That Side Of You That Only Your Crush Will Know

That Side Of You That Only Your Crush Will Know

When we are with that special person we bring out the best in ourselves. We want to like them, we want to be the most for them. Aside from putting on a silly smile (that’s how we all are in our early days in love), we try to be cooler than ever. We know that when time passes we will be more ourselves, but now we have to get the best out of it. Well, in addition to being great of death, we also reveal a side that we always hide, many times for fear of being hurt. Or a side that we like less, or a mania … Do you want to know which side of you is that only your crush will know ?


Aries, despite your strong character, when you like someone you drop a few points in intensity. You do not want to scare him, and you know that that person precisely liked you because of how powerful your personality is. When you know that you have found someone special, you let your guard down and you become more cuddly, the beast turns into a kitten and at times you don’t even recognize yourself.

You don’t care so much about being the one who orders and commands, you let yourself be loved and accept the plans with more submission (for now, but yes, it is). And you do it because you want to like him but also because deep inside you there is another more emotional than cerebral. And suddenly you don’t care if your crush sees it. Deep down you are still a brave person, always taking risks. You trust like a child that that person is not going to hurt you. You want the relationship to last and you open the channel to show yourself your tender heart. You are vulnerable and you know it.


Taurus always controls when someone new comes into his life. The first because it is in his nature to be cautious and the second because he does not want to be hurt. When Taurus falls in love, they do it for real and that can always open a door to not being matched equally. And when Taurus does not correspond, it suffers.

But sometimes, Taurus, face it, there are people who break through all your barriers very soon. Then you relax and as happy as you feel, you lose a bit of shame. A desire to live is unleashed that makes you crazier, more daring, you want to do new things, it is not so difficult for you to make new plans, you are not so organized, you do not look so much where or when. You throw yourself. You become very wild, right?


To you Geminis, who go through life always feeling very safe and being very daring, there are people who break your schemes a bit. And it happens the other way around than other signs: that going crazy and without brakes gives way to a phase in which you think about the future. You really like that person very much, and you don’t want to lose them. Suddenly you value every step you take, because you want me to follow you.

Suddenly you think what to say or do because you want to hit with every plan you propose, with every conversation you have … you are unrecognizable. At times you are afraid of how changed you are but when you see that taking things differently has its reward, you calm down and think, why not? And you let see that side of you that only your crush will know.


Cancer, for you, feeling the butterflies in your stomach is easy. Your heart is always open to meet someone who makes you feel the joy of being in love. It is your head that stops you from controlling yourself, because when stories don’t turn out well, they leave a lot of impression on you. That is why between relationships you try to protect yourself and you even become very distrustful. But when you least expect them, someone shows up. If it was sung. And you know that you will want to give it everything again.

You think about protecting yourself, and you will, but from other people who may not deserve you, some friends who may be taken advantage of. Now you are going to surrender, although you want to get a little mysterious and play that it is not so easy to get you. Why not? The same works.


Leo, as sure as you are and suddenly, my God, what is happening to you? It seems that someone has touched your heart deep inside. And although you are used to love and having relationships, you feel (once again) that it is like a first time. Your heart leaps for joy. And suddenly you are already thinking of plans and of giving him that detail, or of introducing him to your friends. You don’t have time for everything you want to do with that crush. You want it all now, now.

You count the minutes to see him again, to tell him what you have planned to do next weekend. It’s hard for you to shut up what you wanted to be a surprise. He will end up seeing you nervous and worried, and you want him to see you sure of everything. But you are falling in love and you can’t help but look like you are 15 years old !!!


Virgo, recognize that when you meet someone and like them very much, your head starts working at lightning speed to analyze them. Recognize also that when you do not put buts is that you like it so much that it has left you speechless. And for you to be speechless, you must have liked that person.

You feel how excited you are on the inside, but you don’t want to be noticed on the outside. If you continue like this, that person will end up discovering a rare Virgo. He will see in you a more natural person than you always are, who wants to think a lot and what he wants is to let himself go. That you have nothing to object or immediate doubts. Everything seems perfect to you. Raisins. And you like that feeling. You know that you will be the same as before, but now you don’t want to think about it. Just live it.


Libra, sometimes in life there are moments and people who break your mind. And you want to let yourself go as you always do, but suddenly you see that it costs you a little more. Why? Because that special person for you comes like a whirlwind and you know that he is going to break your harmony, your order, your tranquility … Libra, you are going to have to get wet and you know it. And that always worries you. Because you like to mold yourself.

That side of you that only your crush will know is going to be a rebellion that is not so easy to see in you. Like a kind of anger with you, with that person, with the whole world, because you want to resist but you can’t. Doubts kill you Libra, and having to make decisions too. Put eggs in it, you know the prize is double.


Scorpio, you are always so cautious, and suddenly that person arrives and enters your life through the front door. You looked at her the first time and you already knew that she was someone who was going to make you feel many things. You knew it, you can’t explain why but you knew it. And the more time you spend with her, the more certain you are that you want her close, and for longer and longer.

You want him to know your life and yours, you want him to know that side of you that only a crush knows. And that for you is very important. In other circumstances you have rebelled because you want to control when to fall in love, but now you have not been able to. And the best thing is that you are not nervous, nor do you worry. Your intuition weighs heavily, and it tells you to go ahead. And with that you already know that you are not wrong.


For you Sagittarius who move so much, who are always looking for adventures, which coincidentally are away from home, suddenly it seems that everything turns around. That person with whom you are in love is bringing out a side of you that you did not know. You want to be by his side even if you don’t make so many plans outside the home. It may be someone calmer than you, but you don’t care. You like it, what’s up? You feel that you can do many things without having to do many kilometers. And you spend the day thinking about what to do, with your crush, wherever, but that he likes it, because if that person likes it, you will also like it.


Capricorn, whoever sees you how silly you get when that person is around will think that they have changed you. The others are not used to seeing you so relaxed, going out so much, looking like you’re in the clouds. You who are always working or doing things at home, suddenly you go through everything and you are seen with an unknown roll.

You are one of the people who when they meet someone special, they are more noticeable. Because it is difficult for you to let that side of you appear that only your crush will know. Seriousness is over, it’s over to make those usual plans. Life is a game and you are like a child with new shoes, with a new toy and more excited than ever about the future.


Aquarius, you need your time to fall in love, and that person carried your stuff a lot. You have friends even in hell but when it comes to love, be careful, because it is better not to be wrong. Although there are times when you least expect it, someone special appears. Call it a crush or whatever you want but suddenly you become spontaneous, suddenly you become a crazy adventurer in the world of love. And you see yourself looking at that person with little eyes because THAT PERSON has managed to get out of you what you didn’t even imagine. And on top of that, you like it more for that, and for everything. There is nothing like finding someone who breaks our schemes but for the better, right Aquarius?


Pisces, you are neither serious nor cheerful. You can be cheerful if you want, and you can also take things seriously if you have to. You can be many things because you have the capacity for it. But what others know least about you is your naughty side. And that only comes from that special person you just met. You who are always in the clouds, you want to go down because your dreams have come true, and your desire to do crazy things on earth are what count. And you want to play everything, you want to bring out that side of you that only your crush will know. If your smile is always beautiful, now it is more than ever.


That Side Of You That Only Your Crush Will Know

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