The nicest women and the absolute toxic, according to the zodiac signs. Sorted from rank 1-12.

The nicest women and the absolute toxic, according to the zodiac signs. Sorted from rank 1-12.

There are women who are moodier and toxic and then there are women who simply could never say a bad word because they are naturally too nice. In this case, astrology can tell us more about the character traits and temperaments of the different zodiac signs.

Here you can find the ranking, starting with the nicest to the toxic women, according to the zodiac sign:

1st place in Libra

The Libra woman is the nicest person you will ever meet because they go out of their way to be nice. She is a total peacemaker and will do everything in her power to make things right. She sometimes does everything to make someone happy, even if it means putting aside her own feelings. Of course, she will never admit that this is not always what she wants because it makes her happy when she is nice to others.

2nd place Pisces

Pisces love to be kind to others because they feel good to themselves and to the other person at the same time. The Pisces woman is not only incredibly nice but also very selfless – in other words, her nice attitude is not just a ploy to make others like her more. She is really real! There is something about confrontation and small fights that she hates, so she tries to avoid them as much as possible.

3rd place Taurus

The Taurus woman’s nice personality is more than just doing nice things for others. Sure, she’s the type of person who always exchanges kindnesses with strangers, but that doesn’t stop there. She is also incredibly patient. This means that it is not easy to make them angry. She is also a very sensitive person who knows how to express their feelings when feeling them instead of hiding them. This makes it so much easier for her to let go of things and focus on the things that make her happy.

4th place Aquarius

It’s rare to catch Aquarius women in a bad mood. If you catch her doing this, you might think she’s always a mean person, but in reality, she’s actually very nice. She smiles at every stranger she meets and is more of a friendly being who just wants to get to know you better. She is a great listener and uses this skill to show others how nice she can be. She just wants to be known as her authentic self, so she never hides the person she is.

5th place Sagittarius

The Sagittarius woman is one of the most beautiful signs because she tries to be free from anything that she thinks is negative. She does her own thing in life and if you want to hang out with her you have to swing at her level. She’s just nice because she doesn’t see any reason to be anything but nice. It may be a bit exhausting for you to hang out with her at times, but it’s also very refreshing.

6th place Gemini

Geminis can be either very nice or very mean, depending on the mood you catch them in. Nevertheless, thanks to her dual personality, you can almost guarantee that you will always get a bit of both. A Gemini woman’s moods determine how she deals with a situation. So when she’s in a bad mood, expect a lot of accusations and confrontations from her. When she feels happy, she is more likely to expect a smile and friendliness.

7th place Cancer

The Cancer woman can be super nice, but she often lets her mood get in the way of her generally friendly personality. It may not have anything to do with you, but her feelings can sometimes make her seem meaner than she really is. She would love to talk about what kind of emotions she is feeling in those moments. Give her the chance to explain herself. She can be spirited, but she tries to be nice.

8th place Leo

The lioness is as nice as she can be. She loves being kind and having a good time with people, and she knows that sometimes she can’t. Especially if you try to take advantage of her or have a fight with her, you will only lose every time. She has no patience for people who are purposely trying to upset them and she can forgive most things, but not when it comes to attacking them emotionally or making them look bad. Then you will see their mean side.

9. Virgo

To the Virgo, being nice means letting go and relaxing so that the little things don’t come to her. But a Virgo can also be incredibly passive-aggressive. So when she’s trying to be mean, she’s not the type of person to confront you or do something small behind your back. She usually then makes hidden comments that appear to be directed at you or she just ignores you.

10. Aries

The Aries woman is not afraid to start a fight knowing it will clear the air so she can enjoy her day again. She knows she can be mean, but she prefers to think of it as being assertive instead. However, she doesn’t have time to argue with you forever as the progress of her own life is more important to her. 

11th place Capricorn

The Capricorn woman is mean most of the time, but it’s the way she expresses herself that really drives people crazy. It’s hot and cold, which makes it look even meaner. If she gets in this type of mood, she will behave vengefully, confront you in the worst of moments, and make you feel terrible.

12th place Scorpio

The Scorpio woman is probably the meanest sign. So be careful when you are around her. She’s not afraid to ignore you until you apologize with a lot of begging on your knees. If it’s not your fault, she’ll apologize, but only after you explain it to her. Scorpio can also be very vengeful, making it impossible to talk to and argue with her until she has calmed down. 


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