What You Should Never Do Or You Will Lose That Sign

What You Should Never Do Or You Will Lose That Sign

When you meet a person at first everything seems nice, because both want to show the best of themselves and no matter how hard you try to focus on the flaws, it is impossible, since your idealistic and romantic part is an expert in making up everything bad. However, we all have something that makes us explode, no matter how much we try to hide it, when they light it, it is better to move away because your cruel side does not respond. This is what you should never do or you will lose that zodiac sign. 


What I recommend is not to underestimate the bad temper of Aries, because when something bothers him, you can see the anger deep in his eyes. He is not one of those who hides and when he realizes that the other person’s intention is to provoke, things definitely get worse. It is a sign that has a fighting instinct, does not like to lose and when it comes to resolving conflicts, his lack of patience speaks for itself. Aries, you are a sign that always goes straight ahead and if someone does not respect your freedom he will have to face bad times. However, what makes you angry the most is the lie. You are not to deal with liars, if they do it once it is enough to lose you.


When Taurus initiates a bond, be it a friendship or a couple, the first thing they look for in the other person is interest, they don’t think of becoming the one who always begs and who is not sure that the other feels the same. The worst thing you can do to him makes him jealous. Taurus finds it very silly that someone he barely knows is looking for a way to make him feel bad. You will not find out if he loves you or not, the only thing he will want is to run away because he hates feeling insecure and distrustful. If your goal is to see him sad, maybe you will achieve it, but you will also earn his indifference. Taurus wants a relationship to have peace, not to increase their stress with someone who doesn’t know how to love in a healthy way.


You love to break the monotony when it comes to finding someone’s heart. You do not want to stay with the classic conformist person, on the contrary, you always go further in everything. Of course, you like to live in the moment, but when you want something seriously you don’t think to put your emotions at risk. If the other person doesn’t make you feel safe, you’re not going to give them your full attention. For you, the love that deserves exclusivity is the one that shows you loyalty from the beginning. What they shouldn’t do with you is pretend they want something serious when they really aren’t ready for it. You want someone at your height, not a half love, and also have the cynicism of trying to dominate you.


You are one of those who can lose interest from one moment to another, especially when the person does not value your emotional changes. You are very fickle, but there is always a reason why you get sad, angry, or frustrated. Simply, what you want is someone who values ​​you, who shows you that he can be with you even in your worst downturns. What they should never do is minimize, It’s hard enough seeing yourself in the mirror and judging yourself to still bear the bad comments of others. You know you’re not perfect, but you’re not going to let them treat you with the toe. Your generosity is immense and there are many people who just want to take advantage of it. What they don’t know is that you’re not naive at all and when you detect the bad actions you take them out of your life. You are not spiteful, but you are tired of settling for loves and friendships that have no idea what it is to maintain a bond based on honesty, admiration, and love. You are not for manipulators and it is better that they do not awaken your dark side because they are going to cry.


If there is something Leo can’t stand when it comes to establishing relationships, it is, without a doubt, that they laugh at it, as if sharing emotions were anything. He doesn’t care if they call him intense, but if you have something with him you’re going to have to respect him in every way because he doesn’t fool around and he’s not afraid to cut ties that don’t benefit him at all. Leo can be very passionate, but with the same intensity that he gives you everything, he walks away when he finds things that he doesn’t like. It is a very affectionate sign and when he has a relationship he likes to put that person as his priority, he is demanding for those who do not know how to give themselves. Leo simply demands what he deserves, he will not settle for less. 


If you want Virgo to stay interested, you have to know that he is very special and that he does not miss a single detail. The worst thing you can do is find his weak spots and then find a way to hurt him. Virgo does not want to live in uncertainty, if you do not show him your intentions from the first moment, he simply continues on his way, because he knows that it is not worth putting his hopes in an uncertain future. He may not be one to show affection at first, but when he does he is very genuine and enjoys caresses and kisses a lot. Do not put his bad mood to the test, because no matter how much in love he is, if you make him feel miserable just once is more than enough to put an end to it… Virgo does not want their relationship to become synonymous with stress, they already have many other concerns.


