Tell Me What Sign You Are And I Will Tell You What Drama You Make

What Drama You Make

Tell Me What Sign You Are And I Will Tell You What Drama You Make

Tell me what sign you are and I’ll tell you what drama you put on. There are dramas and dramas, and yes, depending on each zodiac sign you belong to one team or the other. Do you feel identified with yours?


The truth is that Aries has no problem starting any drama. With little going on in his life, it looks like Aries’ world is going to go up in flames at any moment. When there’s drama in his life, everything else falls away and he doesn’t care about anything or anyone else. In moments when the drama takes over Aries, he is not afraid of anything and he does not care about everything that happens in his life. Right now only the drama and only the drama matters. He doesn’t even care what comes out of his mouth or who he’s going to hurt. At that moment Aries wishes the whole world would burn down, because he is fed up with everything happening to him/her.

But well, the Aries drama also has its good part and it is that it is momentary. You’re going to have those moments where it seems like everything is crap, but then you realize that it’s not worth putting on so much of a show over something so insignificant. And luckily Aries’s drama is momentary because he had little left to literally set someone or something on fire. And to relax the best thing is to be alone. He hates with all his strength that there is someone next to him trying to calm him down because all it is going to do is make him more nervous. Maybe sometimes Aries is a drama queen, but it’s not always like that…


Yes, Taurus has a lot of patience, but it’s not infinite and if Taurus makes a drama it’s because they can’t take it anymore, really. Taurus doesn’t like drama and tries to avoid it whenever he can, but he’s not stupid. And when he loses his temper and gets carried away by that drama, it seems that the world is going to fall on him. Taurus drama is elegant and subtle, few will realize that Taurus is not in a good moment. On the outside everything seems okay, but on the inside, Taurus would really like to pull their hair out. And when he finds himself in those moments, he knows that the best thing he can do is go to his friends and have them try to give him another view of the situation.

And thanks to his friends and his strength, this is how Taurus manages to get out of that endless loop from which he had gotten himself alone. His friends remind him that he has to be positive and not get carried away only by the drama and the bad things that happen in his life. His strength reminds him that if it has been possible to get out of worse situations, he will be able to get out of this one. The drama can last several days in the mind of Taurus, but once he externalizes it, everything changes course. Taurus isn’t one to make a drama out of anything, but he also has his moments of extreme drama.


Somebody bring the crown, we’re going to crown Gemini as the official drama queen. When Gemini has drama, the world stops, there is only Gemini and no one else. She doesn’t care what others tell her, she doesn’t care about the rest of her, in those moments she doesn’t care about everyone. She becomes hysterical, dramatic, she doesn’t listen to anyone, she doesn’t want anything from anyone and all she wants is to shout, scream and curse. Geminis need to express themselves and they do so through their gift of speech, as is already obvious. She can drop any barbarity that anyone could imagine. She doesn’t even think about what she’s going to say and then what happens, that she loses strength through her mouth and regrets it.

And worst of all, Geminis make a drama out of anything. Luckily there are times when he knows that it is best to take a deep breath, count to three and let it go. But other times, he can’t control himself and the worst happens. He is one of those who makes a drama from when he gets up until he goes to bed. His life is a continuous drama, but she looks, at least she has learned to live with it and deep down even she likes to be a bit of a drama queen sometimes. He already even laughs and is proud to be.


It seems that Cancer is a little angel recently come down from heaven, but when drama comes into his life it becomes the worst of the worst. Cancer is never afraid to get in touch with his emotions, whatever they may be, which is why he is such a dramatic person. He always has emotions on the surface. That is why the things that happen to him affect him more than normal and there is always some drama in his life. I don’t know how he manages, but when it’s not a love drama, it’s a drama with his friends, at work, in his family… It doesn’t matter, in Cancer’s life there is always room for drama.

It seems that he has not broken a plate in his life, but then the truth is that he is capable of making a drama out of anything. And the best of all is not this, it is that Cancer’s dramas are one of those that endure over time and no matter how much advice they give them or no matter how much they try to convince themselves, it will not be easy to forget about it. But luckily he keeps many of these dramas to himself and he doesn’t go around paying for it with anyone he shouldn’t. He alone will vent to the people he trusts the most and he’s done. But we must not forget either, that Cancer’s dramas are one of those that last over time and that it is not something that Cancer will forget overnight.


Leo is not so noticeable when there are dramas in his life, because he is already dramatic, it must be admitted, nothing happens. But he likes to be and he is not going to change no matter how much they tell him. Leo is a drama, but in a good way. And this is all because he likes to be the center of attention and needs his life to be like a dramatic movie. He loves to make drama out of whatever happens in his life. This is something that everyone already knows and it is not necessary to talk about it much if you have a Leo in your life. But the real drama for Leo happens when he can’t get his/her way or when they try to contradict him/her on something that he/she thinks he/she is right about.

That is where the worst of the worst can happen. For good, Leo is the best, but for bad, he can become the worst of the worst. The only thing he wants in those moments is to explode, curse, send everything to f*ck off. Yes, Leo can form a world of anything, but then that drama passes quickly. He has too much pride to let his name get dirty over a trifle. Leo can make a lot of drama out of anything, but he will prevent that drama from reaching much more because he knows that he can jeopardize too valuable things.


Virgo is not much to make drama for anything. Something very serious has had to happen to Virgo for it to form the typical drama that any other person would form. It’s more of creating a drama in her head, but never exploding. Virgo is a very analytical person and likes to take a good look at all the issues at hand. And before acting, he thinks well what the consequences will be and that is why he is not one of those who gets hysterical when there are dramas in his life. He is a person who has a hard time expressing what he feels and that is why he prefers to keep the drama to himself and not express it because he knows it will be worse.

