You’re afraid of making a mistake, you’re afraid of doing something you might regret later. You know that one of your strengths but also your weaknesses is undoubtedly your impulsiveness. And you don’t want to mess it up and cry later.


Even if you’re not 100% comfortable in your relationship, Taurus, you settle in, you stay in it. It makes you a bit lazy to venture into the unknown, you don’t always want to find new things. Just because of that, sometimes you settle down and that’s it.


It is difficult for you to understand that you can get out of this situation on your own. When you fall in love, you almost merge with each other, and when that ends, insecurity eats away at you inside. Don’t worry because your history is still the same. At the end, you beat him 100 x 100 times.


Often you don’t take this step, not so much for yourself, but so as not to hurt the other person, Cancer. It may sound very sweet, but that’s the way it is. You can have so much empathy that you feel bad if you do something that might hurt the other person. Especially if you get on well with that person and have some appreciation for them.


You find it difficult to start a world without this person. You are very passionate and share absolutely everything with your partner, from material things to your family or friends. And of course, starting from scratch, having to give explanations to everyone and having the feeling of having somehow “lost” costs you dearly. Sometimes it’s even easier for you to be left behind.


If you’re not ending a relationship, it’s probably because of heartbreak. You are a person who has a lot of stamina and if your partner is a good person, you try, by all means, to return the same treatment. The thing is, you have your feelings too, and Virgo can’t be changed. You have to be brave and walk in the right direction.


The truth is, you don’t like being single. You are not a hummingbird. Of course you have or have had your seasons but honestly, you don’t like wasting time. You don’t like to take out everything you have inside, or talk about yourself with someone you know you don’t get along with at all. And feeling that you may have to start this process with someone else, or even without them, is difficult for you.


In the end, your partner ends up being your complement, you look for him, he helps you and somehow all this responsibility that you always used to carry seems to be distributed in one way or another. of another. You don’t want to be alone anymore, you need love, a lot or a little. And even if it is little you will be satisfied. It may even be easier for you to jump into another relationship than to leave it and be on your own.


Sometimes it happens to you that even though you want to leave your relationship, Sagittarius, you don’t want to be mean. And you are looking for the ideal moment so that the person does not suffer or suffers the least. And sometimes that moment never comes. So the easiest thing for you is that your partner is wrong about something and you, at least, can send them to hell without having a single regret. Otherwise, you find it difficult to exclude someone from your life.


You cling to the feelings and emotions of the past Capricorn, you are a very intense person and the truth is that if you continue to feel something, even if it is minimal, you will cling to what was, to the memory, to the beautiful moments lived. And it will be the essence that fuels your relationship. And so you can be years and years.


It sounds selfish, yes, but it costs you dearly to leave a relationship because at times it becomes essential to you. It may sound silly, but planning your vacations or even your weekends with someone makes the moment happy. Although very independent, you also find it difficult to be alone when you come from a relationship.


Although you are a water sign, intense, passionate and with a dramatic edge, you often run away from certain drastic changes. In the end, you become someone and fight for that person to the death, and you find it hard to see that the end may be closer than you think. The day and the time will come. But it is true that the more serious the situation, the easier it will be for you to let go of this person.


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