Why Zodiac Signs Get Cold

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Why Zodiac Signs Get Cold

It’s a lie that no one changes overnight, you do change. One day you wake up and say no more, you get tired of being good people, of having your heart broken over and over again. You are exhausted from being seen to pieces and not moving a single finger to help you. It is not fair to give everything and not receive half. It is not worth putting your trust, your time, your understanding, and your love on deaf ears. That’s when you say, enough! So they wonder why the zodiac signs turn cold, deep down they know. 


I wish you were always impulsive, but there are times when you ignore your feelings in order to please people who don’t deserve it. You are very patient, even if it doesn’t seem like it, because when you love you hope that everything works out and you don’t like to throw away your sensitivity. The bad thing is when they don’t appreciate it. So, you understand that you do not deserve to be begging to be loved, to give you crumbs, and to be made to feel guilty that you are not worthy enough to be loved


For some things you are very hard, you do not let yourself be manipulated and you fight for your goals, but in matters of love your heart falters and the worst thing is that almost no one notices because you become an expert in hiding tears. You are not cold, you just got tired of always being at the foot of the canyon, answering their messages at dawn, embracing their fears, looking for the way in which that person feels safe. However, when you needed his support the most, he treated you like an exaggeration, he made you feel weak and also that he would not help you, so now you set limits. 


The way in which you resist all the bad things that come your way is admirable, your goal has always been happiness and you don’t allow anyone to hurt you. However, your soul does not respond in the same way, especially when it truly loves. You are one of those who do everything to help your friends, family, and partner. But it’s not worth playing with your pain like that, your vulnerability deserves to be respected and heard. You did not become cold, you simply set limits and if they do not give you the same reciprocity that you give, you better not want anything. 


It is very easy to say that you are complicated, that everything hurts, or that everything makes you cry. What they do not say is that there are many times when you carry problems that do not correspond to you in order to help those you love, but do they love you? You are too loyal and very unconditional, however, you have learned that no matter how honest you are, you are not sure that the other is too. For this reason, you prefer to be cautious, you did not become cold, it is just that now you analyze the pros and cons before giving your love full hands. You changed for the better and there is no turning back, they will have to accept your new version. 


You are not bad, Leo, you have understood that there are people who need to be treated with a strong hand, that is, they must know your bossy, arrogant, and proud side so that they realize that they will not be able to dominate you as they, please. Your goals drive you, there is no reason to slow down, you love to push yourself and you have made the decision that the person who is not capable of going at your pace does not deserve a seat in your life, because they are only taking up your time and throwing lose your effort If that makes you cold, that’s fine, you won’t let your guard down, not after so many tears


They are very wrong when they say that you are cold, what happens is that you have no other option but to put a shield between you and all those people who approach you because it is convenient for them. You are a fun, impulsive, and very focused sign. However, you are not going to show your uninhibited side to anyone, you do not want the rest to realize that there are times when you bend your soul to see who you love happy. The follies you keep for those who are worth it, there is no more. It doesn’t matter if they call you cold, only you know who you really are. 


Your charm is something that cannot be hidden, you naturally connect with people you barely know. You are sociable and fun and you like to defend yourself when injustice is involved. However, everything has a limit and you also get tired of always being there, you lose the desire to help rude, convenient, and selfish people. You no longer want to deal with those who want everything good for themselves but are unable to give in to the needs of others. You are not cold, but you are no longer going to allow yourself to be treated as if they were doing you a favor, that version of you is already in the past. 


There is no doubt that you are a confident sign of yourself, Scorpio, but that did not happen overnight, you have had to break fears to embrace your self-love and the process has not been easy. You are rebellious and emotional and you are not willing to please people who do not know your story. You don’t like to have your life controlled and although it may seem very hard, inside your heart is the sweetest of all. However, you understood that there are times when you must protect it, hide it from the dark souls who only want to trample on others to feel better. With those people you are cold. 


One of the heaviest things in your life is assuming that you are the adventurer, the one who is always with a positive attitude and who slips what people say. It’s true, you try not to take anything personally, but that doesn’t mean you won’t defend yourself from criticism. You know that everyone is free, but you are tired of continuing to allow cruel people to be part of your circle. They say that you became cold because you left those who humiliate you, those who make fun of you and then ask you why you are angry. So much cynicism on your part only causes laziness. 


You are not going to deny that responsibility is in your genes, you love to commit yourself in all areas of your life because you are very clear that even the smallest decision can make big changes in your routine. On some occasions, you have had to leave your pride saved, but not anymore. Now, you pay attention to each of your emotions, whether they are good or bad, you are no longer going to pretend that everything is fine just so they don’t claim you. You are human, there are things that they will love about you and others that they will not stand. The important thing is that you never go against what you feel, even if they call you cold. 


Cold as ice, that’s how some people describe you, they say you do what you want without thinking about others, and when you don’t like something, you leave. It’s true, you already understood that you’re not here to put up with it, you make an effort to enjoy your life and that’s why you’re not going to hold back. You refuse to be the guinea pig, of people who don’t even know what self-love is. You will no longer be at your feet, it has been very difficult for you to put your goals on a list and work to achieve them. Why are you going to modify your dreams just for the selfishness of others? You’re not cold, you just already took off the blindfold. 


If there is a sign that can honor the word love, it is you. In truth, you do not make an effort to allow your feelings to do their thing. You are dreamy, sweet, and compassionate, but that does not mean that you will continue to allow them to do what they want with your life. For a long time, you listened to opinions that you shouldn’t have and that led you to have emotional and physical problems. It’s over, you are not going to put your health at risk so that others make fun of your misfortunes. They say you’re cold because you no longer let them manipulate you, how curious isn’t it? 

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