These are the erogenous zones of the individual zodiac signs

Everyone has their preferences and appropriate wishes when it comes to love. When it comes to romance and persuasion, our needs are different.

Nevertheless, in astrology, every zodiac sign has certain romantic zones on the body that make it particularly hot. Is it a gentle love on the earballs that gives you a feeling of pleasure? And what about your partner? Do you know his romantic zone?


Capricorns sometimes struggle to let go and just enjoy being touched. But if you know where a Capricorn wants to be touched, then it can reach this state much faster. He especially likes it on the inside of his thigh.


In an Aquarius, the ear area is very sensitive, even if it seems strange to others. Yes, the ear and the earballs especially arouse the imagination of our Aquarius friends. The important thing is: some love it, some hate it. So feel your way slowly with your hands and just don’t insist when Aquarius pushes you away!


Fish like to be touched on the calves, ankles, and feet. A light love on the hands makes a fish stunning, especially during romance. If the two of you are interested, try romantic your partner’s ankles. It could make him wilder than expected.


The romantic zones of Aries are mainly on the face, but also on the scalp. To gently heat things up, the Aries first receives a message through the scalp. A head massage has relaxing powers that people often avoid. So carefully guide your hand through the ram’s hair and make a few circular movements. This may seem strange to you, but it is an excellent way to awaken the Aries senses. Find the right movement and the magic point. He will thank you!


Even if the bull does not like love, one should not ignore its part. Gentle love on the neck and neck drive the Taurus absolutely crazy! The throat chakra rules the Taurus, and any gentle action in this area makes him go wild. Whether you want to go a step further or not, don’t forget to focus your attention on this area.


The magical zones of the twins are the body. These areas are very sensitive for our twin friends: caresses and a gentle touch awaken the passion of the twins. Remember that Gemini is intellectual too, so whisper a few cheeky words in their ears. Your twin will love it.


Cancers particularly value tenderness. The nicest thing for Cancer is a hug and hug. He just loves it when he is touched on the skin. This is an absolute delight for him. That is why there is a romantic zone almost everywhere on the body. Cancer is not looking for a passionate romantic adventure, but rather affection. Playing with the part on the earballs can certainly put him in ecstasy.


The romantic zone of Leo is the tummy, so this sign loves caresses in this place. The best way to awaken a lion’s desire is to lightly touch the tummy and wander up and down with a love. Never forget that a Leo wants to be coveted and greatly admired, so nothing will excite them more than to see how you long for them.


Virgo can be turned on by even the gentlest game. It is particularly exciting for her to play on the tummy and in the part area. Lovelight of the waist will make even the most gentle Virgo excited. So take some time to focus on that part of the body the next time and see if you can discover something new.


The back and femur are actually very sensitive on a scale. Massages on these spots drive them wild as their strongest romantic spots are activated by touch. So make sure to go a little further down if you want to turn them on to maximize the pleasure.


The pleasure zone of the scorpion is, especially in the backside area. A simple look at a pretty look can even be enough to arouse a Scorpio. If you want to persuade a Scorpio man, keep in mind that men can also find light touch on the backside exciting. Scorpios love it when someone touches and caresses their backside.


The Sagittarius romantic zone is associated with the part and feet. A massage or a few caresses in this area will gently awaken the Sagittarius senses. For a marksman, the sight of a beautiful pair of pants in high heels will grab his attention.


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