When The Signs Go Forever And Do Not Mourn You

Do Not Mourn You

When The Signs Go Forever And Do Not Mourn You

Never allow anyone to make you feel guilty after goodbye, only you know how hard it was for you to let go of the moments you lived next to that person. You had to face sleepless nights, you cried, you suffered and now it’s your turn to be happy. You have to recover your essence and embrace your self-esteem until there is not an ash of that bad love left. It is not easy to smile again, because the scars remind you of the moment when you fell apart and it hurts a lot. But, when the signs of the zodiac leave forever and do not mourn, criticism begins. If that person did not lose their life, why are you going to lose it? You have a lot to live for, if you close the doors to love you are going to make a mistake. 


You are the type of sign that does not understand loving cautiously, you like risk, adrenaline, and feeling that your emotions dominate you. However, when you realize that you deserve better, you know it’s time to leave because you don’t have to become someone’s second choice. If that person does not intend to put you as a priority, he will never do it and you are not there for that. Mourning is for those who leave this world, an ex of yours is not so important for you to pause your life that way. Without drama, everything is more beautiful, here it is about being happy and that’s it. 


There comes a time in life when you wear yourself out, waiting, giving your best, and only receiving disappointment. You are not going to stay next to someone who breaks you with their lies, their distance, and that cynical way of showing up when they feel like it. You take things very seriously, you don’t understand that about midpoints, whether they want to be in your life or not. If the answer is yes, then they will have to prove it with their care, quality time, and details. Disinterest cannot be hidden, no matter how nice messages they send you, if they don’t have the courage to put their hands in the fire for you, why? The one that follows, destiny will bring new stories, releasing one is not the end of the world. 


I tell you what happens with you Gemini, is that sometimes you expect too much from people because you would be willing to do a lot for them. It is not worth wearing yourself out on a physical, mental, and emotional level, for someone who barely takes the time to answer your messages. You know that no matter how busy a person is, there is always time to take care of what matters to them and you are not going to become the one who goes after the leftovers. If your partner treats you like one more, you leave. You run without looking back, to the rhythm of your heartbeat, because you are an impulsive soul with a lot of smiles to live. No way are you going to mourn someone who filled your days with shadows… he doesn’t deserve it. 


It’s not anger, it’s disappointment and that’s worse. You and the grudge don’t really get along, when you start experiencing negative feelings for someone you try to let them go because you’re not going to let them embitter your existence. You are loved from the side that you see yourself and you know it, but there are times when there is no other choice but to dress rudely, because cruel people arrive without warning and if you are careless they can tear you to pieces in a second. You are one of those who put up with a lot, you do not throw away your relationships, if you leave it is because you gave everything and it did not work. However, you are not going to lose your dignity for anyone. And that of mourning, let the crazy people who believe that they have bought life do it because you are going to take advantage as if there were no tomorrow


Life had to teach you in the worst way that you shouldn’t tear yourself apart in order to complete others. You know that when you love to do it from the inside out, you like to add that passionate and unpredictable touch to everything because it is the way in which you feel truly valued. However, do not be underestimated, because, with the same force that you let yourself go, you also leave and do not see it coming. You are a demanding sign, if they are going to be with you it is to build something real and if not, they should leave. Those who promise the Moon and the stars annoy you when in reality they are not capable of appreciating the darkness of the night. It is obvious that mourning is not your thing, if someone comes into your life that’s how it had to be. You will not be the one to hinder a new love. 


You are the type of person who boils with anger when your partner does not have the courage to admit that he was wrong, that seems very immature to you. You are not willing to accept any lie, if it failed you face the consequences. Also, you won’t fall for his silly game, where he makes you feel guilty about everything. It’s very frustrating to be in relationships like this, where confusion is the only thing that holds you together. That doesn’t work with you, you consider loyalty something sacred and if they break it, they forget about you. You’re not going to mourn a person who didn’t care if you ended up crying in your room for days. He knew you don’t take breakups well and he hurt you anyway. At that moment he lost all your respect, you owe him nothing. You just thank him for leaving. 


It’s simple, you can forgive anything, except the things your partner did to you knowing that they were going to hurt you. There is nothing that seems lower to you than a person who uses your fears against you. When you leave it’s an endpoint, you don’t like to listen to justifications, you keep the facts. There are times when words are superfluous and you are not going to let them manipulate you with them. Also, your word is firm, when you say it’s over it’s forever. Of course, mourning seems even offensive to you, why are you going to continue suffering for someone who did not value you? Doing so is only going to add one more hairline to his ego. Let whatever has to happen happen, you are no longer scared of the way in which fate moves its pieces. 


Revenge? Enough is enough, it’s even lazy every time they say you’re going to run to spend all your fury on someone who betrayed you. Scorpio, it may hurt to the bone, but you are very sure that in this life everything comes back, no matter how long or how little it takes, everyone will have what they deserve. You are not one of those who stays with someone who does not show interest, it bores you having to beg to be looked at all the time. Your energy is too much to give to someone who barely loves you. When you feel that the relationship is getting cold, you know that you shouldn’t stop there, it doesn’t matter if they beg you. You know that you deserve beautiful, loyal, passionate love. Not someone who makes you sick all the time and who you’re clearly not going to mourn. 


After experiencing several duels, Sagi, you finally understood that you need to be loved well, by someone who doesn’t make you doubt it. That is the love you bet on, with which you would be able to travel the whole world and share your greatest fears. If that person did not value you, great, thank him, because he gave you the push you needed to fall and get back up. Your shine never fades, it is lost after so many ups and downs, but it is enough that you propose to recover it. Now, you know, that getting out of your comfort zone is a thousand times healthier than settling for a being who doesn’t know how to love. You know that everything changes in the blink of an eye and mourning someone who was only there for a while interferes with your plans. If it affects him, it is his problem, you will not stop being happy. 


It is very true that people who do not vibrate the same as you sooner or later will disappear from your life. Many times it is about friends, family, and love. That’s how it is, it’s not that they’re bad people, they just don’t fit in anymore and that’s very good because it means that you’re evolving. You are working very hard to become your best version. Don’t let someone who didn’t give you the confidence to love to continue to be an obstacle in your dreams. In you, there are no regrets because at the time you gave your best in the relationship and that person decided not to value it. He held you very close, practically at his feet and he threw away your feelings anyway. That was more than enough for you to decide not to mourn him. 


You are left with the peace of mind that you are a good person and that despite the fact that they come into your life with bad intentions and leave you the garbage of their vibe, it has not been enough for you to change. Aquarius, it is your relaxed personality that continues to get away with it and no one is going to take that away from you. It’s been a while since you understood that hating is for cowards, most of people’s actions have to do with themselves and their emptiness. You are not going to stop your flight for someone who does not use justice and who needs to control everything you do to feel safe. It was already too exhausting to let go of that toxic relationship, for you to mourn it. That would only turn him into a ghost and if you let him he could make your life miserable. 


You don’t ask for much, you ask for the real thing, give the best of yourself to a person who you haven’t had to give a thousand opportunities to appreciate you. Someone who appreciates you from the first moment you appear in his life. It is very hard when you fall into a vicious circle, you know that being with that person is not healthy, but something in you cannot leave them. You deserve an exclusive love, that puts you on his list of the most valuable things. Someone whose face lights up just by seeing you. What does it matter if your feelings are up and down, when it comes to love no one is perfect. The bad thing is when you end up in love with the wrong person. You managed to get her out of your life, now you are not going to mourn her because that would be giving importance to her and she has already lost her. 

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