What Your Soul Wants To Say To You When You Have Anxiety

What Your Soul Wants To Say To You When You Have Anxiety

When we do something that is not the right thing to do, we feel like something inside that warns us. Like a pinch in the stomach. Or when we meet someone who seems great but something tells us no. Little lights light up on the sides that tell us not to jump in quickly, that all that glitters is not gold. Well, there are times in our life that something is not working as it should, because the signals we receive are more dodgy. There is anxiety, there is sadness, the stomach closes in a band … and many more physical tests that are only somatization of something more important. Listen to what your soul wants to tell you when you have anxiety. And here it is not worth listening and passing. Because everything could get worse.


For Aries, the way forward is always well marked before their eyes. It is clear what to do, when, how … Aries never hesitate before getting going. But sometimes you feel tired, right Aries? So many goals achieved and yet, inside, you have a feeling like you are missing something else. The same thing always happens to you: since you want what you want, you want it now, when you don’t get it quickly you get discouraged for not having achieved it. And it seems that you have achieved neither that nor anything. You get confused that it is a pleasure. So dont do it. You got half of it, can’t you see? Enjoy the achievement. And then it continues. The goal is getting closer and closer. And more goals later, they never end. This is life.


A Taurus sometimes cares what others think more than it says. So many times to hear them tell you to do something different, to take risks, but you go from listening to so much nonsense. Until you spend that much. And you ask yourself if you have the life you want. If not you will be making a mistake in something. Because it is not that you are happy that you die. Listen to what your interior tells you, Taurus. You do have to pay attention to your inner self. Maybe you are not well because of something circumstantial but you know that you have the life that you like. Because when you choose, you choose well, you mature the choice, and you don’t go crazy. A riskier life is not going to make you happier, and you know it. And pass from those who think they know you better than you.


Gemini, even if you think you need others to be happy, make no mistake. You are someone sociable by nature. You are good at meeting people, and being fond of you. And that they become good friends of yours quickly. But that ease of yours to relate does not mean that you need them. Because believing that is wearing you out. As you think you need them, you are always there for everyone. You go out to party even if you are tired, you listen to all their problems, you help them with work or with advice. It is your turn to listen to yourself now and think that it is the other way around. They need you. What you need is to spend more time only if your body asks you to, or to think about you for a while, without more. Treat yourself or go on a trip. Whatever makes you feel better because it’s your Gemini moment.


Cancer is the sign that gives itself the most to others. He takes care of his own, pampering them, pampering them … And others take advantage of it a little, although you know it, Cancer. But you don’t care because you do it from the heart. You don’t do it for nothing. You would like to receive the same, of course. But do you know what happens with so much dedication to others? That you overload on their shit and end up making it yours. And suddenly you look bad, but it is not because of your life, it is because of the problems of those around you. Let so much empathy. Or you put limits to get soaked when you help them or you put kilometers of real distance. It is only about being better you to be able to return with them and continue as always, but strong again and in good spirits. It is time to listen to what your soul wants to tell you when you have anxiety.


For Leo, acceptance of others is very important. Leo, you know that everyone loves you because you have a very protective way of being. You are used to taking care of everything and everyone. You organize and you don’t even have to ask who agrees. Everyone. Why do you suddenly think that something is wrong? What others are not so aware of you? Well, it’s not them. Are you. It’s called having a low self-esteem. And it makes you special pupa because self-esteem and Leo are two words that marry perfectly. Low self-esteem, does not marry you. Assuming the diagnosis, think about why you might feel that downturn. Perhaps it is something as simple as that you are not able to accept your defects. You have them, like everyone else. But to begin to assume them is to master them. Remember it and move on.


