For you, romantic relationships are not the engine of your life. You’re too independent a sign to expect your emotional well-being to depend on just one person. You are in love with yourself, with what you do, with all the projects you want to achieve and that is why you do not care whether love enters your life or not. It’s not that you shut down, but neither will you seek to settle for everyone who knocks at your door. The right person will arrive at the right time, without tensions and willing to embrace your personality. You trust him and that’s why you’re in no rush.


It is clear that you are not afraid of commitment, you are a sign used to fighting love and struggling to have something stable. However, you are very special in who goes with you, because you want someone who completes you, not becomes a stone in your shoe. Bad experiences have taught you that you shouldn’t trust in the beginning and that if something makes you feel insecure, it’s not there. It’s not that you don’t care about finding love, it’s just that you don’t want to fall back into toxic bonds. A fair and healthy relationship is what you deserve, you don’t intend to settle for less.


Having a partner for you is as good as being single. In other words, you have learned to appreciate your solitude and being with you has left you with great lessons that you have no intention of demanding from anyone else. You are a sign in your own right, you are not waiting for a love to give you happiness, on the contrary, you want to find someone who has enough self-esteem not to project their emotional shortcomings onto you. What you need is someone who fills you with life and peace. A partner who is ready to live your world without the need to pressure you with commitment at every second. It’s not that you don’t engage, it’s that you don’t want to be commanded, that’s what you hate the most.


People often assume that because you’re a very romantic and sweet sign, you’re always looking for love. In reality, you stay alone for a long time and you do not feel that you need anything, because you have other things that make you smile and fill you with love. Friendship, family, your hobbies, your passions, are also very important and you don’t intend to let your guard down just because you don’t have a partner. Before someone arrives, you want to enjoy the moments. You don’t care because you want a loyal partner who is ready to build a reciprocal relationship. Give and receive, if they don’t give it to you, you don’t want anything.


Without a doubt, Leo, you are not the type of person who sits idly by waiting for the other to solve their life. You are used to going out to fight and break your soul if necessary. For the same reason, yours has never been emotionally dependent on anyone. You like to take initiative, but for the loves that are worth it and that fill you with energy in all areas, you are not here to save anyone. Your charisma has the gift of relieving, but that does not justify that you end up tangling your feelings with people in need. What you want is a love that keeps you going, not someone that breaks you down with every step.


You trust your ability to find the perfect match, but you know it’s not about competition, Virgo. It’s been a long time since you stopped paying attention to other people’s lives and focused on your own. You are not the kind of couple who chases after a love that only makes you anxious. Your security is capable of breaking with everything, even with loves that are only passing through. You prefer to be alone for a while until someone who agrees to respect your rhythm and your way of seeing life arrives. You don’t want perfect love, you want someone real, who doesn’t throw in the towel when the going gets tough.


Your days are full of new projects, Libra. You are a dreamy sign, but you trust your qualities to make whatever comes into your head come true. For you, love is essential, it’s what moves you, what makes you want to embrace and respect your loved ones. However, you are very clear that a couple is not synonymous with happiness. You have the ability to smile even if it’s a cloudy day and you’re alone in a restaurant. It’s what sets you apart from others, your independence and how hard you try to make things work out for you. Love will come, for now you focus your attention on working to become your best version.


You are the one who finds the middle ground between loving and being independent. You don’t like feeling like someone’s got your hands on you, because you hate falling into those kinds of unhealthy relationships where they treat you cruelly. What you want is an intense but genuine relationship, someone who is able to discover your most emotional side and who is not afraid. You are fed up with these half-loves, who only want you to solve their life. For these companies, it is better to be left alone. You don’t care about finding love because you’re in no rush to get involved with the wrong person. It’s better to take it slow, save your trust and your heart for someone who won’t break it.


For you, life is this, what happens as you read a few lines. The way dry leaves take flight. The cold of the water and the heat of the sun in the morning. That’s what we like, the little details that don’t require a bit of material to touch the bottom of the soul. When you understand this, your perspective completely changes and no longer lets you depend on anyone. The fact that you haven’t had a partner for a long time will never mean that you feel unhappy, on the contrary, you take the opportunity to work on yourself and visit new places with people who share your same vibe.


If there’s one sign on this list who knows very well what their love goals are, without a doubt, it’s you. You like things clear, no matter how uncomfortable the situation becomes, you were born to look straight ahead and without fear of consequences. Your tenacity and your perseverance are a key element of your emotional relationships, which is why your friends appreciate you so much, because you show them that you can be in good times and bad. You don’t care about finding the love of a partner, because your head is a mountain of thoughts and plans that occupy you. You know that before you share your days with someone, you should feel good and be proud of everything you’ve accomplished. You are in no hurry, because when you reach the top,


Couple love is good, but that’s not all. Don’t even think Aquarius is going to rush into your arms begging for your attention. This is a sign that knows what they want from a relationship and has no intention of getting involved with someone who stifles their thoughts. You don’t want them trying to dominate you, you want them to understand you and not demand changes in everything you do. Aquarius loves their freedom and doesn’t go through life waiting for anyone’s approval. The truth is that when he falls in love, he is able to give himself deeply, but it takes time. Don’t expect her to be dazzled by a bunch of pretty words.


Let’s see, just because you’re a sweet, devoted, and charming sign doesn’t mean going through life waiting for love to magically arrive. Your imagination and creativity are more than enough to focus on what excites you, those hobbies that really make your heart beat and your soul happy. In fact, you do not feel alone, because you try to fill your circle of friends and your family with very precious people, those who inspire you and make you feel at peace. Your love is overflowing, when someone takes hold of your feelings, you don’t hesitate to bless what you feel and do what is in your power to make it last. You know you deserve it and that’s why you’re going to wait as long as it takes.


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