When your ex left, he argued that he couldn’t handle all of your energy. Your courage and this desire to better yourself have become the worst of his shadows. He couldn’t handle you and now he wishes you were there to fill him with strength. You taught him to find happiness in everything and he didn’t value it. However, now it’s too late, what once was no longer exists, because you’re not going to risk your dignity just to give another chance to someone who doesn’t know what it is to love. It’s okay Aries, you don’t deserve to be tiptoed and then want to come back as if nothing had happened.


You were the person who was always there, the one who listened, supported and loved. For a long time you forgot your heart to heal your partner’s, but it became an eternal wall, that no matter how hard you tried to tear it down, it was never enough for your ex. Back then, you showed your most passionate, charming side, the one that was capable of anything to embrace each other’s emotions. He definitely didn’t enjoy your company and now that he can’t find fidelity in his new loves, it’s completely normal that he misses you, but it’s too late.


Your ex didn’t take the time to pay attention to your feelings. He always took it for granted that you would stay by his side no matter how badly he was treated. You fought until the last moment and you know it, because you are not one of those who throw everything they have been through overboard. However, your self-esteem is not at stake and you are not going to allow yourself to be treated like the worst of people. Now your ex regrets not being able to find that spark in someone else, he realized that with you he had everything and not a fake relationship. Unfortunately, you can’t help her at all anymore, because once you’ve said goodbye, you won’t come back.


Cancer knew it the moment he decided to let you go. He knew the day would come when you would miss him like crazy and try to get back into his arms. It cost him dearly to tear you from his heart, but he did it. It’s an overly soft, protective sign that would be unable to ignore someone who has been a part of their life. However, that doesn’t mean he’ll open doors wide again. Your ex regrets having such sincere love by your side, but even if he begs you, you are not going to give him a second chance. Someone will come who is worth it.


You have no idea what a Leo can do for love. This is a very determined, affectionate and passionate sign. When he loves someone, he makes an effort to make them feel special, he likes to give them their attention and give them their place in front of others. Leo is accommodating, thorough, and devoted, but if he doesn’t feel they fit him the same way, he knows he has to walk away even if it means pain. Your ex is sorry because the new love, hugs and caresses don’t taste the same to him anymore. They need that fiery, honest touch that only you give them. I hope you have a lot of memories because you won’t be coming back.


The problem is, your ex always knew what he had, but what he didn’t imagine was losing it, because he felt so sure of the place you gave him in your life. heart, that he was surprised how you woke up one day. and said that you are no more. With you I had glory, an authentic love, in which prejudices were not received, but the desire to be together was. Your ex learned from you to communicate, to really say what hurts him and what worries him. You taught him to love without fear, but the bad thing is you didn’t tell him he wouldn’t find the same in other arms and now he’s realized he wants to come back. It’s not worth it, you’re nobody’s second choice.


One day you discover that everything you gave was worth it. You felt bad when your ex walked away and left you with all that push of half love. There were many times when you wondered if you had done something wrong and in the end you understood that you should never regret loving, because your essence is there. You showed your ex what it’s like to really give your all and not run away from commitment. Your loyalty spoke for you and until the last day of the relationship you respected it. Now your ex is sorry for what he lost, because not everyone gives in like you do. However, that doesn’t matter to you.


True love is that which is capable of making you love yourself. It is not he who seeks to clip your wings, on the contrary, he wants to see you fly as high as possible. It was you, the one who was always ready to help, the one who listened to everything his partner had to say and who was able to move everything to find a solution to his problems. You were not only a lover, but also a life partner. Your ex regrets what he lost because his new loves can’t put themselves in his shoes and minimize what goes through his head. You can’t do much anymore, it’s in the past, the one who lost is your ex for not knowing how to receive everything well.


When you were in the relationship, you cared like no one else, your partner became your priority, and you did everything to steal a smile from them. You were a passionate, honest and fun couple, the ones who always found a way to paint the gray days with colors. Your ex judged you, argued that you were too liberal, that you weren’t ready to commit, and that he would surely find what he had always been looking for elsewhere. What he never imagined is that he would miss you. It’s very rare that I find someone with your good vibes, that optimism that filled him with energy. Now, your sincerity and your affection is something that I would like to regain, but it will no longer be possible.


Maybe when your ex was by your side, your attitude seemed very over the top. And it was that he felt it was too much of a commitment, because right from the start you made things very clear. You are not someone who beats around the bush. If you are going to have a relationship, you do your best, you are very thorough, disciplined and consistent. An incredible lover, because your partner becomes your priority. Your ex left very happy saying that he has already regained his freedom and now he comes back asking you to take care of him because no one else has given him as much space as you have given him. If he didn’t know how to love you, he has nothing more to do in your life.


Life takes many turns, never say that you will not want to return to the arms of an Aquarius, because the day you will no longer have his way of loving you will regret the many times he has shown you that he didn’t have eyes for anyone else. They may say it’s an emotionless sign, but only the person who saw him in love knows that he is capable of becoming the sweetest being in the world. However, that doesn’t mean you can come and go from his life whenever you feel like it. Aquarius, he may still have feelings for you, but if he has decided to let you go, he prefers to keep his pride and not come back.


Your ex came to feel so sure of your love that at some point he felt he held you in the palm of his hand. However, when you don’t feel loved and valued, you know it’s best to leave. Your nature is gentle and understanding, but that doesn’t mean giving in to your partner’s every request. Your ex regrets what he lost because he already realized that no one else has your superpowers. Definitely, he destroyed a beautiful life, which would not lack loyalty. Now they can no longer ask for your support, because you have already realized that they are much better off.


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