Signs To Those Who Try To Ruin Their Lives And The Only Thing It Gives Them Is Laughter

Signs To Those Who Try To Ruin Their Lives And The Only Thing It Gives Them Is Laughter

I once read a phrase that I will carry with me forever, it said that having the possibility of hurting someone who hurt you and not doing it is what distinguishes you from bad people. There are people you will never be happy with, they may not even know you and still send you all the hatred in the world. There are signs of the zodiac that have to deal with that because others do not tolerate the way in which they impose, in which they shine, in which they propose something and fulfill it. They sadly got used to the evil of the other, to those who try to ruin their lives. Someone to give them life! Because it seems that yours is not enough. These are the signs who try to ruin their lives and the only thing that gives them is laughter:

1.- Leo  

You are at number 1 of the signs who try to ruin their lives and the only thing that gives them is laughter. Like butter, so quickly you get the buzz from people who have nothing to do. You’re sick of being told you’re an egomaniac, you used to get angry, but now you don’t care. Now you understand that it is his way of worshiping you, that you are not going to lower your guard just because of people who want to see you lying on the floor. You are like the Sun, your talent goes further and your generosity speaks for itself, you do not have to prove absolutely anything to anyone. You care much more about what you see each morning in front of the mirror, what your mind tells you and what is in your heart. Maybe the Leo from before, the insecure one, the one who couldn’t hold back his tears was already in pieces. but today’s Leo has enough emotional intelligence to put himself first in everything. No, it is not a delusion of superiority, it is giving yourself the place you deserve. Those people don’t support you, they don’t do anything for you, why would you have to be angry about something they think? Please, what worse things have they said to you and you’re still here.

2.- Gemini 

They say that you have two faces, that you go through life damaging naive hearts, and that you love to play with fire. That cold personality does not describe you and you know it. You know that you are much more than that and that you do not think to shut up or stop doing what you love just to please a few. Yes, you are an air sign, and boy does that help you let go, activate your resilient part and ignore the bad vibe from next door. People who want to mess with you make you laugh so much that many times they even make your day, Well, not even to say things upfront are good. They go around talking behind your back and when you stop in front of them they look down. It is your brightness that keeps you standing because Mercury does not let go, on the contrary, it gives you the ability to bring out everything that is in your heart. Your intellect is superior and you know it, you are not going to lower yourself to the level of someone who is worth so little as to spend time speaking pests about someone else. Now you are more open to listening to those opinions, but you are not going to get hooked.

3.- Scorpio 

The eternal villain of the fantasy film of many. It seems that this role has been won by Scorpio and without the slightest effort. He just doesn’t get along with hypocrisy to spend time looking good to everyone. Scorpio is already used to being treated with the tip of his shoe, it is not what he allows, it is that he intelligently understands that there comes a point where he can no longer do anything in the face of the little emotional maturity of such negative people. Now that people say what they want about him, he does not intend to lift a finger, much less get angry. Perhaps that is what hurts them the most, that it does not fall into their high school child’s game. Scorpio has so many plans, so many dreams rambling in his head, that it would be very foolish for him to fall for such provocations. That’s why they get angrier because the more they want to mess with him, the happier he is and life blesses him. Do not underestimate the cunning of Scorpio, because he is very intuitive and instantly realizes when you are not worth it. The best thing he can do is treat you indifferently.

4.- Virgo  

It is clear that there are few people who really love you with their soul and Virgo knows it very well because he has had to deal with who they are from the front and behind their back, they become the worst of their enemies. People do not tolerate Virgo being such a perfectionist, it seems that having the discipline and working hard for dreams has already become a sin for many. That’s the type of person who pretends to applaud the successes, but when they see you start to rise like foam, they change the play, because they love you well, but not better than them. Their cynicism is so great that they feel they have the right to judge your every act. That’s when you realize that all they want is to make you bitter, so you are not going to please them. What’s more, even you are demanding of yourself, if one day they want to talk about you, without problem they can call you to have a coffee and take out all their poison. I mean, it won’t hurt to hold such unnecessary grudges.

5.- Capricorn 

It is clear that Capri is also one of the signs who try to ruin their lives and the only thing that gives them is laughter. They hate Capricorn even because of his face, because their smiles are selective and we don’t even talk about their laughter. It is a sign that is so focused on improving itself that it will hardly pay attention to bad vibes. His soul is so transparent that he doesn’t feel the need to pretend everything is fine when it is not. If something bothers him, he will tell you upfront and although the way in which they insist on messing up his life ends up making him laugh, it can also put a stop to you. A sign that is not there to deal with other people’s opinions so doesn’t be surprised if it drops you off your cloud from one second to the next. Capricorns are synonymous with responsibility and maturity, regardless of who it weighs. They know that there are unhappy people who will never be happy with anything and they honestly do not think to wear themselves out with someone like that. If they are in a good mood they will let it pass, but if it is about their five minutes, may life bless you, because when they get angry they give you where it hurts the most. If you want to mess, he will teach you the correct way to do it.

6.- Aries 

If they made a list of people who hate Aries for no reason, we would surely see a lot of scrolls stacked up. It has earned the reputation of being a sign that does not have a heart, that is capable of trampling the sensibilities of others and that when an idea gets into its head, stubbornness clouds it. However, Aries does not care, they think what they want, he knows that it is not like that, that the times in which a relationship has ended he suffers as much or more than the other and, that many times he has swallowed humiliation with tears. But Aries sees it as a simple wave that must be ignored because at the end of the day he is the same tide fighting with everything that comes. People never stop talking, if Aries listened to them they would have already ended up in a mental hospital but you have many more important things to do than to invest your energy in so little. Perhaps for some, he is a very hard being, but he does not regret it, his motto is simple, he prefers the truth even if it hurts than living in a dirty lie. Who understands it very well and who does not also.

7.- Taurus 

Without owing or fearing it, Taurus is one of the most hated signs in the entire zodiac, simply because he does not allow himself to be humiliated by anyone, because when they try to manipulate him he has manipulated them before. He is the one who is always one step ahead and who is hardly going to be convinced by anyone. In addition, he is very firm, if he is working on something he stays until he sees the fruits of his harvest. Taurus laughs in the face of people who want to mess with him, because he does not understand how it is that they are spending so much time making his life bitter when they could be working on being his best version. With the damage and the years, Taurus has learned to give silence to those who do not deserve a second of their attention, but he does not want revenge, his intelligence is more than falling into such a low game. There is a part of your intuition that trusts in karma and will let it put everyone in the place they deserve. It is simple, he moves away from those who fill him with poison because the one who ends up swallowing it, in the end, is him and he does not intend to allow it.


Signs To Those Who Try To Ruin Their Lives And The Only Thing It Gives Them Is Laughter

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