What It Costs Each Sign To Let You Go

Let You Go

What It Costs Each Sign To Let You Go

There are wounds that dig into the depths of your breath, they return again and again, reminding you of what that love was. Deep down you know that you made the best decision, it wasn’t fair to stay next to someone who didn’t care about your happiness. That fragments you, because it makes you believe that you are not enough and you end up telling people that everything is fine, even though you know that is not the case. They say it was easy for you to turn the page, but they have no idea what it cost each sign to let you go. 


When you realized that the best thing was to let go, you broke down, you grieved being by his side, and in any case it was heartbreaking to let that love go. Suddenly, middle-of-the-night pillow talks became part of your routine. It was like you had a scream stuck in your throat, something you couldn’t tell, but it hurt you. You thought you wouldn’t get over it, but one day the circles under your eyes were less and your heart felt calm. 


What hurt you the most is having given so much to someone that all they did was throw your emotions into the trash can. Taurus, he didn’t care about your passionate or loyal side, he simply took advantage of your company to hurt you until you were breathless. Your pride didn’t let you cry in front of his eyes, but between the four walls of your room, you broke into piecesThe fairy tale he promised you fell, but you were able to get out of the rubble. 


How many times have you not blamed yourself? That’s what broke you, realizing that you were fighting against yourself as if it were your responsibility, the other’s lack of love. They were very cloudy days, in which your mood seemed to sink more and more. It makes you sad, remembering yourself so dull, but when you fall to the bottom, you understand that you didn’t deserve that. There you ripped away that love once and for all and you don’t plan to return. 


That goodbye became a war every time you found yourself in front of the mirror because you fell into a vicious circle, You didn’t want to feel that way, but you couldn’t control it. You gave yourself until your soul was trampled on and it was very hard when you discovered that no matter how much love you gave, it wasn’t enough for both of you. You didn’t leave because your love faded, you left because your dignity couldn’t hold up anymore. 


Maybe, Leo, it costs you twice as much to show your feelings, I don’t blame you, you’ve had a pretty bad time with those who don’t know what emotional responsibility is. The story you imagined never came, on the contrary, it became a nightmare. The chaos, the shouting, the humiliation, at what point did it become so dirty? A love that knocked you down, and brought a thousand tears to your eyes, but you recognized the wound and now you are healing. That Leo, he won’t come back. 


I wish the loves that cross your path had a warning, but no, they say you never get to know people completely. It is very sad when you find someone with unhealed traumas, that all they do is hurt someone who is not to blame. It was very difficult for you to let go of that love, but you understood just that, that it was not love. 


Your passionate side betrays you from time to time, there are moments when you embrace falling in love so much that you forget everything. It’s not that you are a dependent sign, it’s just that you dream of that love capable of sheltering your fears. You wanted a happy ending, not like in the movies, a real one, with ups and downs, but always ready to fight. The bad thing is that when you opened your eyes you realized that only you were fighting. 


People tend to see you as a very strong soul, I’m not saying you aren’t. However, you have learned to hold back so many tears that no one realized how painful it was to say goodbye to that love. You had to confront yourself and ask yourself if you were really happy with him, The answer made you tremble, but at the same time, you reconsidered. You preferred to live in mourning than a life full of deception. 


The truth is that you don’t get along at all with emotional chaos, it makes you believe that things are getting out of hand and that you are unlikely to smile again. However, loneliness is your best teacher, it has become your ally in the hardest moments. Sometimes, Sagi, your heart hurts so much that you learn twice as much. There are things that you will no longer endure, they destroyed you, but you will not put yourself in the same place again. 


Suddenly, your energy fell to the depths of the ground, you lost yourself, and you let a bad love have power over you and that was the worst of your mistakes. You put it above your essence and without realizing it, little by little it made you smaller. Letting him go was very hard, perhaps habit because you knew there was no love anymore. Depression knocked you down, but at the same time you found yourself again, you recovered. 


It’s true, When someone hurts you, you let your calm side take control, you’re not going to let them continue humiliating you after so much pain. However, secretly you fall to pieces because you are like anyone else, you also fall in love, and you also believe in the beautiful part of couples. Aquarius, what you are no longer willing to believe are falsehoods, that habit that people have of lying just to pass the time. 


Then, you understood, you had to get away, be with yourself, and find a way to heal. You are one of those who trust in love, one of those who dream of something lasting and are not afraid of the negativity of others. What you didn’t know is that there are times when the bad thing comes from your own partner and that’s when there’s no more letting go. It hurt you too much, but there are goodbyes that give you life back. 

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