3 zodiac signs

In the week of September 20, three zodiac signs are caught by surprise when it comes to love. Without warning, you could meet the right person now

These zodiac signs should be prepared for something

The week of September 20th is a week full of love happiness for three zodiac signs. You have several planets on your side and you could be very lucky to find your partner for life. And that although the full moon in the Pisces will turn out to be a small hurdle. Keep your eyes open and take everything as it comes, these three should:

1. Virgo

The Virgo meticulously takes care that her life is structured and well ordered. But that could change this week in September, as Venus and Uranus meet in opposition. Behind it is love! The virgin is unexpectedly struck by her as if by lightning. Out of the blue the world of the earth sign is turned upside down and new adventures await. Do not be hesitant, dear Virgo! Because that could maybe even be true love!

2. Libra

The Libra gets full planetary and star power this week. The sun will join Mercury and Mars from Wednesday. All three are then in the sign Libra. This will be showered with positive energy and perhaps a heart’s desire will be fulfilled. Do you already suspect something? An exciting love surprise is waiting for the Libra because they could meet their dream partner this week! And that without any warning.

3. Cancer

The zodiac sign Cancer can look forward to a wonderful week. Namely, it makes use of the energy of the angel moon! You read that correctly, the angel moon is the full moon in Pisces, which can be seen on the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. For the sensitive watermark, however, this only means positive things. In addition, Venus and Uranus meet in passionate opposition. A flash of love could now rush from the sky and hit the Cancer completely unexpectedly. Get into it!

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