Why You Got Tired Of Love For A While According To Your Sign

Why You Got Tired Of Love For A While According To Your Sign

There comes a time in life when all you want is healthy love, someone who supports you and is willing to become your partner, no matter if you’re going through a rough patch. Dependency is not something you want, much less uncertainty. You are not willing to give your time and affection to someone who does not intend to formalize. It’s not that you’re a saint, but it’s not fair to settle for someone who doesn’t fill you up completely. Why are you tired of love for a while according to your sign? You have plenty of reasons to get tired… If you want to be in her life, you’re going to have to win the opportunity.   


You no longer plan to invest all your energy in someone who is a mystery and where you have to be guessing if he wants something serious or not. What you want is a partner who pushes you, who doesn’t freak out when he discovers the pile of dreams that shake your head. You got tired of love for a while because you have a hard time opening your emotions and when you do, you expect them to respect them. You do not want to distrust the person who claims to love you and you prefer to stay with your loneliness before getting involved with someone who dulls your shine. The past has taught you that it is not healthy to trip over the same stone.


The first thing that should be clear is that you are not the type of couple that is dominated by anyone. It really bothers you when they intend to manipulate your everyday habits, you are very thorough with your things, and the structure makes you feel relieved. The last thing you want is to rush when you start to know someone. When they push you to know that relationship is not going to work. What you want is someone who respects your space, who doesn’t need you, but decides to stay by your side every day. You don’t want to share your privacy with someone who has no idea what commitment is.


People who don’t know you fill their mouths saying that you don’t have the courage to give your heart. However, only you know how many times you cried for months for a love that did not correspond to you as you expected. Just because you have the strength to smile after you’ve been hurt doesn’t mean you don’t have a hard time, but being the victim has never been your thing. You are a very grateful sign, but you do not intend to become anyone’s guinea pig. If someone does not give you the security of having something formal, it is not worth your effort and you know it. The loves of a while are no longer your priority and less if they do not cause you admiration.


You like to feel heard, that your feelings are not minimized and that you are not called exaggerated when your emotions get out of control. You are a very sweet sign, but the fact that you are dedicated and passionate does not mean that you will fall in love at first sight. That Cancer is already in the past, you learned that the superficial comes out superfluous when they don’t give you the place you deserve. The love of a while makes you lazy because the interest is practically nil and begging for attention no longer goes with your personality. You have realized your value, you are not to minimize yourself for anyone. If someone does not meet your expectations, Goodbye!


You are demanding in everything and you know it. You used to worry about being judged on your personality, but over time you understood that there’s nothing wrong with demanding what you deserve. Perhaps for some, you are too self-centered, but for those who have witnessed all that it has cost you to look up in the midst of pain, you are nothing more than a fighter. That’s why you want someone who understands you, who doesn’t ignore you when your problems plague your mind. You are looking for someone genuine, not one of those relationships who just want to hang out to avoid their emotions for a while. If they are not ready for something formal they are not ready to be with you.


You are not the type of person who gets carried away by pretty stories, you want more than a relationship that steals glances. You are not interested in becoming the protagonist of a love where they appear to have the perfect relationship, but behind the walls, they live the same hell. You don’t like to sit around waiting for miracles to fall from the sky. You like to fight for what you want and being observant has helped you not let yourself be manipulated by anyone. Also, you follow your intuition, if something gives you a bad feeling, you better walk away. You do not plan to give all your attention to a love that will end up leaving without warning. 


At first glance, you may seem quite complicated because you are not one of the couples who get carried away. Of course, you like it when people give you their love and attention, but you don’t like them invading your space. Libra, formal relationships make you feel at peace because when you put your cards on the table, both of you are aware that you are not up for games. Your two faces are very evident, there is your loving side, but also the cold side, it depends on how the other person treats you and makes you feel. You don’t want a love that loves you today and not tomorrow. Your emotions are very changeable, so still being with someone alters them.


You are someone who has fun in the soul. You like to let go and add a touch of intensity to everything you do. That’s why love affairs for a while bore you because they don’t give you the security that they want to do anything with you. Of course, you value honesty. If someone is able to tell you that they just want to have a good night, you are grateful, because in these times few have the courage to say what they really want. However, you are already tired of coming and going, of putting your feelings at risk in the hands of someone who does not know how to have an exclusive relationship. So you prefer to be distant until you really find out if it’s worth letting yourself go.


If there is someone in the zodiac signs that value ​​​​their partner, it is you. It’s simple, you don’t need anyone, if you decide to share your days with a person, it’s because you really care and you feel a certain admiration. You are very special when it comes to putting your freedom in the wrong hands. The last thing you want is to fall into those kinds of codependent relationships that cut dreams. The loves of a while, are for that, to live good encounters and nothing more. Maybe you have them, but don’t get hooked, you won’t trust them too much or show your weaknesses. There are loves that kiss well, but nothing more, they don’t deserve to know your most broken version.


Instability is not in your nature, you really feel very uncomfortable when someone wants to enter and leave your life as if nothing had happened. That is why love for a while not only displeases you but also wears you down emotionally. For you, dedication is very important, you are not going to maintain the bond with someone who is not interested in your projects, your slumps, or your victories. You want a partner who is willing to give you the most valuable gifts in the world, where the material has nothing to do with it. Love, patience, quality time, that’s what you value and love for a while can’t give it. You are not here to beg for attention, Capricorn, and you know it.


The truth is that you don’t care if people have decided to describe you as the coldest sign of the zodiac, because you know very well that you’re not bad, it’s just that your heart is too selective to be manipulated by anyone. Lovers for a while all they do is alter your world and it’s not even worth turning it upside down, because in the end, you know that it’s someone who doesn’t care about your mood or the problems you may have. You don’t mind being single, she decides to be with you before getting involved with someone who doesn’t value what it means to truly love. Many say that you are the one who disappears, but few have wondered what the reason was.


Your heart is so sweet, firm, and sincere, that it is very difficult for you to settle for love for a while. There is a part of you that doesn’t want to be concerned about what you say just so the other doesn’t feel compromised. You are tired of being called intense because you love deeply, you care and you show yourself to be in the worst moments. You do not know how to love above, you need to go to the deepest and be able to connect at a level in which the souls are the ones that understand each other. You’re funny, but you hate being played with your heart, and the fact that you’re not looking for something in the long term tells you a lot about the person. 


Why You Got Tired Of Love For A While According To Your Sign

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