What Makes You Feel Depressed According To Your Sign

What Makes You Feel Depressed According To Your Sign

The depression comes and, without warning and your desire takes, just with your hobbies, it is much more than a smile on his face. Sometimes you have it, but inside you are in pieces. It is feeling fatigued all the time, it is losing hope, trying to get up and sink to the bottom. It is living a nightmare and often shutting it up . What makes you feel depressed according to your sign? 


Depression appears in your life the moment the pauses become constant. It seems that every time you launch into a new project something stagnates you. You hate feeling in the routine, you need to live against the clock, where your impulsive and reckless side can feel like a fish in water. You are the one who loves adventure, breaking with the conventional, staying doing one thing for hours for you is synonymous with suffocation, you want a break but now.


You are the sign that struggles with its stubbornness, Taurus, there is something in you that prevents you from accepting when things go wrong, you focus on a situation and there is no human power that makes you think otherwise. All the time you are trying hard, you want things to turn out just as you dreamed them and that has led you to have a challenging lifestyle, in which the demands are destroying your mental and emotional peace. You are hurting yourself and it makes you feel depressed.


Gemini thirsts for knowledge, wants to end the monotony. Gemini is changeable, he is the one who has the ability to function in any group of friends. His life is like a maze with new exits. The moment he falls into the same thing, he begins to despair , he does not like to feel comfortable. Gemini tries hard and wants to feel useful, everything that puts their intellect to the test and when it doesn’t they start to feel very depressed.


Cancer is a cluster of unstoppable emotions, sometimes they don’t even understand themselves. And it is that they feel from the gut, always to the extreme. Cancer takes criticism to heart and that is when they feel little,when anxiety and depression become their best company. Then he begins to isolate himself, he does not want to know anything about anyone and it seems that nothing is enough to feel better. Cancer is silent about many things that fill it with wounds because it does not want to be a burden.


Leo is the one who prefers to stay away from the decisions of the past, because simply to quote thoughts is to face a very thin line full of pain. Leo demands too much of himself, his ego is the one who does not allow him to make mistakes from time to time . There is a part of him that feels that his mistakes are constant, that’s when he becomes the worst critic, he doesn’t have a bit of mercy. His depression is disguised as unfinished cycles, simply saved.


Virgo and its eternal perfection. Sometimes you can’t take it anymore because stress becomes your shadow. There is something inside you that demands you to stand out, have everything in its place and you try so hard that it ends up hurting your self-esteem. Virgo loses self-confidence when he feels that he is not moving forward. His self-esteem is hurt and it is the moment when depression appears. They hide it very well, because they continue as if nothing, but inside they can no longer take it.


Libra needs his space from time to time, he can go from being the most sociable being on the planet, to one who does not want to know anything about anyone. However, so much time alone makes his head spin with thoughts that hurt him. Libra gets lost in loneliness and begins to feel guilty about things that he can no longer change. This idea that you could have done something different makes you feel depressed, it robs you of all your energy.


Sometimes Scorpio is here, he is there, he is doing everything and suddenly his schedule does not allow him a break. The moment you start to feel overwhelmed, your emotions go haywire. Scorpio has to recharge energy, get away from everyone to continue moving forward in this chaotic life. When you don’t have time to yourself, your depression takes over. It is a desperate cry of the soul, it has to stop.


Sagittarius can get lost in their world and feel cheated. It is his optimistic part that makes him feel between a rock and a hard place, because he feels sad from time to time, but feels that the criticism does not allow him. Sometimes he focuses on meeting the expectations of others and forgets himself. That’s when you wonder if you are in the right place and with the right circle of friends. Sagittarius wants to run away because he hates feeling depressed.


Capricorn and his constant struggle with organization and discipline. It seems that not doing things perfectly is synonymous with failure. Without a doubt, Capricorn is very hard on himself, he is said to be the worst when he is not in control. He is the one who becomes your enemy and it seems that nothing he does will be enough to meet his demands. That is synonymous with depression becoming your best company. Of course, hand in hand with anxiety.


When have you seen a depressed Aquarius? They are experts in putting on the mask of happiness and tranquility. It is a sign that has learned to put up a huge emotional barrier and for the same reason no one notices when it can no longer take it. You may look happy and optimistic, but deep down you feel misunderstood, undervalued and with blocked dreams . Aquarius feels out of place all the time and few people realize it.


There comes a point where Pisces can’t take it anymore, it runs out, giving and giving. He gets tired of so much empathy and ends up with a knot of emotions that keep him from moving forward. Pisces wants to pretend that everything is fine and hides on his serious side, but inside he is screaming in despair. He is an expert in pretending, in putting on a huge facade, but that makes him feel out of place and his depression prevents him from trusting others, increasing his fears.


What Makes You Feel Depressed According To Your Sign

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