Virgo, many people blame you that you are always with a loaded shotgun criticizing everything and everyone. What they don’t know is that you are the first to criticize yourself. What’s more, you literally beat yourself up. Also, with you, as you know yourself well, you give yourself where it hurts the most. And sometimes you don’t even forgive yourself for some mistakes. And do you miss feeling anxiety? Normal, you are being very hard on yourself and you do not lift your head. Thank you. Cojonudo. Well, it’s over. He writes a thousand times: “I am not perfect, I can fail, nothing happens, making mistakes helps to make things better, I am human.” A thousand times. Come on. And if you feel like it, also write: “I have to listen to what my soul wants to tell me when I have anxiety.”


For those who know Libra, it is normal to think that he has a very good life. That he is always seen smiling, that he does not get upset, that he has a good roll at all times that you do not see. Well, they are wrong, right? Libra, you have problems, like everyone else, and sometimes there are many, and sometimes they weigh too much. But you don’t burn anyone with them. You eat them alone. You do not like to give pain, or burden anyone, or monopolize a conversation talking about yourself. That is why the others keep the easy thing. With your kind and happy face. Libra, let them think what they want, but you should allow yourself to vent. Choose with whom, when and where, but you are already looking for support, affection, advice … whatever you need to feel better. Get wet, but with you. You owe it to yourself.


Scorpio is radical with everyone, with life, with himself. This way of being helps him not to eat browns that he does not like. When something doesn’t work, cut it in the bud and that’s it. The problem comes before. In those times that they go before deciding to cut something or with someone. Those times when you have a hard time deciding what to do. Isn’t that so Scorpio? That when you decide you act, but what happens when the decision is not so clear? And there you begin to somatize the traffic jam in your life, and you get worse. The solution would be that you were not so radical, in this case with yourself. Give yourself time. Important decisions take time. You do not want to arrive before you have left. It’s a matter of giving yourself a little more time. Only that.


Sagittarius always moves so much, either physically or in his agile mind, that he rarely pauses to think where he is going or where he comes from. Since life often goes well, you don’t need to review what should change. Why do you sometimes have those lows? They do not last long, yes, but there they are. Well, sometimes, at times, you don’t stop anywhere, and you hardly have time to assimilate your sensations or your feelings. You don’t listen to yourself, Sagittarius. And the downturn comes when it’s too late. Try to stop at the slightest sign: it is hard for you to sleep, your heart beats a lot, little appetite, sadness … And think about what happened to you recently, and if there are things that you should change.


For someone like Capricorn, with life so well set in terms of goals, it would be easy to think what can upset him. That something does not go as you had in mind, right Capricorn? Partly yes, but there is something else. And it is to think that something may go wrong and that the fault is yours. Capricorn, recognize that no matter how well you do everything, and how much you mature each step you take, sometimes you can go wrong. And assuming that mistake of yours is killing you. No, rather, it is killing you not wanting to assume that the mistake was yours. Coming to that conclusion could be more beneficial than you imagine. Assuming that you fail is the beginning of a wisdom that will make you feel much better from now on. It is time to listen to what your soul wants to tell you when you have anxiety.


Aquarius has a double face: sometimes it seems that it is in the clouds, in its ideal and perfect worlds, and others here on earth in the form of someone wise, with a prodigious mind for conversation. Then you complain that others see you differently, Aquarius, but you are. But for the better, someone special with special qualities. And why if you have so many “powers” are you sad and nervous? Well, because sometimes you distance yourself a lot from others. You say they push you away but in reality you push yourself away, and you lose contact with them. It is true that you are on a higher plane but do not get so high because others are also necessary in our life to feel good. Come down and hug someone, yours. Meet with them. Enjoy them without further ado.


For many people, not thinking about problems and moving on without giving them importance ends up taking its toll. The opposite happens to Pisces. Thinking too much about what does not work and giving it more importance than it has, creates a double anxiety: for the problem and for scratching so much, at all hours. And as long as it has the head to relate everything to issues of the past, there will be no progress. Either you will get worse or you will stagnate, Pisces. You have an extraordinary mental power to put it at the service of real goals. Don’t imagine, think and act. You will feel much better when you take risks, when you see that everything flows again because you have acted with courage. Without thinking twice.


What Your Soul Wants To Say To You When You Have Anxiety

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