These 5 zodiac signs always feel misunderstood.

These 5 zodiac signs always feel misunderstood.

Do you sometimes feel left out or forgotten when your friends have planned something without you? This is a feeling that will likely take you right back to school. Perhaps today you still feel misunderstood and unpopular at times. Then you are definitely not the only one.

It may even be the most independent person on the planet or someone who just enjoys doing things on their own, but it still stings heartbeat hearing about an event that you haven’t been invited to. At moments like this, you might wonder: why doesn’t anyone want to hang out with you? What makes people forget you or not invite you?

In fact, there are some signs of the zodiac that quite often feel left out. These 5 zodiac signs always feel forgotten:

1. Virgo

When a Virgo feels left out, she tends to rationalize it away. She will repress it or vouch for it so that it is less painful for her. For example, she might tell herself that she didn’t want to go to that party anyway. On the other hand, she could start analyzing the situation. She then desperately wants to find out why she was excluded. This can lead to her scrutinizing all her actions and words from the past and looking for mistakes. Maybe she could have mistreated someone by mistake and is now getting the receipt for it? Most of the time, however, it just drives herself crazy.

The Virgo would feel better if she gave up her tendency to analyze everything a little and turned to a friend or family member to discuss her feelings. If she is honest she will see that in fact most of the time she gets involved in certain events and a lot of things just happen in her head.

2. Scorpio

When a Scorpio feels left out, they could become extremely jealous and feel that everyone else in this world is having a better time than they are. The more upset they are, the further they will be from realizing the truth, and he’ll start putting himself down. He will think that everyone will be mad at him or that no one will like him. He will suspect that you have purposely excluded him and he will just overdo anything.

It is imperative that Scorpio step back, take a moment, and remember that feelings are not always what they are. The truth, most likely, is that not everyone is mad at him. He needs to remember that he has many people in his life who love him and they will not shut him out on purpose.

3. Pisces

Pisces are extremely sensitive and they can take things very personally at times. Sometimes they can turn situations into a planned little drama when it really isn’t necessary. Unfortunately, the fish is far too quick to assume that other people are deliberately excluding them. Most people love Pisces and always enjoy being around, but this zodiac sign often prefers to stay home and work on their art or just hang out. This is why it often happens that the fish declines invitations from friends.

If he keeps canceling, people will eventually stop inviting him. It’s that simple. Pisces need to be honest with themselves and think about how they contributed to it. If they want to be more involved, they should say yes to more things.

4. Capricorn

When a Capricorn feels left out, they tend to bury those feelings and act like everything is fine when it isn’t. Capricorns need to be honest about how they are feeling and try to come up with a plan to understand that no one is really excluding them on purpose. Rather, it all happens in their heads. If Capricorns manage to realize that it is up to them to get around, they will automatically feel less excluded.

What active cause could he be involved in to feel included and to build his confidence? If Capricorns change their attitudes and set goals, they will likely be invited to more events than they can even realize.

5. Cancer

Cancers always feel left out because, like Pisces, they take things too personally and get very emotional. This is the time when they need to turn to a friend and talk about their feelings. Cancers care a lot about other people, but sometimes they have to fend for themselves and think about their own needs. In these moments they are usually very reserved and withdrawn.

It’s okay to feel hurt when left out of something, but Cancer needs to remember that it’s not the end of the world and that most of the time, they’re actually invited to things. However, the bad feeling prevails when he is not invited to an event. When he plans an event himself, we find that he cannot invite everyone either, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like the people he hasn’t invited. He really has to try to understand that. So there may have been a good reason the cancer was left out, and there will be many times in the future that it is high on the guest list instead. That’s just the way life is!


These 5 zodiac signs always feel misunderstood.

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