Let’s see, it’s no secret to anyone that there are times when Libra’s indecision puts him between a rock and a hard place. That’s the reason why he doesn’t like to be with people who make him doubt his potential all the time. Libra hates dealing with people who question everything he says and always think they are right. It is not worth minimizing your thoughts and enjoying seeing him insecure. In addition, another thing that he does not tolerate is drama, if you are one of those who do not control yourself in public and do whatever it takes to make the rest aware of your differences, you are someone that Libra does not want in his life. Yes, he is a sociable sign, but that does not mean that he likes that the whole world finds out about his bad streaks. Do not trust yourself, because he can love you very much and will not stay by your side.


If you are starting to get to know a Scorpio, you have to know what kind of person you are getting into, because they have their dark side and for which you can end up crying in the worst way. Scorpio is a dreamer and emotional, but also a little tolerant with people who do not show loyalty from the beginning. If your intention is to control him, the only thing he can tell you is that you have no chance at his side. Don’t even think of telling him what to do because he starts to hate you from that moment. He loves the challenge, to feel that he conquers the other person, so do not make it so easy for him. Neither very very, nor so so, because if you don’t see the interest you won’t waste your time. It is a resistant sign, but it hates chaotic relationships. If you give him love and respect you will have his best part, but if you become a stone in his shoe he will hit you where it hurts the most, do not underestimate him.


The truth is that Sagittarius doesn’t mess around, when something bothers him, he has no problem shouting it from the rooftops, regardless of whether it means that your tears will be present. His intention has never been to hurt you, but over time he has learned that the best thing he can do for himself is to set limits, because if he begins to conform to the bad will of people, everything can come crashing down. . It is a very genuine sign, he likes to put sincerity on the table, he does not like to relate to those types of people who only make up their emotions. He wants to know your beautiful side, but also the dark one. Sagittarius loves freedom and the worst thing you can do is give him the advice to settle down when he didn’t ask for it. 


One of the things that a Capricorn hates the most is when someone comes into their life and is able to turn off their brightness in the worst way. It is a sign that loves to enjoy its achievements and is always focused on achieving some new goal, but it is very sad when it is related to negative people, that all they want is to absorb their energy. What you should never do to avoid losing his affection is to reproach him for the time he invests in his dreams, that is synonymous with the fact that you are not interested in seeing him come true and that all you want is to turn him into a puppet so you can dominate him as you please. Get to know a Capricorn, he doesn’t want you to solve his life, but neither does he want you to come and criticize his methods. If he says it straight to your face, it’s because he hates hypocrisy.


To begin with, when Aquarius begins a relationship with someone, the last thing he wants is to feel that the bond is being forced, he likes everything to flow and life to put each piece in its place. He doesn’t want them desperately looking for a label to put on what’s between the two of them. He wants to relax, enjoy himself and not feel stressed by someone who is supposed to love him. Aquarius is looking for a partner, someone who is not afraid of the crazy things that go through his head and who is also capable of sharing what he feels. He is not going to allow the traumas of others to become ghosts every time he wants to take a step. 


The first thing I recommend when starting something with Pisces is that you put the patience first because it is a sign that follows his intuition a lot and that lets the heart decide for him. Don’t even think that he is one of those who remain silent so as not to make others angry, he says things as they come to mind. However, he is the person who will be with you when everyone else leaves. Pisces is so sensitive that he is not afraid to stay by your side in the midst of pain. He will be with you when the sky is bluer than ever, but also in the midst of the storm. Don’t insist on making him change, because his goodness isn’t going to get dirty with anyone’s badness. If you think that he exaggerates too much when helping, you have a problem, because the fact that you are not able to put yourself in the other’s place will not make him stop being a good person. Pisces, wants real relationships, that they do not judge him and that they have time to listen to him. Because it is the same that he offers.


What You Should Never Do Or You Will Lose That Sign

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