When The Signs Decide To Leave You Without Looking Back Even Though They Love You Very Much

Love You Very Much

When The Signs Decide To Leave You Without Looking Back Even Though They Love You Very Much

Saying goodbye is frowned upon, because we see it as a defeat, but letting go is also love, above all, self. Understanding that as time progresses everything changes and that’s when monotony can take away what one day brought you together. However, everything gets worse if you get hurt. I’m talking about when the signs decide to leave you without looking back, even though they love you very much. 


It is true, there are things that drive Aries crazy, he would be capable of taking risks for the person he loves, but something he does not tolerate is being told what to do. You can’t tell him what he should or shouldn’t wear, if you start placing restrictions on him, what you’re going to do is fragment his independence and if that happens he’ll end up leaving. 


Indeed, Taurus is usually a very understanding partner, they do not like to feel suffocated and for this reason they respect the freedom of the other. His goal is for them to share worlds, not to become each other’s. However, what he does not forgive is deceit, he is not interested in your arguments, if you failed him, he leaves, he does not want you to promise him anything. 


It’s clear that Geminis are looking for more than just holding someone’s hand and telling the world that they are their partner. It is a very amorous sign, but once he gives himself up, he puts loyalty first. If he finds out that you are talking behind his back, he will confront you and fearlessly end the relationship. Clearly, he does not tolerate such disrespect. 


There is no doubt that Cancer is one of the signs that have more resistance when it comes to relating, because its level of empathy is higher than the rest and if we add to that its protective side, it becomes the perfect target for those who do not They have healed their traumas. Although, what he is not going to put up with is raising his hand, he was not born to be treated that way. 


When Leo is in a relationship, he is very direct with what he expects from the other person, he does not want to be seen in his face and that is why he is so meticulous when choosing, but there are times when he cannot control the actions of the other. and that’s when they let him down. He leaves without looking back when he finds out that he is compulsively lied to, double-faced people make him sick. 


Some may say that Virgo is very square, because he is rarely convinced by the opinion of others, he likes to analyze pros and cons before taking an important step. In fact, he considers that the word is sacred, he does not understand how there are people who promise and promise just because. If you play with it, you better forget about it. 


Everyone knows that Libra’s sensitivity is unmatched, they really are able to put themselves in another’s shoes and experience every tear or courage. He likes to help, but something that he will not tolerate is that they want to manipulate him with drama, blackmail makes him very lazy. Couples who fight over everything quickly bore him. 


A sign that loves to breathe freedom, likes to be in control and do the first thing that comes to mind. It is possible that he consults some of his decisions with his partner, just to analyze two different points, but he never puts himself at anyone’s feet. If you want her to comply with your requests to the rhythm of the snap of your fingers, better go saying goodbye to her love. 


A part of Sagittarius is annoyed at having to deal with those who say they are incapable of commitment. The thing is not like that, the fact that he is meticulous when it comes to being with someone, does not mean that he is disloyal. If you don’t value what it offers you and you don’t trust its faithful side either, it’s better to look elsewhere, because you’re going to get tired of one claim after another. 


Let’s see, Capricorn knows very well what life costs, because every day he goes out to fight for his dreams and does not allow anyone to minimize his future projects. That is why he looks for someone who is at his level, he is very intense when he loves, but he is not there to support anyone. It is not about money, if you do not have aspirations, he will stop admiring you and will want to finish. 


It is true, for Aquarius having a deep relationship implies going to their most hidden fears, it is not easy to show their weaknesses in front of someone they like so much. However, the situation gets worse when the other person does not give you the assurance that he is committed, having him in limbo is the worst thing they can do. Uncertainty makes it go away. 


There is a part of Pisces that is usually very understanding, especially if they are in love, because their goal is for their partner to be happy. However, he does not accept flirting with third parties in their relationship. If you are the type of person who loves to like others and give them input of something else having a partner, forget it, he will leave you, even if it is only a few simple messages. 

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