How Long It Takes Each Sign To Fall In Love

How Long It Takes Each Sign To Fall In Love

We’ve all been through that feeling where you meet someone and experience I don’t know what, that makes you want to know everything about that person. The attraction is inevitable, but entering the land of infatuation is something else. Each zodiac sign has a special way of handling the heart and there are some that require more time than others to accept that they want everything with that new love. Are you one of those who surrender at first or do you need to be shown with facts? How long does each sign take to fall in love?


A passionate, fast infatuation, the one that feels deep in your gut and makes you feel confident. There is no time, it is about living in the moment and Aries is very brave when it comes to letting go. It is the sign that explodes into action when someone takes over your thoughts, all you want is to conquer. He’s very determined, he doesn’t want to waste time with someone else, he wants to navigate that person’s scars. Aries, he becomes an innocent child when he loves, it’s like the first time and he loves to feel the adrenaline of falling in love from head to toe.


The sign hides its sensuality in an incredible way. He is the one who attracts you physically, but his mentality surrounds you. However, when it comes to falling in love, he prefers something more formal, a strong, stable relationship that makes him feel valued. That is why he is not in a hurry, the slower the better. Taurus not only likes to conquer, but he also enjoys courtship and the desire that the person puts in him to be by his side. He loves to commit and is not afraid to break the monotony. He is an earth sign, of course, he believes in love, but also in perseverance and it takes a lot of effort to keep the flame burning. Do not pressure him, it will take time to give you his heart, but when he does, it will be the best thing in your life.


Do not want to lower the Moon and the stars to Gemini, with a lot of nice words waiting for him to run into your arms as if you were the person he has always dreamed of. It is a sign that takes a long time to fall in love because it loves its social side and is meeting new people all the time. He is looking for something more than a superficial relationship, he wants an intelligent, sarcastic, funny soul, someone who matches his joyful way of seeing life. It takes a couple of months to find out if she’s with the right person. If you fall in love with Gemini, you must be tolerant because if you start to push, the only thing he will do is end up running away. Let him slowly show his emotions.


Cancer’s heart is full of sensitivity, compassion, affection. It is the sign that is not afraid to look you in the eye and tell you that he loves you. He is really used to giving everything in his soul and that is why he is not afraid of falling in love overnight. Cancer has discovered more love in a relationship of a few months, than in one of the years. What matters is the desire that each one puts at the time of letting go. However, he wants a partner who is willing to commit, who wants to lower his madness two little lines to take him by the hand and show him how much he is worth. It is an emotional, welcoming sign, you want to spend a lot of time with that person. If you are not able to do it, you better go your way.


Leo’s decisions are as unpredictable as his character. It is a very romantic sign and although it can take a while to commit, it is not afraid of letting the infatuation rule its emotions. Fire moves him and desire makes him live in the moment regardless of whether tomorrow there is a solution. Leo tends to look for a loyal bond, someone who really melts for his kisses and feels very lucky to have him by his side. The bad thing is that he may end up taking refuge in the wrong arms because passion can make him a bad move. His ego makes him believe that he has everything under control and when he least expects he ends up crashing.


A Virgo is usually very cautious when it comes to falling in love. He has his goals very clear and he is not going to allow any love to interfere with his productivity. He knows that romance is important, but he’s not going to lose it for anyone who comes along. Of course, his standards are very high, because he does not intend to deal with a love that does not want to advance. Virgo is not the type of couple that is going to put their hands in the fire, they do not want to get involved with someone who means a risk, because they do not tolerate living in uncertainty. You need time to analyze the qualities of the other, you do not want to stay with someone who is only a good person because you want to impress.


You know that you love the idea of ​​falling in love and that when you give your heart permission to let go you can live unforgettable moments. You are romantic, intuitive, brave, and passionate. However, it is very important to find the middle ground in everything, otherwise, you will not feel secure enough in the relationship. You know the art of coquetry perfectly and of course, you are a charming being. You like to feel beautiful on the outside and inside, that’s how love makes you feel. Therefore, you have no problem giving yourself in an excessive way, it does not matter if everything happens in a single night. Fast doesn’t scare you.


A deep sign, with a sensual and passionate touch. Scorpio has everything to let himself be enveloped by love. It is one of those that catch you by its mystery because its personality becomes a challenge that must be discovered. It is magical, captivating, and very intense. Make no mistake though, just because he treats you well doesn’t mean he already gave you his heart. Scorpio, you need time to be able to trust. Don’t even think that he’s going to let anyone tell him I love you. He needs to know your story before sharing his, and that has nothing to do with how he feels. The connection may be more than obvious, but more than a twin flame, he wants a soul mate.


If there’s someone on this list who definitely doesn’t need a relationship to be happy, it’s Sagittarius. The adventure takes her in the pores and what she wants is to travel, enjoy and dance until dawn. The thirst for freedom keeps him on his feet and makes living less burdensome. The truth is that when it comes to falling in love you prefer to go very slowly. Before attraction, he wants to find affinities, someone who does not judge his lifestyle and who is brave when he takes him by the hand and shows him that everything will be fine. Sagittarius wants to feel loved and respected, he is not willing to stay next to someone who makes him feel suffocated all the time.


In one day you cannot love and Capricorn knows it very well. It is the sign that treats falling in love with tweezers because it does not want to get excited about something that only exists in its head. Capricorn wants facts, a person who is effectively responsible and who does not run away when he has to take the initiative. You want to look up to your partner, someone who inspires you and doesn’t stand in your way when it comes to accomplishing your goals. Capricorn stays with a worthwhile love, with whom he can invest his time and who does not judge him. That’s why it goes at a slow pace, but surely. It is not for loves of a while that subtract energy. 


Romantic relationships and Aquarius are not one and the same. Let’s say that it is a sign that enjoys its own company too much and when it comes to showing its fears, it prefers to put up a barrier so that they don’t break it. He loves company, but he doesn’t like to have his individuality ruined. For him to fall in love requires time and actions, that is, he is not going to stay next to someone just because he has been seeing him for months. He wants to be shown that love is worth investing his energy in. However, once he trusts, he falls in love with all the illusions, in such a deep way that it makes his partner feel the most special person.


And you, do you believe in love at first sight? Pisces, yes, but he doesn’t end up messing with everyone who smiles at him, it’s his intuition that helps him know if the person really has a genuine heart. It is a sign that does not run away from his emotions, if something makes him feel nice things, he does not let go. Perhaps for others, he falls in love very quickly, but it is his way of giving himself, he does not like things halfway. It is Neptune that watches over your steps and makes your dreamy side immense. However, do not underestimate his ability to recover from a broken heart, because in the same way that he surrenders, he gets back up again. It falls in love very quickly, but it also rips you apart from one second to another. 


How Long It Takes Each Sign To Fall In Love

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