Which Euphoria Character You Are According To Your Sign

Which Euphoria Character You Are According To Your Sign

After so much waiting, the second season of the Euphoria series is here. If you are a fan of the series, surely more than once you have wondered which sign of the Zodiac could each sign be. They are characters with very strong personalities, with behaviors that define the 100%. This series is marked by a VERY intense plot, which will leave you hooked waiting for the next chapter. Which Euphoria character are you according to your zodiac sign?

Aries: Nate

You have had Nate, one of the “villains” and antagonists of the series. He is a character who acts very much on his impulses. There is nothing and no one who can resist him and that is typical of the Aries sign. Without a doubt, he is someone who steps strong, who is not afraid of anything, even at times he can become somewhat aggressive and a character with a lot of accumulated anger. Be careful because he also falls in love very easily and during most of the series he is involved in various love dramas… Come on, typical of Aries.

Taurus: Ash

Ash is a character that can go unnoticed but has a great story behind it. Your past pretty much defines you. He may seem a bit aggressive, but deep down you can see that he has a good heart and that everything he does is to defend his own. He is quite ambitious, someone who Taurus. Despite his young age, he has incredible maturity and that is something that also characterizes Taurus a lot. Also in a character who quite likes money and works for and to ensure a good future.

GEMINI: Cal Jacobs

Cal Jacobs, despite being one of the biggest villains in the series, is a character who leads a double life. On the one hand, he has a rather dark and dangerous life and, on the other hand, he tries to give the image of a good father and of leading a perfect family. He is a character who constantly gets into moves by acting impulsively and without thinking. Many times also for talking too much… Like Gemini, he gets bored of things very quickly and is an expert in leading a double life.

CANCER: Ethan Lewis

From the beginning, we see that Ethan is a person who falls in love easily but also quite intensely. He shows that he has a huge heart and that he would never be able to hurt someone he loves. At times, he sins by being too sensitive and overly committed to his emotions. But that’s the way it is and he’s not going to do anything to change it. Like Cancer, he is a sweet, charismatic character who loves to help others.

LEO: Maddy

It was obvious that a character with so much strength, with so much power, with so much attractiveness, was going to be Leo … OBVIOUS! She is the diva of the series. She will catch everyone’s attention, make it clear that she is the boss of the institute. It has a very characteristic style. Her makeup and her outfits never go unnoticed. On occasion, you have said or dropped that you would like to be rich without having to work so that you can lead a lifestyle full of luxuries. He falls in love with someone he shouldn’t and although he knows that they will end up hurting him, he doesn’t stop. Maddy is too Leo.


Rue says she was born three days after 9/11 so we know firsthand that this character is 100%, Virgo. He is a VERY intelligent character and above all quite analytical. Most of the time she keeps her problems to herself, she doesn’t want others to try to solve them for her. She is very loyal to her people, many times she even believes 100% what is best for her people, but she does not know that she can be wrong…


Despite his “job,” Fezco is a fairly laid-back character. He is one of the characters that the public likes best and that almost everyone loves. He does not like dramas or getting into conflicts unless it is strictly necessary. He will do everything possible to protect his friends, although for this he has to be tough and strict with whoever deserves it. He tries to go unnoticed, but there is always something that draws the attention of his presence.


Kat is a very powerful character, with a lot of strength, especially in the first season. He lives by and for his fantasies, but in the end, he ends up falling in love and realizing that his emotions are super intense. Like Scorpio, he is a very intuitive character, but he is also creative and somewhat dark. Although it may not seem like it, they can become a little jealous, simply because they are afraid that they will break their sensitive heart.


This character is new to the second season. Already in the first impression, we can see that he is quite a rebellious character, that he does not follow the rules, and that he will not let anyone tell him what he has to do. He is not afraid to explore his limits or to test himself. Be careful, because that character, like Sagi, can be a very bad influence. He is someone who makes other characters’ comments crazy and the odd mistake. Sagi can be a sign that drives you to do things you never imagined.


Lexi gives a lot of Capricorn vibes. We see that he is a quiet, reserved character, that it seems that he is only there to help others and that he has no life of his own. But actually, he does, he just doesn’t like to talk about it very much. He’s super smart, maybe the smartest character in the series. It is seen that he loves order and that he has things quite clear. He is also super loyal and gives himself to the people he loves. He is not a character who wants to attract attention, quite the opposite.


Already in the way she dresses and puts on her makeup, you can sense that Jules is pure Aquarius. She is a character who repeatedly escapes in order to feel free. She is different from everyone else and she doesn’t mind being. She knows that she can take a lot of criticism, but she completely ignores all of it. She is not the best when it comes to talking about her feelings, just like Aquarius. She prefers to do other things before opening up and letting the butterflies that she has inside her fly.

PISCES: Cassie

Cassie is a character that transmits a lot of sweetness and innocence. But little by little, we are seeing that he is not as innocent as he claims to be… He is a character who does everything possible to be liked and to endear himself. He falls in love too fast and most of the time he gets into trouble because of his feelings. He has too high expectations in love and that works against him on many occasions. Many times, he is able to realize how much he is worth and puts the needs of others ahead of his own. Typical of Aquarius.


Which Euphoria Character You Are According To Your Sign

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