Why It’s Not Cool To Have A Relationship With You According To Your Sign

Why It’s Not Cool To Have A Relationship With You According To Your Sign

Although all signs have a very good part in relationships, they also have their dark side. Some are too stubborn, others want things to be done, as they say, others are cold and cannot give you what you ask for because it does not come out, even if they feel it… And that is what we will analyze in this article. Why it is not cool to have a relationship with you according to your sign. Do not read this if you are too sensitive and do not accept criticism. It can hurt.


Honestly, the worst thing with you in relationships is without a doubt your ability to fall in love and fall out of love with someone, come on, what has been that, either they constantly stimulate you, or you are capable of sending everything to hell without messing up your hair. Also, once you make the decision you rarely go back, it’s like you quickly change the chip, you empower yourself again, and move forward. To something else. If he really is “the right person” he will undoubtedly have to adapt to you, have that desire to live as intense as you, and that life really excites him.


Many times you close yourself and your thoughts so much that the rest do not know what is happening, do not know what is happening, what is going through your head. You look like a Taurus ice cube, and with the same feelings. You’re slow to open up and you get damn off about things no one knows about. And that is the problem. As you do not tell anything, the rest do not know or know what happens to you. Open up a little more, at least with the people you love.


Okay, your problem in relationships is undoubtedly in “tying yourself” to them or not. Despite the fact that you get excited very quickly, it is very difficult for you to stay in a relationship, it is difficult for you to love as much as they end up loving you. And you know. Deep down, you are very selective and you are not 100% convinced by almost anyone. That is why many times you are starting something but your eyes go to other people. Sometimes that makes the person who is with you become extremely insecure. It is not that you want to hurt but inevitably, sooner or later you do it with these attitudes. Maybe it’s time to talk things out…


The Cancer drama, is often what loses you, really. Not that you like conflict Crab, not that you look for it, but inevitably you always seem to surround yourself with drama. Instead of seeing the glass as half full, you see it as half empty, and that can be a bit frustrating and burdensome for those who are with you. Also, admit it, you are one of those people who many times, by keeping quiet and sweeping problems under the rug, ends up making them bigger. There are day-to-day conversations that Crab have to deal with, even if they are uncomfortable. Only that is what in the end ends the problems, and if not, at least softens them.


You have very strong expectations of all Leos, including people. You are very absorbing and almost always have to do what you say. Precisely for this reason, because you take it for granted that others will end up behaving as you want, probably because you believe that it is the right thing to do because you understand that it is the only way. Instead of believing that you talk things out, put on the table what your expectations are with that relationship, what you expect from that Leo person. And don’t take anything for granted. You can be giving 100% believing that the other will also give it when in reality he is giving you 20% and there will be no more.


You love to help, you are always there, you want the people who are by your side to progress, to move forward, to grow… But in the end, you end up acting like that person’s mother or father. And that’s not cool Virgo. But not only for the other person, he may feel too “protected” but also for you. Being someone’s caregiver cannot be sustained over time. It only comes out yes, but healthy, it is not. You need to start choosing people who are up to you, who also know how to pull you off because believe me it can be annoying. For you and for the rest.


Honestly, with you it is cool to have a relationship, the point is that perhaps it is with others that it is not cool to have it. You do know Libra, and you are one of those who truly love you, you worry about finding someone real, and you are not going to get hooked on just anyone. Let’s see if one day the rest realize that you are cool but that you would also prefer to be alone rather than in bad company or half company. That is clear to you.


Look Scorpio, with you the passion, is so intense that you leave the rest exhausted, you leave them shivering, without any energy. And that’s when they fall in love, they get caught, they get attached to you. Afterward, you act as if nothing had happened, you are capable of becoming cold as ice, you do not return any affection or affection, your ego is always in the clouds and you love to leave in sight. You are the boss Scorpio and you always make it very clear. That’s why it’s not cool to have a relationship with you. Very often your feelings are light years ahead of others.


Not everyone is made for you, that’s for sure Sagi, but hell, take advantage and try to find harmony in those relationships that are potentially good. You are too relaxed and the truth is that you have let many relationships get out of hand, and believe me, they could have come a long way. But well, since you are a person who believes that things come as they come, you don’t draw blood either. If it wasn’t for you, it wasn’t for you, period. Of course, remember that there are people who are worthwhile, there are people who should be considered a rare commodity.


Everyone knows that about your strict and selective nature Capri, and obviously for that very reason, many times you prevent yourself from meeting or going out with very interesting people who could contribute a lot to you. Also, if you have another person in mind, even if it’s toxic, you don’t give yourself a chance with anyone else. It’s like you’re blind to someone and that can last for months, even years, not even being reciprocated. Your standards are high on many occasions, but not having what you want is more powerful. And as long as it gets into your head, you go for it, even if it’s not good for you.


Although it sounds bad Aquarius, you always think that you are above the rest. And it may be so on many occasions, just as you say. The point is that even if you try to hide it, it can all be a bit pedantic. And you can make the other feel bad with ironic comments that only you really catch. Many times it also happens to you that, instead of opening up and sharing your ideas, your way of seeing life, or your goals, you spend your time listening to the rest, their problems, their concerns, their dramas (which also always seem absurd to you). It would be ideal for you to understand that there are more stupid people in the world than we think and that where there are none, Aquarius cannot be removed. It’s hard, yes, but that’s how it is. Don’t try to help everyone.


Look Pisces, you will have to understand something important and it is that, in your world, only you live, ok? Sometimes you try to force others to enter it, you try to convince them that life is better that way, that they go to the “light” side when the truth is that, even there, you also get some damn slumps powerful. Sometimes you get very annoyed that opening your eyes to the rest. Perhaps they don’t feel like opening them Little Fish, perhaps they are comfortable where they are and prefer to have that life in which, even if there is darkness, they manage well. You are too idealistic and dreamy and that often makes you live in certain unhappiness, perhaps because you always believe that your ideal world is possible, and then you realize that reality is different. Pisces advice:


Why It's Not Cool To Have A Relationship With You According To Your Sign

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