How You Could Lose Your Partner According To Your Sign

How You Could Lose Your Partner According To Your Sign

We are as we are, each with its good things and bad things. When we are with others, we tend to show our good side more. The bad side we get more with the people with whom we have more confidence. Our partner, for example. And sometimes where there is trust is disgusting. With our partner we take out heavy artillery in fights, especially since relationships are where there are always more chances of crashing. Well remember that the price you pay is too high, and it can make our partner fall out of love. We can lose it. Finite. Is that what you want? Certainly not. Problems must be solved, true. But try to do it not by transforming into the girl from The Exorcist. Try to get your partner to see the person they fell in love with every day. Take note of how you could lose your partner according to your sign . And avoid it or you’ll bang your head against the wall.


Aries, you are a warrior who fights like nobody else. But sometimes you go overboard, and fighting so hard and about everything can exhaust your partner. You who like justice so much, you should think that it is not fair for her to always have to be on guard. Wrong. Because the exhaustion of your partner will make him distance himself, and avoid talking to you because he will be afraid to provoke you. If you want someone by your side scared, keep it up. But if you want someone with personality, you cannot subject them to your way of being. Relationships with a future are a matter of two, don’t forget it. You know that you fell in love with that person because of your charisma, because of your initiative, because you fought for your love like no one else. Don’t be silly, and don’t spoil it all now.


Taurus, that way of being yours so patient, so solid, your partners like a lot because they feel protected and safe. The problem comes when your strong and immovable personality makes dialogue difficult. When you don’t get off the donkey even if they push you. When your partner is in front of her a stone wall against which each of her words, doubts or requests crash. If you notice that he becomes more and more silent, it may not be that he agrees, Taurus. The same thing is that she is tired of your intransigence and you do not want to continue like this. Maybe he is thinking of turning around and leaving you with your stubbornness, in your place. But you will be alone. Remember it.


Gemini, you have a way of being with which you vibrate and with which you make your partner vibrate. Your relationships work because everything can be talked about with you, there are no taboo topics and there is always an answer to everything. However, your partner may feel like you are keeping too much to yourself. She loves to accompany you in your hectic social life, even if sometimes she thinks that you do not realize that she is close. You let yourself be absorbed by everyone and you neglect it, don’t you think? Well, be careful that this feeling does not cause him to distance himself by feeling that he is not important to you. What if he ends up thinking that it does not matter if he is there or that he is not there because you do not even realize it? Or thinking that you never prioritize it? If all this goes to more, perhaps one day you will turn your head and that person is no longer near but far away.


Everyone confesses that they want to be loved madly. Like you do, Cancer. Feel confident in your intense love, but also respect that not everyone is the same. There are people who live their relationships more calmly. People who love but don’t feel the need to show it or say it all the time. Cancer, if you end up understanding this, you will not be so offended because they do not love you the way you do. And when you get angry, it doesn’t stop there. With you you can feel the tension. You could lose your partner if you take so seriously what they say or do, or what they don’t say or don’t do. You are sensitive but do not let that sensitivity take your worst face and make your partner feel that he is never up to what you need.


Your partner will always be very proud of you, and they will want you to be proud of them too. He will love you for your safety, your self-esteem, your initiative. But she may feel insecure if so many of your virtues override hers, and she feels less. You have to give it its place, not let your powerful light fill everything. Charismatic people sometimes don’t let their partners shine, and they can lose them because of it. Leo, remember that your partner wants to be the most for you, but does not want to be always competing to deserve you. Try to look less at what you want and worry more about knowing what she wants. You will know how to do it well, rest assured. But don’t think about it, do it. For the love of your partner and because you don’t want to lose her.


Virgo, you are unique by making your partner feel good because you give them security in your relationship. Maybe you have a predictable way of doing things but you are doing well and your partners are delighted. What they say that some people get used to others because everything just flows. Well that’s your love life. The problem arises when you believe that the relationship can only work well if things are done your way. And that you throw in the face of the other person when sometimes they want to change something. It is not okay for you to judge and reproach them for being spontaneous or when they propose to do different things. You don’t like giving orders but sometimes it seems like it. Well, you could lose your partner by restricting his personality, do not forget it.


Libra, it seems that you live in an ideal world where you always enjoy everything, you have good friends and your family is perfect. And it does not always seem like it, it is that many times it is. The same thing happens with relationships: you work hard to make them ideal, you don’t look for problems where there are none or unnecessary fights. But your partner may want to see someone more rebellious in front of you. Someone who complains, or who proposes to do something even crazy. Or if there is a problem, that you do not always agree with him. That you stand up to him. Libra, don’t be afraid to do things differently. You have thought about it more than once, but you have not dared. Risk now or you will lose it.


Your partner is always willing to follow you wherever you go. Sometimes they don’t even know why, they just know that they have addiction to you. Scorpio, you are used to loving intensely, to living feeling, without asking yourself many questions. Help your partner by giving him answers. Because she is not so used to jumping into the void without thinking. Your partner wants to know that your relationship is real and for that he needs you, that you give him security, that he does not feel that he has been possessed by a strange madness that leads him to you. As you have more silences and fears than answers, it may end up happening. And go away to regain sanity. Come on, you could lose your partner for having imposed your way of being.


Sagittarius, whoever goes out with you knows that there are going to be more happy days than sad ones in your relationship. Because your way of being is so positive that it lights up any gray day. Of course, in all relationships problems arise, and that is when you could lose your partner. Why? Because you go over positive sometimes, Sagittarius. And you think that being positive is not giving importance to the problems that arise. You think (and you sell the motorcycle to your partner) that it is better not to think so much about some things, that it is better to pass. And your partner will believe that you do not care, and may want to be with someone just as positive but also realistic and mature.


Capricorn, for you having a partner and creating a relationship is something important. You do not take love things as a joke and when you bet it is to win. If you like someone and you fall in love, it is not to try to see what happens. It is to start building something that will have a future. If not, you are not going to waste time. The same thing happens with work, and with everything you do. You have so many goals and so important that your partner may feel abandoned. She will feel that you conquered her and that you already assume that she will always be there. You did the rest to make her fall in love and something else butterfly. Well no. He is not going to spoil you. The couple should never be neglected, nor should we live alone for them, but caring for them is a little everyday thing. And better if it is a little more than a little less. You could lose it if you don’t put the batteries in already.


Aquarius, your mind fascinates you and you play with it to see life, to understand life, to project the future … Come on, you spend the day thinking about what to do instead of doing it. And when you have an important relationship, sometimes you don’t have to think so much, but live it. You have to let yourself be carried away by emotions, by passion … When you are with your partner, make him feel important to you. Do not argue with your powerful intellect because you will win. She will feel that you win her by talking, but she wants you to convince her that you love her and not for you to explain so many things that sometimes she does not even understand. She wants to hear you say you don’t want to lose her. Hold her tight and save the explanations for after the reconciliation.


Pisces, you have a way of being that makes you connect quickly with people. But you don’t always feel like they understand you. When you like someone, the same thing happens to you. You commit yourself in your relationships but there is a part of you with which you feel misunderstood by your partner. And as you give yourself in the relationship and do not receive the same, everything gets more and more complicated. Because you dream of love but when you fall in love you want to run away because you are not sure of anything. And the worst thing is that you don’t say it. You dedicate yourself to throwing puyitas, or to play the victim. You make yourself less and less, you get sadder and sadder, and you also want to be noticed. You put the burden of having loaded the relationship on your partner when you know that is not true. And maybe you loaded yourself with something that was really valuable.


How You Could Lose Your Partner According To Your Sign

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