What you absolutely need a break from in autumn 2020, according to your zodiac sign.

What you absolutely need a break from in autumn 2020, according to your zodiac sign.


You need a break from dating. You have to stop putting so much energy into people who, in the end, only disappoint you, as the past few months have already shown you. We live in a fast-paced world in which people are quickly replaced or forgotten, you had to get to know that painfully in 2020, which is why a break from dating would do you good.


You need a break from work. A break would do you a lot of good and bring peace back into your life. A few days, if possible weeks, would be perfect to recharge your batteries. You are a tireless worker and do your job conscientiously, which makes you “irreplaceable” for your superiors and often makes it difficult for you to take a few “days off”. A few days off should really be your priority right now.


If you are someone who drinks alcohol, smokes a lot, or is addicted to other “addictions”, then in autumn 2020 it should be most important to you to distance yourself from it and to detoxify your body. The most important thing to yourself should be not to continue poisoning your body.


You really need to take a break from social media. You are a sensitive and profound being, which can easily be influenced by social networks and often unconsciously, which is why a break from it would really do you good.


You absolutely need a break from your monotonous everyday life. Breaking out of your sluggish daily rhythm should really be important to you in the near future. Yes, I know you love to make plans and to orient yourself to dates and times, but you will see that it can also be nice when you let yourself drift and leave everything to live.


You need a breather from your “unhealthy lifestyle”, if you have been eating poorly in the past few months, then now is really the time to detoxify your body and eat healthy again. Because only in a healthy body does a peaceful soul feel good, don’t forget that.


You need a break from your smartphone. Stop scrolling down and look ahead at the path that lies ahead. Distance yourself from the “online world” and concentrate on what is happening around you offline. Your soul will thank you. 


You need a breather from “sitting at your desk”. Get up, go outside and move around that would clear your clouded mind again. I know you are a workhorse and want to please your superiors, but that is not the meaning of life and that needs to be understood and implemented in the next few weeks.


You need a breather from the news, whether on TV or on the internet. Yes, it is important to stay up to date and inform yourself, but this constant negative news makes you sick and you can feel it at the moment. Distance yourself from it and switch off for a few weeks, you will see it will change your thinking.


You need a breather from your immediate surroundings. Yes, I know you need friends and acquaintances in life, but sometimes it can be too much for you and you just need time alone with yourself. And that is exactly what is on your mind at the moment and you should implement it in the near future. Take time for yourself, it would do you good.


You need a breather from your constant will to be “productive”. Remember that there is more to life than just work and diligence. Remember the feeling of relaxation and peace when you don’t have to be productive and just can be yourself. 


You need a break from the internet. Stop staring at screens and give your eyes a well-deserved break. Always being online and available damages your peace of mind and that should be your top priority in the near future. 


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