These pairs of zodiac signs fail in 2021 shortly before the start of the partnership.

These pairs of zodiac signs fail in 2021 shortly before the start of the partnership.

Some zodiac couples date for a while, but never really get together because something ultimately fails. Maybe in the beginning they fall in love and find each other incredibly attractive. Maybe they even have the feeling that more could come of this. 

But unfortunately, it’s usually just an affair and the conversation to find out where you stand is always delayed. Sometimes it even goes on for weeks until both partners realize that they really don’t want to enter into a committed relationship.

Which pairs of zodiac signs fail shortly before the partnership? Find out!

Leo and Virgo

In the beginning, both zodiac signs are usually completely enthusiastic about each other and would like to spend every day together. The big problem with this relationship, however, is that quite often the Leo is attracted to a glamorous life, while the Virgo prefers a more quiet life. At first, the Virgo likes to take a step back and let Leo take center stage, but after a while, this can get frustrating for the Virgo. She believes that her own needs are not met by her partner. 

One way this relationship can work is for Leo to guarantee Virgo that she will be valued and needed. This will help eliminate the feeling of uselessness. However, if it doesn’t, the couple will most likely fail shortly before the relationship.

Capricorn and Aquarius

When a couple of Capricorn and Aquarius unite, they can conquer the world together and begin to see everything in bright, new light. There is only one problem for these two: Both zodiac signs have a tendency to simply bury their heads in the sand when things get tough. They would rather let a problem escalate to the extreme than tackle the problem and compromise. Unfortunately, it is not good when both parties are so passive in the face of conflict. They make life difficult for each other without even realizing it.

Aries and Scorpio

These two zodiac signs will be full of passion when they run into each other and fall in love. But unfortunately, both signs are also very impulsive and explosive. This couple will set off fireworks in the bedroom, that’s for sure! But that’s all. Both partners are strong-willed, both want complete control, and both want to be the leader of the partnership. Scorpios are naturally jealous, and Aries love to flirt. All this couple has to do is compromise the relationship, but neither will do it without an intense fight. That is why these two zodiac signs will unfortunately not become a couple in the end.

Aquarius and Taurus

Unfortunately for these two signs, it is the stars that keep them from partners. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of romance, love, beauty, and tranquility. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the rebel planet of the unexpected. The biggest problem in this relationship is communication between the two. Taurus always wants to assert his point of view as much as possible, while Aquarius refuses to discuss at all. Ultimately, this situation leads to an angry argument and pulls the two apart again.

Cancer and Gemini

These two signs have very different priorities. Cancer wants a quiet life at home, while Gemini demands much more spiritual stimulation and prefers to be outside in the big wide world. On the surface, it just seems to escalate between the two because they have too different interests, but deep down, this couple could work together as they both have a great sense of humor. The Gemini just needs to be more patient with the Cancer and help him clear up his insecurities. In return, Cancer can provide Gemini with the loving security that they so long for.

Aries and Sagittarius

These two create a magical connection from the very first moment. Both partners feel incredibly comfortable around each other and they feel that they are made for each other. In the beginning, everything is so exciting and it is easy for them to let their feelings guide them. These two zodiac signs will remain in an affair for a long time because neither really wants to make a commitment. 

As long as nobody has a problem with the loose thing, the game will go on forever. However, if one of the two develops serious feelings for the other, then very rarely does Aries and Sagittarius become a couple.

Leo and Pisces

In the beginning, these two are real romantics and they will knock each other off their feet. However, when it comes to a longer-term matter, the cracks will eventually become visible and the zodiac signs will move apart again. Very often, Pisces can dampen a lion’s enthusiasm because they just don’t worship them as much as they’d like. This relationship can only work if the two understand each other’s needs from the start and work hard to meet each other’s expectations. Otherwise, only frustration will be waiting for them.


These pairs of zodiac signs fail in 2021 shortly before the start of the partnership.



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