Be Careful Because These Signs Do Not Turn The Page They Tear It Out

Tear It Out

Be Careful Because These Signs Do Not Turn The Page They Tear It Out

The only way to start something new is by closing cycles, you cannot expect other loves and friendships to come to you if you keep going around the same thing. There are signs of the zodiac that know perfectly well what I am talking about because they realized that continuing to mourn a person who betrayed them, who no longer vibrates at their level, or who simply decided to leave, is not healthy, it is exhausting and you Life can go without me being by your side again. So now be careful because these signs do not turn the page, they tear it out, because what they hate the most is going back to the past. 

1.- Sagittarius 

That person who looked down, who pretended that things didn’t hurt, who smiled so as not to make the other feel bad, no longer exists. Sagittarius now has learned to set limits, his desires and his needs come first, no matter how much he loves someone. He needs to meet his objectives and give himself the place he deserves, call it ego if you want, but since he understood that he is his priority, his life changed and people who were only piranhas of energy moved away. It’s not that they don’t feel pain or that they don’t break their hearts, they cry like anyone else, but they don’t throw themselves away anymore. They may be in the middle of grieving and at the same time thinking about how they are going to get over it quickly. 

2.- Aquarius 

If you’ve broken an Aquarius ‘ heart and are hoping they’ll sink into depression, you better sit and wait because that’s not going to happen in your wildest dreams. They are aware that life is up and down, that you don’t have to cling to things, and that even the worst pain is temporary. Life does not send you tests that you cannot overcome and Aquarius knows it very well. If you had the courage to get him out of your life, stand firm because he will not come back even if you beg him. He’s not about to become anyone’s second-rate. Fortunately, he is a very intelligent sign, he knows how to put things in balance, but the most important thing is that he understands what is best for him and even if he cries, he prefers to say goodbye for his sake. 

3.- Gemini

Gemini’s posture is very firm. It may be that in many things he does he is changeable, however, when it comes to starting a page in his life, he does it without looking back, even if his heart trembles. You never know what fate has in store for you, however, you trust that something better is always coming. It may hurt terribly and memories interrupt your calm unexpectedly, but you have the courage not to give in. What you hate the most is ending up in one of those toxic relationships where emotions end up on the ground. It’s hard to realize that you have given your deep conversations to the wrong person, however, your intelligence will not let you let your guard down. You do not plan to live with ghosts and it is better to accept it than to continue wasting time because that way you do not let the right person arrive. 

4.- Pisces 

Yes, it is a very sweet sign, perhaps the sweetest you will meet in your life, however, that does not mean that you can arrive and trample it at any time you want. When he sets out to be tough there is nothing that makes him give up, what he hates the most is when he is pointed out as weak, he is not willing to allow himself to be the victim in any situation. Pisces, he realizes the first of your bad intentions, however, there are times when he waits because he wants to see how far you are capable of going. Once he no longer feels comfortable he knows it’s time to say goodbye, it may cost him but he will, he prefers a moment of sadness to living with constant anguish. Sorry, there is no ticket back to your life. 

5.- Leo

If you hurt a Leo, then you’re going to have to deal with the way he ignores you, he has the ability to make anyone he wants to feel small, you practically become insignificant in his days, no matter how much time has passed. your side. What matters to him is his well-being and if you did not know how to value his delivery, he does not plan to regret it, much less go beg you. Fortunately, when his ego proposes it, he is able to reach heaven and that is somehow appreciated. Leo, he’s so reckless that he’s not going to let you break his self-esteem too. Pain is inevitable, he receives it, but suffering is optional, and there he is not going to allow himself to be defeated by someone who does not show even the slightest interest in him. 

6.- Taurus 

You are the one who has two sides to the coin, you can be the coldest and most distant person, but also the sweetest and most wonderful person they will meet. Of course, it all depends on the way you are treated. When you are hurt, the bull inside you activates and your bestial side takes over the situation. What you would not forgive for anything in the world is betrayal, much less someone who at the time said he loved you like no one else. Honestly, there is no evil in your heart, nor do you intend to litter your days with so much negativity. So, what one day hurt you, let go and move on. There is no point in thinking about what would have happened by doing things differently. It already happened, however, thanks to the fact that your sign is very stubborn, if your goal is to delete that person and move on, you do it. 

7.- Aries 

Really, don’t try to put an Aries to the test, because, with exactly the same intensity that he gives you his whole soul, he rips it out. He is not willing to stay in a place that brings him more tears than peace. Aries has the gift of falling out of love as quickly as possible. After a breakup, whether with a partner, friends, or even a family member, what he does is put himself first. It will not stop shining for anything or anyone. It is a very intense sign and of course, his feelings suffer before and after, but that is not enough reason to see him defeated. Aries is used to getting his way and even if it is only out of pride, he will wipe away his tears to remember how much he is worth and then smile like never before. That’s right Aries, you’d be surprised how many people he’s taken out of his life. 

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