Why this zodiac sign is the most hated of all

Why this zodiac sign is the most hated of all 

Each sign of the zodiac is not liked by others for a reason. Sure, everyone has certain traits that others don’t like. Gemini is the least popular of all the zodiac signs due to its nature and personality traits. 

Geminis are social, talkative, quirky, and a little bit curious. They love to gossip about others and always want to be the center of attention. Gemini always has various exciting stories to share with their friends that will help them easily get in the spotlight. So if you are hanging out with a Gemini, he or she will definitely text you with their stories.

But Gemini is often not liked by others, mostly because of their two-sided nature. Every zodiac sign has a certain negative side and for certain reasons, they are not liked by others either. However, it is true that twins are the least liked.

But why does everyone hate the twin? What makes their astrology or personality traits unbearable?

1. Geminis are not good listeners

Geminis can communicate well, but they cannot listen well. Very often, they don’t really listen to others, especially when they are bored with the story. In addition, twins usually have their own story in their heads that they want to tell and can no longer concentrate on what the other person has said. They sometimes communicate too arrogantly or aggressively with people, which can lead to problems.

2. You can’t really trust them

The next point must have crossed your mind right away: Geminis are often disliked because they have two faces. You just can’t predict how they’ll behave. One moment they are cute to others and the next moment they get very tough and can even be mean and sneaky. Because they are two-faced, they also like to gossip about others, especially the ones they hate the most. When you ask them about it, of course, they deny everything.

People hate Gemini because they simply cannot trust them. But that doesn’t just have something to do with his two faces. Gemini can also appear very selfish if they have set a goal due to their idiosyncratic nature. A person might think that Gemini regards himself as the center of the universe.

It is also very difficult to understand his commitment to anything. These people are either too available or not available at all. There is no balance between these two sides. This is usually quite problematic for relationships. Because how can you ever rely on a Gemini if ​​he behaves like this and sometimes like that? The basis of trust is definitely missing here.

3. You get bored easily

In addition, twins often have the problem that it is very difficult for them to motivate or inspire themselves to do something on their own. Nothing can sustain a twin for a long time. You get bored very easily and quickly. These people always want to experience new things for their entertainment. However, it is not possible to find a new source of fun every time. 

Friends of this zodiac sign often feel responsible for entertaining Gemini and showing them the good things in life. Since the twin cannot keep his enthusiasm for long, he turns away and demands new stimulation. The twin’s friend tries, by all means, to keep the twin happy and feels obliged to do so. On the other hand, there is the twin who regrets himself for not enjoying life. This can be very frustrating for everyone involved. 

4. They deal but can’t pocket

The humor of this zodiac sign is really tough. You like to joke at others’ expense, but do not take such criticism of yourself well. In addition, Geminis usually fail to tell the difference between a joke and an insult. So you have to be very careful when joking about them. Be careful what you say because you could put him off for a very long time.

Only when you are very close to a Gemini can you afford to criticize them. Surprisingly, despite their selfish attitudes, Geminis are very kind to those who are very close to them. Sometimes the versatile twin can also show its soft side.

Perhaps you’ve interacted with a Gemini before and didn’t notice any of the bad traits. That is of course entirely possible. These are just a few reasons why those who are Gemini act as they do. Remember, not everyone is the same. Some live out their weaknesses much less than others.

If you are a Gemini yourself, this may have opened your eyes and made you decide to take fate into your own hands. We may belong to certain zodiac signs, but we don’t have to fall into the pattern of what others think of us. Concentrate on your strengths and you will be able to change the mind of the people around you and change their prejudices!


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