Yes, Virgo can be a person with a lot of patience and temperance, but they are not stupid and when they have to explode they explode. And it’s a good thing he rarely does it, because otherwise we’d all be lost. Virgo can keep the drama to itself for a long time, but if little by little that drama becomes more drama, in the end it will have no choice but to explode and it will seem that we are facing the end of the world…


Libra can seem like a very peaceful person, very calm, who doesn’t want any drama in their life and who avoids any conflict. But deep down, VERY deep down, she’s a bit of a drama queen, but nothing out of the ordinary. Libra does not like that there are dramas in her life, she prefers to live a calm and monotonous life rather than one full of problems or dramas. And she avoids them whenever she can, but there are times when there are problems that are unavoidable and she has to deal with them. And that’s when Libra is capable of making a drama out of anything. At times like these, Libra thinks the world may end.

Since he is not used to such problems, it seems that the world is closing in on him. And worst of all, it is very difficult for him to tell others so they can help him, but there is a time when it is inevitable and he has to tell it.

But it must also be said that Libra really likes other people’s dramas. She loves to help her friends when they are going through some drama and this even sometimes makes Libra get into things she shouldn’t. But luckily Libra knows how to seek peace in those situations and in the end everything ends up being less dramatic than she thought.


Scorpio is not a person who makes a lot of drama, but if the wire is crossed, he is capable of getting mess out of where it can’t be. As long as you have some drama with Scorpio, he is capable of taking history from the past, present and future. Because that’s the way it is, Scorpio doesn’t forget a single detail and knows the best time to take it out and do damage. We all know that Scorpio is a very passionate person and he has that passion in all aspects of his life, for better and for worse. His feelings are super strong both to love and to hate and that is why you have to be very careful when Scorpio has dramas in his life.

Since Scorpio is already a person who feels things much more than others, people are not surprised when they see him in that state of maximum drama. Even when drama invades his life, he becomes hysterical and aggressive, to such an extent that he scares himself. If you’re around Scorpio when there’s drama, you’d better take cover and wait out the storm.


Sagittarius is one of those who already makes drama with anything, it is also a bit of a drama queen at times, but not always. With the positive / a that she usually is, as her wires get crossed, her life seems like a play. As some problem happens in her life, she is able to call all of her friends to tell them about everything that is happening. Come on, the life of a Sagittarius serves as a script for a Hollywood movie. When it’s not one thing, it’s another, he doesn’t really know how he manages, but he’s always involved in dramas. He doesn’t look for them, but they come into his life just like that (or that’s what Sagittarius says).

Worst of all, when that drama really affects you, you can get very angry or upset. You may even end up paying for it with whom you shouldn’t. He loses his temper at any moment and is capable of doing anything when anger takes over Sagittarius. Fortunately, this state of maximum drama lasts a short time in Sagittarius. Since he has many things in his life, he will soon find something better to do and ciao drama.


Capricorn is a person who does not want drama in his life and will do everything possible to always avoid it. In that aspect he is more to go to his ball, to assume his responsibilities and to focus on what really matters. Capricorn does not waste time giving importance to things that are not worth it. He has a lot of patience and a lot of endurance, but there are things that no one would ever put up with. And it’s those things that really make Capricorn go into that state of absolute drama. That state in which Capricorn loses patience, nerves, north and even hair. This doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, it’s important that those around you prepare for the worst.

Capricorn always tries to keep his composure, but when he loses his patience it is impossible. His morale has already been touched a lot and he is forced to accept the drama. Yes, the storm will be quite strong and no one will be saved from it, but Capricorn at least does it in a direct, polite and unceremonious way. Fortunately, Capricorn has a temperance that nothing and no one will be able to take away from him, because if not, we would all be totally lost.


Aquarius is a rather easygoing person, he escapes a lot from dramatic situations and does not seem to be the type of person who goes where he is not called. But it is that distant and cold attitude that sometimes makes him a drama queen. Going his own way, always going his way, and pretending you don’t care just makes it more obvious that he’s running from something. Yes, it seems that he goes through the motions, but if they touch him a little where they don’t have to touch him, the drama is already served.

Aquarius tries not to attract attention and go unnoticed, especially in the emotional part . But those emotions that he always has saved are the ones that make him lose his temper when he doesn’t have to lose them. If you look for it a lot, in the end you will end up finding the Aquarium that you did not want to find. That, although he seems like a calm person, he actually gets angry quickly and is able to put on a show when things don’t go his/her way. But the good thing about this is that when Aquarius thinks about it coldly, he feels bad for having behaved like this and always ends up asking for forgiveness from all the people who were affected by his drama…


Things are clear from the beginning, the real drama queen is Pisces. But it is that she is proud to be and she even feels good when there is drama. He’s so used to there being drama in his life, that when he doesn’t, he feels empty. He is a person with so many feelings that it is his feelings that cause most of the drama that happens in his life. And when there are no dramas in his life, Pisces gets into the dramas of others. Every cloud has a silver lining. Since he is so kind, he wants to help everyone who is not in a good moment, and he helps so much that in the end he ends up where he did not have to end up.

Also his empathy and his way of feeling what others feel is what makes him such a dramatic person. It’s that Pisces is capable of doing anything for others and in the end that’s why he gets in where he shouldn’t get in and everything ends in drama. Pisces life is drama, drama and more drama. Luckily he has gotten used to it and he knows he has no other choice.

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