Where Are You Destined To Live According To Your Sign

Do you live where you want? Do you see yourself living somewhere different? As we get older, we end up living in one place or another. Many end up living in the city where they went to study. Others where they have worked… and many others, where they have love. When deciding where to live, how we are, what we want in our lives, and what we care about or fear is very important. Do you know where you are destined to live according to your sign? Because even without knowing it, you have a mark to end up living very far from where you are … or perhaps you end up returning to the place where you were born. Who knows.


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Although in your most stressful moments you dream of living on the beach and imagine yourself lying in the sun doing nothing, you know that this ending is not for you because you need movement and march. It does not matter where you are destined to live, no matter how far away it is, because you carry the adventure inside and you are not a coward to start a new life wherever if you want it that way. But you will not live where you feel lonely or unhappy, because you are not to settle. If destiny has prepared you to live far away, you will jump in and if the adventure goes wrong, you will return to where you were and without a problem. New York could be that destination, the city that never sleeps, pure energy, like yours, with so many things to do every day, so much life on the street … you already know that you wouldn’t be bored there, Aries. And when it did, you would take the experience as a challenge. Because you are brave both to undertake and to assume the decisions in which you have failed.


Taurus, if you were to think about where you would be destined to live, you would quickly visualize yourself in a place with landscapes and nature rather than in a noisy and crowded city. You do not like the hustle and bustle of places full of people everywhere or surrounded by suffocating traffic at all hours. As you do not like to be alone, you would better assume that destiny with the right person for the company. If you could choose, you would like it to be a beautiful, quiet place, where you can enjoy its gastronomy, and also museums and art in its streets, to stroll when work allows it. Be that as it may, it is clear that because of the way you are, you would end up living where you have your job, which is what gives you security, and where you have love, which is the engine of your life. Living in Tuscany, for example, you would love it. Landscape, Florence nearby, and Italian pasta and ice cream to die for. Where to sign?


Fate would be very unfair to you Gemini if ​​it had prepared you to live in a place that was in the middle of nowhere, with few people nearby, and where you could not give way to your restless spirit … you would die of boredom. Yours are the places with movement, towns, with social life and university life and many libraries. You also see yourself in a place where you have traveled before, but where you did not have time to do what you wanted. And that bug stayed inside you to imagine living there in the future. The ideal place would be where you visualize yourself feeling free, doing many things, and being able to live their customs, learning, and integrating into their social life. All of that would make you happy. You could live in Oxford, having London so close, or in Silicon Valley, the cradle of high technology and communication and social media companies. And San Francisco very close, for sightseeing on the weekends.


Cancer, with what you like family and your friends, you ask fate that you live where they are more or less close. You can’t imagine living very far from them, really. Traveling on vacation or for a while does not matter to you, but considering living in a country that is not yours costs you. You are one of those people who enjoy the town where they were born, the city where they live or work, or their lifelong neighborhood. And of course, if you had to go live somewhere else, it would be by force majeure, you would need to drag your partner with you and you would like it to be similar to where you live, cozy so that you continue to feel at home. Some European capitals you like to see cozy like Prague or Rome, but Venice with its canals or Istanbul with its moon on the flag, they wouldn’t be bad at all for appearing romantic and full of signs to you.


Leo, the place where you are destined to live, for you to be truly happy, you would like it to have SUN. You need the sun in your life, and places with good weather, light, and warmth are ideal for you. Besides, you are a little homebody, and you like to make plans, even if you have to work. So cities with cold and a few hours of light a day would make you sad and in a bad mood. Besides that, in those places, you have to make more life at home, and for you that is death. You need to show off outside and enjoy trendy places, shops, restaurants, and a lot of social life. Enjoy it and tell it to your friends and family later, so that they would die of envy, although they would be very happy for you. Dubai or Abu DhabiThey could be your destination They are cities full of luxury and exoticism, with dream buildings, sports streets in their streets, and design and brands everywhere. And around the desert where you already imagine yourself adventurous and with the perfect look.


For you Virgo, work is essential, have it, keep it, and were to give all your effort and intelligence 100%. If you are destined to live far from your current place, it would have to be because the job would have brought you there. Although before saying yes, you should know where. Because you would have to think about it. Because of your way of being, it should be a city, orderly, not chaotic or overcrowded … Virgo, you could be happy in any of the Scandinavian countries, where you work, live and socialize in a very quiet way. All these routines are perfect with your orderly mind, which also likes that schedules are observed, that people are respectful and learn new ways of living and new customs. You like Stockholm or Copenhagen, but come on, what Switzerland and its neutrality and business and the business world could also be part of your destiny.


Libra, you know how to enjoy every place you go, because you adapt well to everything, and if life takes you here or there, you don’t think to suffer facing what destiny has wanted for you. But if you can choose, you would like to live in a nice place. Well, yes, you do not like ugly, vulgar, or dirty places, and for work or another obligation, you would comply and leave where it was but with much regret. You have beauty and aesthetics in your DNA and it shows in how you dress or decorate your home. Harmony in shapes and colors, in sound … they are a stimulus for your intelligence and a balance for your soul. A city like Milan, the cradle of fashion, and a perfect mix of history and modernity, would persuade you at the moment. You see yourself there perfectly, happy, free, and having a lot to do every day, every weekend …


Scorpio, for someone as spiritual and mysterious as you, there are many places where you could live (or not so many if you get demanding). But it would not be fate that guided your life, because your life is controlled by you, whatever goes ahead. But you would say YES to any place that your intuition approved, to any place full of good energy, of history, full of the spirit and passions of those who inhabited it long ago. Thinking about the souls that have been in that place before already predisposes you to want to go. Berlin, with the history and the blood of all those who suffered and died there, could be that place where you would not mind living. A dark city on the outside but with a beating heart inside. A bit like you are. Places like this make you feel that some part of you lived there a long time ago and going back would be like connecting with a part of yourself.


Sagittarius, if fate decided for you, you would be destined to live somewhere far away, where you could live adventures, move a lot, and feel that you are the luckiest person in the world. You have energy and predisposition to travel where it is needed, but if it is about going to live, you are one of those who always see the positive side of everything … and come on, living in a different city, meeting new people and customs seem like real luck. . With fate, you would argue if it has prepared you to leave your current home to take you to a similar place and where to do the same things that you already do. So you would like it to be a different place, to give you a thousand and one possibilities to enjoy and exploit your adventurous character. Seen as seen, any place 1,000 kilometers from your home works for you, but if you Egypt, Canada, Australia, or Iceland is that you would already start to pack your bags.


Capricorn, you who are obedient and disciplined, where would you be destined to live according to your sign? Well where work will take you, that’s for sure. Love, if it is authentic, could also move you, but in sentimental matters, you control less and you would not want to risk going after a partner if you did not have a 99% chance that it would turn out well. If you could choose, you would want it to be a place where you had control and they were not noisy and crowded places. If destiny took you to India or China you still got a little nervous. Although more hard-working and disciplined co-workers than in China you were not going to find them anywhere. It is clear that the destinations where life was an adventure every day are not for you, nor where your order could be altered every two by three with last-minute problems, that you hate them. When you think of Monaco, you smile, why is it?


Aquarius, for someone as curious and independent as you, any place that destiny has prepared for you will be good for you. Not only that, you will be excited. Because getting in touch with other cultures and learning more than you know drives you crazy. Your mind enjoys the knowledge of the past, but you are also someone who lives with the mind in the future. Well, that place where you could be destined to live could well be Japan. An ancient culture, customs, and traditions to soak up. And also, a world center of video game culture, another one that could be one of your great passions (or technology). So, if fate sends you there, you would be eternally grateful. If I didn’t go to japanAny any place in the world where your NGO takes you (because you are to help everyone) you would also love it.


Pisces, if you are destined to live somewhere that is different from the current one, it would have to be one that was near water. To be happy you need to connect with your essence, your essence is water, your planet is Neptune and water is emotions. And if there is an emotional sign, it is yours. The water gives you peace of mind, it comforts you, and if you have it close you feel at home. Surely your intuition would tell you where that place is, that it would also have to have a lot of life to feed your changing spirit and eagerness for new experiences. What is he already imagining living in Lisbon, Salvador de Bahia (Brazil), or Santiago de Chile? Cities with soul and a dream come true for the search for the serenity that you like so much.


Where Are You Destined To Live According To Your Sign

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